In Out Scheduler Revision History

v4.00 - 2020-03-25
-*Added a separate section for scheduling rooms/resources.
-*Added custom reporting features with excel export etc.
-*Added report filter with Today, This week, This Month, Last Day, Last Week etc.
-*Added Hours Worked report with hours worked the current day week and month.
-*Added Hours In VS Hours Away report to show the total hours worked vs. the total hours away from desk during the standard day.
- Added feature to highlight that row when selecting a person.
- Changed to more modern interface.
- Changed database engine to Microsoft Access.

v3.02 - 2017-04-21
- Added time editor to Time Left column.
- Fixed problem where Date To Return column did not work correctly.
- Fixed startup error that could be seen on some systems.
-*Fixed problem where Comments field could not be edited even when employee has been checked as out.
- Added search and create to data missing dialog.

v3.01 - 2013-04-18
- Fixed error seen when running Hours Worked Report.
- Fixed potential install problems on some systems.
-*Fixed problem where Messages table was missing on some installs.

v3.00 - 2010-11-17
-*Added web edition.
-*Added feature to display special messages to individuals as they check in.
-*Added security feature where ordinary user's can only punch themselves in and out.
- Added option to change program font.
- Added better toolbar.

v2.01 - 2010-01-20
-*Changed registration key file location to the data path.
-*Fixed problem where Refresh button did not work correctly.
-*Fixed refresh problem where after deleting a person, the person still show on main screen
-*Fixed problem where non-administrators could see the hours worked report when security was enabled.

v2.00 - 2006-10-05
-*Added an auto export to HTML feature that automatically updates.
-*Added ability to assign a photo to each employee, along with rank and division designation.
-*Added TimeLeft column.
-*Added Hours Worked HTML report.
- Added referential integrity.

v1.10 - 2006-07-26
-*Added a text completing pull-down list Person search on the toolbar to update the grid to show only that person.
- Added feature to automatically backup data before deleting all data or search and replace.
-*Fixed problem where configuration changes would not be saved in new installs.
- Fixed problem where had to login twice.
-*Fixed problem where schedule grid could be resized improperly.
-*Fixed error seen on trying to view Data Manager.

v1.01 - 2005-05-10
-*Added security feature to block the configuration and data manager menu options from most users.
- Added Execute SQL function.
-*Fixed problem where clicking on out time peg to delete it does not save it. Sometimes people will not have an out time.
- Removed superfluous Default Data Location configuration setting.
-*Moved users configuration file to All Users folder.
-*Fixed problem where using schedule intervals of less than an hour caused the return times not to show on the schedule.
-*Added feature to remember scheduler column sizes.

v1.00 - 2002-11-06
- released