Frequently Asked Questions About Timesheets

CyberMatrix Timesheets is multi-user time sheet entry software your employees can use to quickly enter the time they spend on different projects or tasks. Timesheets is ideal for engineering companies, consulting agencies and other project driven businesses that must record employee time for tracking and billing.

F.A.Q. for Timesheets - Employee Timesheet Entry Software

Q. I upgraded from a previous version of Timesheets. Why is it not showing my old data?

A. Version 4 of Timesheets requires massive changes to the database. Probably you did not upgrade your data as detailed in the installation instructions. These instructions will be seen during installation. You can also read them by opening the file called readme.rtf or by selecting the "CyberMatrix Timesheets Installation Instructions" icon in the Timesheets program group.

Q. When I run Timesheets for the first time it asks for a password. What is the default password?

A. The default password for all security levels is "magic". To ensure you have a secure system change the passwords immediately. Write down the new passwords and store them in a secure location such as the company safe.

Q. I have entered data in the timesheets, but the reports page always comes up blank. What is wrong?

A. You probably have not approved the time data. Only approved data can be seen on the reports.

Q. I have set up each employee with their own rate. Why then do all the reports show $0 for the total fields?

A. The main reports all use the project rate. You'd need to modify them to use the employee rate. Look in the Examples folder for a few reports that use the employee rate. We can also build specific reports for you if you tell us exactly what you need.

Q. How can I build my own reports?

A. From the Report screen choose Help | Getting Started with Custom Reporting. This will guide you through the basics of creating your own reports.

Q. How can I resize the timesheet columns?

A. The columns can be resized like any other grid control. In the grey title area of the grid position the mouse just after the column you want to resize. The mouse pointer will change to a resize pointer. Then just drag the column to the desired size.

Q. OK but how can I start off all users with the same timesheet column widths?

A. You could write a script to copy over a default configuration file (CMTimesheets.ini) to: C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\CyberMatrix on install.

Q. When I make changes to the configuration and try to save them why do I get the error: "You are not in a division therefore any configuration changes will be saved to a general configuration file that no one will use."?

A. You have setup divisions where each division has separate configurations and separate administrators. However, the person you are logged in as does not belong to a division. Therefore the software is telling you it is useless to make configuration changes that will never be used. You need to login as the administrator of the division you want to change the configuration for.

Q. I have assigned all projects a division. Why do projects no longer show in the pull-down lists?

A. The division you belong to has no projects assigned to it. To see a project you must login as an employee that belongs to the division the project was assigned to.

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Latest Testimonials

Adam Killick, SysAdmin and Main Programmer, Bawtree Software

CyberMatrix Timesheets has worked very well for us here at Bawtree Software. It is a very reliable piece of software; as well, easy to use.

Ken Maglothin, COO, Hotsy Equipment Company

...your program is well thought out, very intuitive, easy to us, and very scalable. It is exactly what we were looking for.


I like the program, and am very impressed with the speed of your response to my inquiries. Thank you for the great customer service, it is rare these days.

Richard Piecuch, MES Vision

I wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround...I also wanted to let you know that your tool is working our great for our solution. Great job.

Kathy Palmer, Director of Event Services, The Student & Youth Travel Association

It allows us to produce reports for our client showing how many hours we worked on each of their initiative. It helped us to secure funding for another staff person based on tracked hours.