Employee Project Clock Version History

7.32 - 2017-09-13
- Fixed problem where the ClientID field of the Projects table was not synced to app.
- Fixed Project Clock App sync. problems.
-*Fixed problem where the Elapsed Time field on the Time Card was black on some Windows 10 systems.
- Changed update feature to be more hands free.
- Changed main reports to show names instead of IDs.
- Fixed potential problems with Project Clock App sync.
-*Fixed problem where time records could be erroneously punched in or out under rare conditions.

7.31 - 2017-03-30
-*Fixed problem where an erroneous "You are already punched in on another machine" message could be seen after logging in and then punching in.
- Fixed startup error that could be seen on some systems.
-*Fixed problem where Simultaneous Billing option setting was not saved.
-*Changed software to strip out any extra control characters when scanning as it would prevent tabbing to next field.
-*Fixed problem where the wrong table was repaired when selecting a table tab in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where last settings were not saved.
-*Fixed WorkCenterID error that could be seen on start.

7.30 - 2015-10-13
-*Added report automation feature.
-*Added additional subreport capability.
-*Changed Day Punches to appear in their own sub menu.
-*Changed ID edits to automatically propagate to linked tables without any prompting.
-*Changed Time Card screen color to a lighter gray to make it easier to read.
-*Changed software to prevent users from accessing Manage data options from the Tools menu when the Users Can View Data Manager option is not set.
-*Changed software to better handle dropped server connection.
-*Fixed problem where text could be entered in the Item Amount field causing an error on punch out.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports were not always rounding properly.
-*Fixed problem where new installs did not pick up existing security setting when connecting by client/server.
-*Fixed problem where Comments field in the Time History table showed "WideMemo" in the Data Manager Detail view instead of the comments.
-*Fixed detail reports time and date formatting.
-*Fixed problem where last used project was not filled in when "Make Scanner Friendly" and "IDs in Pull-downs" options were set.
-*Fixed problem where "Allow Changes After Punch In" option not always worked.
-*Improved performance of Whos In screen and Data Manager.
-*Added Employee Availability Report.
-*Fixed problem where the shift was not always changing to the current employee's shift.
-*Fixed problem where Tasks weren't filtering properly for the current employee.

7.20 - 2015-06-27
- Fixed problem where employee names were seen in the login dialog instead of IDs when "IDs in pull-downs" option was not set.
- Fixed error that could be seen on selecting a task.
-*Added options to play a sound on new employee select and on punch in or out.
-*Added option to punch in or out when a new task is selected.
-*Added option to use last project if none entered.
-*Changed pull-downs to show names when "Make Scanner Friendly" and "IDs in pull-downs" options are set.
-*Changed Terms feature to ignore terms if a non-English language is used.
-*Fixed problem where Project and Task pull-downs did not limit as in the main screen.
-*Fixed problem where selecting a new language did not translate until program restart.
-*Fixed problem where user was always said to be logged out on punch in and out using the fingerprint scanner.
-*Fixed problem where the admin user could not change things if the "Fingerprint login only" option was set.
-*Added feature to force employees to punch in and out only by using the fingerprint scanner.

7.04 - 2013-05-08
-*Fixed problem where the Comments field in the Time History Data Manager tab showed WIDEMEMO instead of the comment
-*Fixed problem where project could remain disabled after punching out.
- Fixed problem where project pull-down list did not always populate when the Scanner Friendly option was set.
- Removed cascading deletes.

7.03 - 2012-07-23
-*Changed Hours Per Day option to allow fractional (decimal) hours.
-*Fixed problem where report filters could not be seen correctly under certain circumstances.
- Upgraded database engine.
- Fixed potential install problems on some systems.

v7.02 - 2012-01-04
-*Fixed problem where "Force Login" option did not cause login dialog to appear on program start.
-*Fixed problem where "MIDAS.DLL" error could be seen on some systems when running reports.
-*Fixed problem where resized columns in Data Manager were not always saved.
-*Fixed autocomplete problems seen when the "Scanner Friendly" option was set.
-*Fixed problem where pull-down boxes did not autocomplete if the "Scanner Friendly" option was set.
-*Fixed problem where an error would be seen if the "Scanner Friendly" option was set and the "IDs in pull-downs" option was not set.

v7.01 - 2011-10-21
- Added feature to cascade edits in the Manage data screens.
-*Fixed problem where pull-down lists would not populate when selecting a person with an open time record with the Scanner Friendly option set.
-*Fixed problem where clicking on column title in Detail tab of Data Manager did not sort indexed columns.

v7.00 - 2011-05-31
-*Added support for DigitalPersona U.are.U biometric fingerprint reader to quickly and securely log in employees.
- Added Unicode support to allow translations of all multi-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
-*Added Client/Server option.
-*Added feature to sync with the Windows Mobile edition of Project Clock CE.
-*Added feature to allow users to view accounts but not see hourly rates.
-*Added position feature to set the order of controls on main screen.
-*Added "Punch out on close" and "Punch out on shutdown" options.
-*Added option to bill to more than one project at a time.
-*Added option to logout after punching in.
-*Added feature to assign specific tasks to specific employees.
- Added option to change the program font.
-*Added feature to change the shift when an employee is selected.
-*Added Users can view Reports option.
-*Added option to prevent users from changing the date.
-*Added option to prevent Day Punch.
-*Added option to prevent more than one employee from being punched in to the same project at the same time.
-*Added Comments term option.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
-*Added time filter to reporting screen to accomodate shifts that span two days.
-*Added graph example report with project billed hours compared with estimated hours.
-*Added example reports that use both the TimeHistory and Archive tables.
-*Added employee late report example.
-*Added Billable field to the Time History table.
-*Added feature to enter Add Hours time in h:mm form.
-*Added missing fields to Data Manager tabs.
-*Added same Data Manager sort options to Archive table as in TimeHist.
-*Changed Comments field to unlimited.
- Fixed problem where whole list is cycled through when unarchiving selected rows.
- Fixed problem where Day Punch features did not work with working days spanning over midnight.

v6.13 - 2010-08-04
-*Changed New Client form to default Active field to True.
-*Fixed problem where shifts with end times in the next day did not always auto-punch out properly.
-*Fixed problem where the Day Punch features did not always work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where people could be auto punched out for lunch even when option not set.
-*Fixed problem where auto punch out can happen when person in middle of manually entering times.

v6.12 - 2010-02-15
-*Added feature to explore data backup path.
-*Fixed hours formating of certain example reports.
-*Fixed problem where people not punched out for lunch on a previous day never got auto-punched out.
-*Added Project Estimate example report.
-*Fixed problem where punching in could be allowed even if no project or task was entered and Force Task and Force Project options were set.
-*Fixed problem where manual out times could not be entered.

v6.11 - 2009-12-08
-*Fixed problem where employees could not be designated as administrators.
-*Fixed problem where Archive table was not being upgraded for certain users.
-*Fixed problem where executing queries would give a transaction error.
-*Added ability to sort Time History Archive by TaskID in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where "duplicate ID" errors could be seen when archiving data.

v6.10 - 2009-10-06
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance.
-*Fixed problem where Who's In report did not work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where minimizing a report preview made the software difficult to restore.
-*Changed ID field in Time History Archive table to store original ID field in Time History table.
-*Fixed tiny rounding error in reports and day totals.
-*Fixed problem where employees on shifts spanning two days were not always automatically punched out.
-*Fixed problem where Conform To Day Start option did not use shift times.
-*Fixed problem where archived records could not be unarchived.
-*Fixed problem where no error would be see when re-indexing a table while someone else had the software running.
-*Fixed problem where after auto punching out for day the main screen times could not be updated.

v6.05 - 2009-01-09
-*Fixed exception that could be seen on starting Data Manager.
-*Fixed report error.
-*Fixed problem where times did not show the actual values in the Shifts tab of the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where invalid date message could be seen when punched in.

v6.04 - 2008-09-12
-*Fixed problem where a client missing error would been seen after client was auto-filled from selecting a project.
- Fixed error that would be seen after re-indexing a table.
-*Fixed problem where missing client message could be seen when client had been entered.
-*Fixed problem where client was not saved when Scanner Friendly option set.
-*Fixed problem where selecting a client or task caused other fields to clear.

v6.03 - 2008-05-06
-*Fixed problem where pull-down lists weren't always filtering properly after selecting a different employee.
-*Fixed problem where Data Manager grid width settings were not saved.
-*Added Edit report button to reporting screen.
-*Added filter function to hide InActive projects etc in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where project filed would show task list after selecting a project when Scanner Friendly option set.
-*Fixed translation problems with non-main forms.

v6.02 - 2008-03-05
-*Fixed translation problems.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to use a network report path could generate report not found errors.
-*Fixed problem where 504 error would be seen if more than two machines accessed the shared data.
-*Fixed problem where repairing the TimeHist table would cause duplicate primary index errors.
-*Fixed problem where reports would include the day after the date range.
-*Fixed problem where exception occurred if an invalid username or password was entered.

v6.01 - 2007-12-20
-*Fixed problem where no more that 2 people could use the software at one time.
-*Fixed problem where login dialog would appear when using the Auto Punch Out For Lunch feature.
-*Fixed problem where simple database exceptions generated an error report.
-*Fixed error report that would be seen when clicking the Query option in the Detail tab of the Data Manager.

v6.00 - 2007-09-05
-*Added time server feature to ensure all workstations use the same time.
-*Added option to change the employee's start time to the day start time if the punch in was within a window of X minutes.
-*Added feature to automatically populate Client when Project selected.
-*Added feature to make the Item field scanner friendly.
-*Added option to allow changing the Project or Task after punching in.
-*Added a feature to limit tasks by project so that employee clicks on a Project he/she will only see the tasks related to this project.
-*Added function to filter Time History table in Data Manager to current week.
-*Added feature to save Data Manager columns.
-*Added Timesheet by Billing Type example report.
-*Added employee overtime report.
- Renamed Comments.dat file to Comments.txt.
- Updated database engine.
- Updated reporting engine.

v5.02 - 2007-08-21
-*Added feature to print Who's In screen.
-*Added employee and client name to Who's In screen.
-*Fixed problem where account items were not being saved when using a scanner with the Make Scanner Friendly option set.
-*Fixed problem where on upgrading from v4 or below the security passwords would not transfer over properly.
-*Fixed problem where scanners that mimic keyboard entry instead of pasting did not work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where Project pull-down contained no items if no clients were assigned to projects.
-*Fixed problem where the first column of the Item pull-down list was not resized like the other pull-downs.

v5.01 - 2006-03-27
-*Fixed problem where Left Column Width option not used until software restart.
- Fixed problem where certain summary reports would not show totals properly.
-*Fixed problem where the CSV import would only import the first four records.
- Fixed problem where timesheet reports would not show totals properly.
-*Fixed problem where deleting all records in a table would not always work.
-*Fixed problem where configuration changes were not being saved.

v5.00 - 2006-01-26
-*Added feature to edit projects in the Manage Projects form.
-*Added Force Client, Project and Task options.
-*Added feature to make visible pull-down option apply to all screens.
-*Added Clear Fields on new Employee option.
- Added referential integrity features.
- Added CSV import wizard.
- Added export to MS Project feature.
- Added Rate fields to the Task and Client tables.
-*Changed Employee,Project,Client,Task IDs to 15 characters, descriptions to 30 characters.
-*Fixed problem where filter fields containing ' marks caused errors on running reports.
- Integrated Security table into Employees table.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

v4.20 - 2005-08-04
-*Added Client filter to reporting screen.
-*Added feature to show the date range on reports.
-*Added option to use the last punch out time on punch in.
-*Added option to show description first in pull-down lists.
- Added LunchStart and LunchEnd times to the Shifts table.
-*Changed New Client and New Project screens to only be available to administrators.
-*Changed timesheet reports to group by week start date as in v3.
-*Changed project list to include projects that are not associated with any client.
-*Fixed "no fields defined for the current index" that could be seen under certain circumstances.
-*Fixed index errors seen when Make scanner friendly option was set.
-*Fixed problem where no data seen on reports when security had been enabled.
-*Fixed problem where no employees could be seen when logged in as admin.
-*Fixed problem where bogus 'You have already punched in during this time.' messages could be seen on punch out.
-*Fixed problem where pull-down lists were not sorted.
-*Fixed problem where the Auto Punch Out On Lunch option did not work correctly when using shifts.

v4.10 - 2005-05-18
-*Added option to automatically punch in/out on login.
-*Added feature to remove fields.
-*Added Make scanner friendly option.
-*Added feature to automatically punch out for lunch.
-*Improved startup performance by opening tables only when needed.
- Fixed problem where users could see all other user's data from the reports.
-*Fixed error report that could be see if the default setting file could not be written to.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports spanning more than one week could give inaccurate totals.
-*Fixed problem where invalid column error could be seen when using certain filters on certain reports.
-*Made major performance improvements.

v4.00 - 2005-01-21
-*Added export functionality for Quickbooks.
-*Added Items/Amount fields to main screen.
- Added report charting features.
-*Added feature to automatically punch out employees at the end of their shift if an employee forgot to punch out.
-*Added option to prevent employees from entering overlapping in/out times for same day.
- Added execute SQL function to Data Manager.
- Changed project screens so that Client comes first followed by Project and Task. Job Code is renamed to Task.
-*Changed report screen to display all available reports in the reports folder.
- Changed reporting system to allow much more customization.
- Removed Report Heading option.

v3.03 - 2004-10-13
- Fixed Unable to open dataset frDBDataSet1 error that could be seen on adding fields to a new report.
- Fixed error seen when closing the Data Manager after adding a record without populating required fields.
- Fixed problem where Data Manager replace all feature only replaced the first found field.
- Fixed problem where rows were skipped when tabbing through the grid in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where Data Manager form view no longer worked properly.

v3.02 - 2004-07-10
-*Changed import feature to show an error message for import problems.
-*Fixed "Account must have a value" error seen on some reports when an account had been billed to but subsequently deleted from the Accounts table.
-*Fixed reporting problems involving doubled data under certain circumstances.

v3.01 - 2004-03-25
-*Fixed problem where attempting to delete records from the Data Manager using Ctrl+D caused odd behavior.
-*Fixed problem where an error could be seen when printing timesheet reports if the starting day of the week was set to Saturday.
-*Changed software so that security settings are saved in the data path not the program path.
-*Fixed problem where could sometimes not bring up employees previous in time.
-*Fixed registry error in trial version seen on some versions of Windows.

v3.00 - 2004-01-02
-*Added a visual schedule of who is clocked in at the moment.
- Added PDF export feature for reports.
-*Added terms for Shift and Client.
-*Added feature to remember window settings, such as size of window, when it is opened
-*Added option to change the report folder location.
- Removed superfluous 24 hour option.
-*Added new Project and Client entry buttons to the main form.
-*Added time card review feature with Force Review option.
-*Added option to set the width (in pixels) of the leftmost column in the pull-down lists.
-*Changed Projects pull-down list to show only those projects belonging to the current client.
-*Changed Project and Client ID fields in pull-down lists to be wider.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports showed totals in wrong columns if Sunday was set as the first day of the week.
-*Fixed problem where blank filters for reports did not always work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where Administrator could not manually enter times for employees.

v2.30 - 2003-07-23
-*Added option to prevent manual time entry.
-*Added ForceLogin feature to prevent employees from punching in for anyone but themselves.

v2.21 - 2003-05-06
-*Fixed problem where on selecting a new employee from the pull-down lists did not update account information until tabbing out of that field.
-*Fixed date error seen when archiving old data.
-*Fixed report problems where certain PC date and decimal formats caused error messages.

v2.20 - 2003-02-10
-*Added feature to flag employees, projects, job codes and clients as inactive so they don't show up in the pull down lists.
- Updated database engine reducing resource footprint.

v2.10 - 2002-11-19
-*Added feature to filter custom reports as indicated on the report screen.
-*Added feature to save the Data Manager form size.
-*Fixed occasional project sort order problem in pull-down lists.
-*Fixed problem where the employee's last project details were not updated correctly.
-*Fixed problem where the scroll bars were missing from the Data Manager detail grid.
-*Fixed problem where custom reporting help menu item did not work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where a person could be simultaneously logged onto different projects on different machines.

v2.00 - 2002-09-30

-*Added Client item to the main screen.
-*Added shift feature.
- Added multi-language capabilities.
-*Added feature to remember and populate all project details of person's last record.
-*Added option to prevent/verify person from punching in twice.
-*Added feature to change date to today when left on continuously.
-*Added option to hide Add Hours feature from non-admins.
-*Added multi-column pull down lists.
-*Added rate to Employees table.
-*Added option to use rate from Employees table instead of from the Projects table for reports.
-*Added feature to remember last person entered.
-*Added feature to auto punch out on selecting new project.
-*Added custom report showing employee, date and total hours grouped by project.
-*Fixed problem where the user could not manually punch out more than once.
- Replaced reporting engine with a far superior one.

v1.01 - 2001-09-06

-*Added option to disallow users from viewing Options screen.
-*Added option to disallow users from accessing Data Manager screen.
- Added check for attempting to bill more than 18 hours work time.
- Changed report screen to reflect user-defined terms.
-*Fixed problem where scrollbars were missing in Data Manager.
-*Fixed security implementation.
-*Fixed missing scroll bar in Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where large min bill times cause negative bill times messages.

v1.00 - 2001-01-25