Clipboard Magic Version History

What's New in Clipboard Magic

5.05 - 2018-04-17
-*Fixed problem where double-clicking a clip file could overwrite it with option settings.
- Added support for per-monitor DPI-awareness
-*Fixed problem where icon would appear in task-bar on start if Minimize On Start option set.
- Changed to restore when attempting to start another instance.
- Fixed problem where auto update always fired every 24 hours even if Auto Update option was unset.

5.04 - 2017-03-08
-*Fixed memory leak.
-*Fixed problem where software would minimize after attempting to auto-update.
-*Fixed problem where Clip Folder Location dialog in Options screen did not allow creating new folders.
-*Fixed problem where if GridEdits option was set, editing a clip with carriage returns would appear to be blank.
-*Fixed problem where a save confirmations showed after clearing the clip list.

5.03 - 2016-09-07
- Added auto update check option.
-*Fixed problem where translated component lists were not showing properly.
-*Added notifications when overwriting clips or about to overwrite.
-*Fixed problem with Windows 10 and configuration settings.
-*Fixed invalid component name error seen when using a folder starting with a number.
-*Fixed possible file permission problems with saving configuration settings.
- Fixed problem where hint could remain visible after moving off clip list.
-*Fixed problem where software could not be accessed if Start Minimized option was set but Run In Tray option was unset.

5.02 - 2014-05-25
-*Fixed problem where hotkey pastes in certain fields of Outlook or Thunderbird did not work.
-*Fixed out of bounds error on appending clip list.
-*Removed EInOutError exceptions from exception reporting.
-*Fixed problem where Periodic Auto Save option was always enabled.
-*Fixed exception that would be seen when saving a clip to a protected folder.

5.01 - 2013-03-20
- Added feature to sort clips by clicking header column.
-*Changed row pasting to disable if no Control keys set.
-*Fixed problem where restore hotkey did not always work.
-*Fixed errors that would occur when attempting to perform clip actions outside the clip grid.
-*Fixed problem where languages were missing from the language menu.

5.00 - 2012-01-30
-*Added title column feature to assign names or labels to clips.
-*Added feature to set colored highlights to clips.
-*Added unicode support.
-*Added a periodic auto save feature.
-*Added options to change the row pasting hotkeys to handle conflicts with other software like Word.
-*Added clip list backup and restore features.
-*Added option that minimizes Clipboard Magic when you simply 'click away' from it's window.
-*Added a suspend/resume clip archiving button on the toolbar
-*Added new cliplist button.
-*Added append mode toolbar button and tray icon.
-*Added export toolbar button.
- Added customize toolbar feature.
-*Added feature to select 'beep' on copy sound.
-*Added Copy From Bottom option to add clips to the bottom of the clip list.
-*Added function to purge any duplicate items in the list.
-*Added option to prevent duplicate clips from being copied in succession.
-*Added row pasting by current row option.
-*Added options to hide the toolbar and statusbar.
- Added startup tips feature.
-*Added feature to prevent "cannot open clipboard" error by attempting to open the clipboard several times.
-*Added feature to save modified list to temp file if Periodic Auto Save option set.
-*Added feature to remember last export folder.
-*Changed sort to leave blank rows at bottom.
-*Changed Select Clip to Copy Clip.
- Changed Auto Save option to Save On Exit.
-*Fixed problem where text over 32768 bytes could not be copied.
- Fixed row pasting where most apps require additional CTRL+V.
-*Fixed the "Failed to set data for ''" error seen when saving configuration if not running as an Administrator and the "Associate CLP Files" option was set.
- Fixed problem where edited clips were not being saved when clicking Save button.
-*Fixed problem where stack overflow occured when Minimize On Copy and Allow Grid Edits options set.
- Removed obscure Prompt to Clear File option.
-*Replaced messagebox errors with status messages to prevent "lockups".

v4.01 - 2005-11-22
-*Fixed problem where system tray icon would not re-appear after Explorer crashed.
-*Fixed problem where subfolders of the Clip Folder would cause errors on start up if the folders contained non-alphanumeric characters.
- Changed to disable Edit menu when editing a clip to prevent unwanted list changes.
- Changed Ins and Del hotkeys to Ctrl+Ins and Ctrl+Del to allow normal edit functions when editing clips.
-*Fixed problem where the find feature was not case insensitive if Match Case was not set.
-*Fixed problem where minimize hotkey restored but did not minimize.
-*Fixed problems where on start and Minimize on Start option set, program would minimize but still have an icon in the task bar.
-*Changed Insert and Delete clip hotkeys to Ins and Del keys.
-*Fixed problem where if a clip was zoomed in and then closed without any changes, a new copy of the clip was added to the top of the list.
-*Fixed save prompts to be more consistent and less confusing.

v4.00 - 2005-07-04
-*Added submenus for subfolders containing clips.
-*Added drag and drop clips within clip grid.
-*Added option to change clip storage location.
-*Added support for Win XP visual styles.
-*Added option to minimize after clip copy.
-*Added select All feature in zoom mode.
-*Added feature to make row height increase proportionally to font-size.
-*Changed to disallow item insert/delete when editing.
-*Changed to set clipboard to current cell after editing it.
-*Changed to be more XP friendly.

v3.01 - 2005-02-14
-*Fixed problem where some language files might not be loaded.
-*Fixed problem where default file would not be automatically opened on start.
-*Fixed problem where some terms were not being translated properly.

v3.00 - 2001/08/03

- Added feature to hide/restore main form by double clicking title bar.
-*Added search and replace feature.
-*Added feature to power paste up or down list.
-*Added option to show the clip content as a tooltip.
-*Added zoom hotkeys.
-*Added option to allow double-click opening of "*.clp files"
-*Added feature to default the opening of clip lists to the last opened folder.
-*Added multi-language support.
-*Changed Clear clip list to New clip list.
-*Changed edit and import buttons to insert/delete.
-*Fixed problem where some machines would not be able to set the start-on-boot option.
-*Fixed auto-save problems.
-*Fixed problem where deleting a single clip moves focus to bottom clip list.
- Fixed problem where quick lists were not sorted.
-*Fixed problem dirty flags when editing clip lists.
-*Fixed problem where in zoom mode editing text, if 'save' selected and then canceled, 'word wrap' is turned off.
- Fixed problem where on loading new clip position did not reset (go to top).
-*Fixed find feature.
-*Fixed problem where font attributes were not saved.
-*Fixed problem where on dragging a clip the program selected multiple clips.
- Improved response speed and lowered resource footprint.

v2.01 - 1999/06/13

- Added quick clip list feature.
-*Added feature to show size of text in the tray icon hint.
-*Added clear clipboard text feature.
-*Fixed problem under Windows NT where non-administrators could not save options.
-*Fixed problem where the "Open last list on load" option was not saved.
-*Fixed problem where deleting a single clip would move focus to bottom clip list.
-*Fixed problem where a new line character was added at the end of copied text.
-*Attempt to fix GDI.Exe crashes on some people's machines.

v2.00 - 1999/04/13

- Added Edit Grid option.
-*Added text drag and drop interface to other programs.
-*Added option for "beep" sound to audibly confirm that a copy occurred.
-*Added multi-delete feature.
-*Added indication of active clipboard row.
-*Added select All clips feature.
-*Added feature to append new clips to the selected clip.
-*Added feature to append cliplist to current list.
-*Added hotkey for opening the main window.
-*Added series paste feature.
-*Added hotkeys for pasting text from relative rows in the item list
-*Added feature to save and load a selected Clip as a text file.
-*Added management of clips (move up, down, insert, sort).
-*Fixed problem where loading some lists caused a box character to appear on empty lines.

v1.38 - 1998/12/08

-*Fixed problem where a new line character was added at the end of copied text.
-*Fixed problem where saving clip list after manually editing a clip wiped out entire clip list.
-*Fixed problem where on close, MessageBox would stay behind all other windows.
-*Fixed problem where tray icon would not restore or minimize properly when clicked.

v1.37 - 1998/11/10

-*Fixed problem where the pop-up menu for the tray icon would not close without selecting one of its options.
-*Added feature where a new clip is not added if it is identical to the previous clip.
-*Added option to open the last Clipboard list saved when Clipboard Magic closed.
-*Added option to prompt to clear loaded file on Clear All.

v1.36 - 1998/10/10

-*Added feature to minimize application if tray icon clicked on.
-*Added feature to clear all clipboard messages.
-*Added option to remove the splash screen.
-*Added status box to display loaded clip file.
-*Fixed problem where carriage returns were added to text when text wrapped to window.
-*Changed auto-save feature to save to last loaded file.

v1.35 - 1998/08/16

- Added feature to edit entire clip lists.
-*Added feature to select clip using keyboard shortcut Ctrl-L.
- Added feature to save "No Archiving" option when changed in config screen. Changing this option from tray menu still does not save.
-*Added feature to save program screen location from session to session.
-*Fixed problem where, if On Top option set and then bring up options screen, the screen was behind the main screen and could not be easily accessed.
-*Changed Stay On Top option to save when changed in options screen. Changing option from tray pop-up menu does not save.

v1.34 - 1998/07/16

-*Fixed problem where loading a smaller clip list than the current list kept old text.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to delete a clip item after opening a clip list caused an error message to appear.
-*Fixed problem where default clip file did not appear in configuration screen.
- Added ability to change font size, color and style.
- Added ability to import text files.

v1.33 - 1998/06/14

-*Fixed problem causing copied items for some machines to not appear in the clip item list. A big thanks to George Davis for helping to uncover this problem. Unfortunately the program now once again has a limit of 64K when capturing and storing text.
- Fixed problem which gave error message when attempting to run program from a root directory e.g. C:\.
-*Added options to Auto Save and to turn off prompting to save changed clip lists.

v1.32 - 1998/06/07

- Attempt to fix problem causing copied items for some machines to not appear in the clip item list.

v1.31 - 1998/06/03

- Fixed problem causing copied items to sometimes not appear in the clip item list.
-*Added feature to change tray icon when archiving disabled.
- Removed program close hotkey (Ctrl+X) as it is usually used by Windows programs to cut to the clipboard. Can still use Alt+F-X to close the program.

v1.3 - 1998/05/22

-*Added option to Always stay on top of other applications.
-*Added font selection dialog. Useful for international users.
-*Added hotkeys for common functions.
-*Added clip delete capability.
-*Added load default clip list on program start option.
-*Added warning to save changed clip list on program exit.
-*Added Stay On Top and Disable Clip Archiving items to tray icon menu.
- Fixed text limit problem. Can now copy many pages of text.

v1.2 - 1998/04/13

-*Fixed problem where only first line of copied text was stored.
- Turned off auto-word wrap when zooming in on text.

v1.1 - 1998/04/05

- Added option to turn off clipboard archiving.
- Fixed problem where opening a list saved with a smaller maximum row count caused error.