Project Clock Palm Version History

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Project Clock Palm Version History

v2.10 - 2005-02-28
- Changed terms to reflect Project Clock v7 for Windows.
- Fixed memory leaks.

v2.01 - 2004-05-19
-*Fixed problem where description fields in the Data Manager were limited to 10 characters instead of 25.
-*Fixed problem where EndTime could not be edited in Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where a crash would be seen on trying to delete the last record of a database.

v2.00 - 2003-12-22
- Added Day Total field as in the PC version.
-*Added Add Hours feature.
-*Added feature to same last punch in times for a project, loading on selecting that project.
- Added date/time selectors for the timestamp fields in the Time History Data Manager.
- Made software faster and much smaller.
-*Fixed problem where conduit would not work for new installations because it did not properly create the ini storage folder.
-*Fixed problem where History records could not be deleted from Data Views screen.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to change a key field in Data Views screen raised an error.

v1.00 - 2002-04-02