Clipboard Magic™: FREE Clipboard Extender

Turbo-charge copying and pasting plain text with Clipboard Magic.

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement program. This clipboard extender can dramatically improve your productivity when cutting and pasting repetitive text or for web form entry.

What's new in Clipboard Magic Version 5

Clipboard Magic version 5 has many great improvements. Clips can now be assigned a descriptive label. Clips can be color-coded. The added Unicode support enables processing of all multi-byte language text such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

  • entirely FREE software!

  • adware and spyware free! Verify this by running it under a software firewall like Comodo.

  • vastly improves your productivity when you must cut and paste repetitive plain text.

  • stores a single character to several pages of unformatted text.

  • store as many items as you like.

  • copies an item back to the Windows Clipboard with a click of the mouse.

  • series paste and row paste hot-keys.

  • text drag and drop.

  • turn clipboard archiver off/on with a single click.

  • save clip lists to external files for easy loading later.

  • allows clip editing.

  • allows manual clip adding.

  • allows clip sorting.

  • backup and restore.

  • color-coding.

  • full Unicode language support.

  • fast and unobtrusive.

  • runs in Windows System tray.

CyberMatrix Clipboard Magic runs on Windows Vista, 2008 Server, 7, 2011 Server, 8, 8.1 and 10. System requirements: 1 GB RAM, 10 MB HD.

  • Storing and pasting boiler plate text

  • Maintaining standardized answers for common support questions

  • Storing common code snippets

  • Noting thoughts

  • Remembering text

  • Personal database

  • Contacts - addresses, phone numbers, emails, web sites, formulas, signature text

  • Filling in on-line forms

  • Organizing information

  • Notes

  • Storing often used text

  • Manage "to do" lists

  • Storing messages to refer back to (blogging, e-mail)

  • Drafting messages or emails

  • Making notes of numbers, prices, features

  • When doing calculations, storing numbers and formulas

  • Capture ideas at the time of conception

  • Reducing repetitive typing

  • Help prevent repetitive stress injury (RSI)

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Options Screen

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Latest Testimonials

Jack T.

I have just installed Clipboard Magic and have found it to be the ideal clipboard manager for my purposes. Among other uses, I have to copy numerous records and paste them to a text editor. I now can do this in bulk rather than one record at a time....Thanks again for a very powerful, useful application.


I'm very grateful that you have updated your Clipboard Magic after so many years. Hopefully, the development will continue as it is a piece of wonderful software. Keep maintaining the good thing!

John Tribone, Abacus Bookshop

thanks for a fine program; in daily use here for years.

Paul Pendleton

...I have found that Clipboard Magic can handle up to 10,000 clips in one clip file with size greater than 7 MB without any problems in any installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Every person I've installed Clipboard Magic for has loved it....


...thanks for such a great little program! I have tried a number of the "clipboard extenders" and yours is definitely the best!