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Professional appointment calendar software

CyberMatrix Pro Schedule is an easy to use software calendar program for scheduling appointments. Pro Schedule is an ideal solution for doctors, dentists, nurses, health care workers, lawyers, veterinarians, driving instructors or any other professionals who frequently schedule appointments. Pro Schedule can be used in clinics, hospitals, beauty salons, office buildings, driving schools or anywhere else that schedules calendar appointments.

Whether your organization books appointments by fractions of an hour or by the week, Pro Schedule can help. Pro Schedule reduces costs by minimizing the time spent setting appointments, improving resource utilization, and avoiding costly double bookings and schedule conflicts. At the same time, Pro Schedule improves service to your clients and staff by reducing the time it takes to make an appointment.

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  • Easy to use - Start setting appointments immediately using our attractive intuitive interface. You won't get lost in a multitude of screens or confused by too many unnecessary features.

  • Powerful - Don't let the easy to use interface deceive you. Pro Schedule uses a powerful appointment setting engine with sophisticated recurring events having daily, weekly and monthly options. There are also appointment search features to help you to locate hard to find appointments quickly.

  • Affordable - Inexpensive multi-user licensing.

  • Convenient - Drag and drop or cut and paste appointments between different people, dates and times. Adjust appointment times by dragging the appointment edges.

  • Shareable - Share appointment schedules over your network (Standard edition) or over your intranet or the Internet (C/S, Enterprise or Web edition). Synchronize your appointments with Microsoft Outlook. Exchange schedule data with other software using the CSV import/export feature. Access data from other database applications with the freely available ODBC driver.

  • Flexible - See appointments of a single person in daily, weekly or monthly views. You can also view the appointments of all people, clients or rooms in a single day.

  • Highly configurable - The many useful configuration options enable you to change Pro Schedule to work the way you want it to. You can even edit the included reports or create your own reports. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you can easily convert the software text into your own language.

  • Dependable - Uses dependable multi-user record locking database engine.

  • Secure - Use the security features to restrict who can edit appointments and who can access the configuration tools and raw data.

  • Internet ready - The software can automatically send emails to scheduled people or their clients when an appointment is changed. Upcoming appointments reminders can also be sent. Your appointment calendars can be shared over the Internet with the Client/Server, Enterprise or Web-based editions.

Version 7 has many new improvements. Most importantly, we completely rewrote the Pro Schedule Web edition. Pro Schedule Web now comes with its own web server. This eliminates the need to configure and maintain an unwieldy web server like Microsoft's IIS. Leading edge AJAX technologies now give Pro Schedule Web a richer user interface. For example, you can move Pro Schedule Web appointment items by dragging them and can even resize them with the mouse. We have also updated the database engine and reporting engine. The Windows editions now have appointment reminder alarms and a visual waiting list feature.

CyberMatrix Pro Schedule runs on Windows Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7, 2011 Server, Windows 8 and Windows 10. System requirements: 2 GB RAM, 30 MB disk space.

For Pro Schedule Client/Server we recommend a dedicated Windows Vista or higher machine with at least 4 GB RAM and power backup to host the Pro Schedule server application.

For Pro Schedule Web a dedicated Windows Vista or higher machine is recommended. The client machines require only a web browser.

Pro Schedule Enterprise requires a database server such as Microsoft SQL server, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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Latest Testimonials

Mario Roldan, Open Doors

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Let me confess I have never received such a great support (not even from companies like microsoft, Sage or Intuit, whose products I use).

Mario Roldan

Your technical support is the best I have ever had. Your responses are always fast, accurate and friendly.

Christopher Russell, GLACO Systems Manager

ProSchedule is probably the easiest system to implement into your current environment. If you are looking for an appointment scheduling tool then I would have zero hesitation in recommending this product for that purpose...

Christopher Russell, GLACO Systems Manager

...The sales staff returned emails promptly and were fantastic in answering my questions. Support staff couldn't be better, I've had a number of questions since installing the full version of PS and all my questions were answered within the day, and I live on the other side of the planet. If I had 3 thumbs, I'd give Pro Schedule a 3 thumbs up! Top job.

Rusty O'Leary, Mountain States Chemical Depedency

I've been using ProSchedule since 1998. It remains one of the best investments and business decisions I've made. It seems the few problems we've had are always the result of a user not following instructions.