Phone Lister Version History

v4.00 - 2007-12-28
-*Added feature to find closest name in user list on pressing keys.
-*Added phone list with pictures.
-*Added site filter on report screen.
- Added option to change the reports folder location.
- Added CSV import wizard.
-*Added hint showing list details when pointing at phone list record.
-*Added Home Phone, Supervisor, Spouse Name and Birth Date fields to PhList table.
-*Added feature to send emails to people in list.
-*Added default user fields on new install.
-*Fixed problem where user terms reset after closing admin screen.
- Made more Vista friendly.
- Upgraded reporting engine and database engine.

v3.00 - 2001/12/19
-*Added alphabetic toolbar for quick searches.
-*Added split main screen option showing list entry details.
- Added multi-language support.
-*Added Employee ID and Beeper field to PhList table.
-*Added District, Location, Extension and Contact fields to Sites table.
-*Added pull-downs to make data entry easier (site,dept).
-*Added ability to change user field names.
-*Changed find function to always start find at top of list.
-*Fixed problem where last database would not open on start.
-*Fixed problem where using non-period decimal separators caused an error message to appear.

v2.00 - 2000/09/01
-*Added support for multiple databases.
-*Added feature to include Jpeg picture for each contact listing.
-*Added E-mail, Address, DirectLine, Exclude, Fax and Mobile fields.
- Added data backup/restore feature.
- Added record copy, cut and paste.

v1.01 - 1999/09/20
-*Fixed problem where background of toolbar icons was light gray instead of transparent.
-*Fixed problem where using something other than a period as a decimal separator in Windows95 caused an error message to appear.
-*Made program default with names and extensions already in the main window so user does not have to go to Administrator View to turn them on

v1.00 - 1999/05/20
- Phone Lister v.1.00 released.