Changes to Employee Scheduler

v3.00 - 2011-03-07
-*Added recurring schedule features to repeat every X weeks.
-*Added locations and ability to set which employees can work at which locations.
-*Added assignment preferences which auto-schedule staff to preferred locations.
-*Added feature to track location specific requirements e.g. no males can work at a specific location, must be able to lift 50+ pounds, etc.
-*Added feature to assign tasks to employees.
-*Added support for shifts that begin before midnight and end after midnight.
-*Added form to allow simpler more convenient editing of employee available records.
-*Added option to rotate employees instead of shifts.
- Added feature to send a message to all employees or categories of employees.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
- Added feature to export schedule to HTML file.
-*Added schedule notes field that is shown on the schedule.
- Added report path configuration setting.
-*Added overtime report.
- Made software more Windows 7 friendly.

v2.01 - 2010-02-25
-*Fixed problem where CSV files could not be imported.
- Improved security.
-*Fixed SQL error on showing monthly view with a blank employee.
-*Fixed SQL error on showing monthly view.
-*Fixed problem where error would appear when the Administrator user was deleted.

v2.00 - 2007-01-11
-*Added feature to have employees available at different times on different days.
-*Added feature for employees to request time off from their manager.
- Added monthly view.
-*Added option to show schedule view with times at top and employees/days on the side.
-*Added automatic notification to schedule supervisor if shift open with no one available to cover the shift.
-*Added feature to show a comment for each person on any schedule item.
-*Added Reason and Comments fields to schedule exceptions form.
-*Added options to set Punch In time window to prevent employees from punching in too early or too late.
-*Added Clocked In Report that shows the times employees have clocked in against the times they are scheduled.
-*Added feature to color code shifts and employee categories.
- Added feature to save the last used schedule view.
- Made software more Windows Vista friendly.

- Fixed problem where the CSV import would only import the first four records.
-*Fixed problem where editing and deleting Shift records was not working properly.

v1.00 - 2005-11-28
- released

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