Meeting Manager Version History

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8.27 - 2019-02-07
- Added feature to prevent bookings past the default end date which could cause conflicts when changing the default end date.
- Changed Default End Date to automatically advance every 5 years, to 10 years in the future.

8.26 - 2017-06-14
-*Fixed problem where changing data path to existing location give data not found error.
- Fixed problem where individual appointments in weekly recurring events could errorneously appear on reports.
-*Fixed possible startup server error. (C/S edition only)
- Fixed startup error that could be seen on some systems.

8.25 - 2016-09-06

- Added Status schedule macro.
- Fixed problem where deleting a single day from a weekly event caused the rest of the days in that week to not appear on the schedule.
-*Fixed problem where right clicking events in month view did not cause the correct date to be used for edits.

8.24 - 2015-10-23
- Fixed problem where on adding a booking by dragging in week view, the date could be wrong.
- Fixed problem where moving a single booking in a multi-day weekly event copied it instead of moved it.
- Fixed problem where moving a single booking in a recurring event did not refresh the new booking.
-*Fixed problem where audit feature was not recording schedule changes.
-*Added option to send emails using servers like GMail that use SSL/TLS.

8.23 - 2015-02-24
- Added Compression Level option to help improve performance on slow remote connections. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed performance problems with schedule refresh.
- Removed annoying past End Date check.
- Updated Default End Date to 2025.
-*Fixed problem where editing a single day from a recurring event could erase the recurring event.

8.22 - 2014-09-29
-*Fixed error seen on CSV import. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed possible error message when using the search resources feature.
-*Fixed possible freezing problem when changing certain bookings to a weekly frequency.
-*Fixed problem where certain weekly events could allow double bookings.
- Fixed problem where ResourcesUnavailable records could not be created if either the FromTime or FromDate were blank.
- Fixed problem allowing pasting appointments onto the sidebar.

8.21 - 2014-04-03
-*Fixed SQL error when selecting resources. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where deleting recurring events could cause an error. (Standard edition only)

8.20 - 2013-09-20
-*Fixed problem where bookings could not be edited if the booking login was a different case than the current login even if the CaseInsensitiveLogins option was set.
-*Fixed problem where more than three bookings could not be seen on Monthly view.
- Updated server. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where a weekly recurring event start date that did not match the frequency could cause erroneous booking conflicts.
- Added search and create to data missing dialog. (Standard edition only)
- Fixed problems that occured when database connection settings were invalid. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where recurring event start date that did not match the frequency could cause erroneous booking conflicts.
-*Fixed problem where when using month calendar and font changed, left components are not positioned properly on start.
- Fixed potential install problems on some systems. (Standard edition only)

8.19 - 2012-01-11
-*Fixed problem where added bookings defaulted to a date far into the future.
-*Fixed problems with bookings having attendee value over 50 characters.
-*Fixed problem where an error could arise when an attendance booking was viewed in Month view.

8.18 - 2011-03-23
- Increased Contact field length in Add Booking screen.
-*Fixed problem where appointments did not sort by start time in monthly views.
-*Fixed problem where sites feature did not work correctly. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where the Schedule Report feature was greyed out in monthly views.
-*Updated server software. (C/S edition only)

8.17 - 2010-12-08
-*Added ADO connection support for MS SQL Server 2005 and higher. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where email reminders were not always sent out.
-*Fixed problem where booking reports would not always sort correctly by date.

8.16 - 2010-10-27
-*Fixed problem where manage data forms did not all save edits properly.
-*Fixed problem where weekly repeating events could be added with no days selected.
-*Fixed problem where reports would not sort correctly by start time.

8.15 - 2010-09-23
-*Fixed problem where booking report date sort did not group by date.
-*Fixed problem where bookings could not be viewed by right-clicking on the month views.
-*Fixed possible error on adding a booking. (Standard edition only)

8.14 - 2010-08-16
-*Fixed problem where schedule date could be incorrect when switching to monthly view.
-*Fixed problem where Force Login option did not work. (C/S and Enterprise editions only)
-*Added cascading updates to manage data screens.
-*Added more descriptive email configuration setting errors.
-*Fixed problem where contact extension field could not be empty.
-*Fixed problem where security setting could not be saved.  (C/S edition only)

8.13 - 2010-04-23
-*Fixed "Booking start date does not coincide with monthly frequency" error seen when booking certain dates near the month end.
-*Fixed error that would be seen when the Minimum Row Height setting was 0.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to edit a booking when none is selected could cause an error.

8.12 - 2010-03-17
-*Added a new Manager security level that does all the Admin does but can't access the Security table.
-*Fixed error that could be seen on start. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed "Booking start date does not coincide with monthly frequency" error seen when booking certain dates near the month end.
-*Fixed problem where changing the schedule end date setting after the "schedule end date is earlier than today" warning did not always save the change.
-*Fixed the case-sensitive auto-complete problem in the report screen.

8.11 - 2010-01-13
-*Added feature to prompt to change default end date if in the past.
-*Fixed problem where saving configuration setting could delete all resource groups.
- Fixed problem where incorrect date would be used when adding an appointment in WAAG in another year.
-*Fixed problem where could not import CSV files due to error.
-*Fixed problem where error was seen when exporting CSV files .
-*Fixed problem where Add Booking screen pull-downs did not have case-sensitive auto-complete.

8.10 - 2009-10-30
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance. (Standard and C/S editions only)
-*Fixed problem where Attendance tracking feature caused errors with MS SQL. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Changed Attendees field to unlimited.
-*Fixed problem where schedule filters did not have case-sensitive auto-complete.
-*Fixed possible CSV import problems with timestamp fields.
-*Fixed problem where setting a report contact filter could cause bookings to become invisible on the schedule until software restart.

8.02 - 2009-04-23
-*Added Data Manager to the Client/Server edition.
-*Fixed problem where setting a Category report filter caused an error.
-*Fixed problem where certain date/Time options did not save correctly.
- Fixed problem where data tables were not being backed up properly. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed "Attendees not found" error that could be seen on viewing certain schedules.
-*Fixed possible error that could be seen when viewing too many schedule items.

8.01 - 2009-03-19
-*Fixed problem where closing the software when it is minimized could cause it to be hidden on start.
-*Fixed problem where single events would not be allowed if the Allow Booking X Months In Advance option was non-zero and the Default End Date option was set too far in the future.
-*Fixed problem where resizing a booking in RAAG view would move it to the first listed resource.
-*Fixed problem where exception could occur if a booking did not have a topic.
- Fixed problem where key file would not always read correctly. (non-trial editions only).
-*Fixed problem where older systems could complain of a missing gdiplus.dll.

8.00 - 2008-12-15
-*Added feature to book several days per week eg. book a room every Mon, Tue, Wed.
-*Added option to set a shared Reports folder location.
- Added option to change the program font.
-*Added "equipment" and "catering" terms.
-*Added a button to the Add Booking screen to print a confirmation report.
-*Added an option to restrict users from seeing resources designated as having Superuser or Admin access.
-*Added Duration field to Topics table.
-*Added option to prevent entering bookings in the past.
-*Added option to change the color of the "Unavailable" slots.
-*Added Audit table with the timestamp of change.
-*Added Location field to the Resources table.
-*Added Chargeable field to the Bookings table.
-*Added a button to the Add Booking screen to clear all Note pull-down entries.
-*Added the resource description to the schedule report header.
-*Changed monthly schedule report to look just as seen on the screen.
-*Changed Contact Address field to 30 characters.
- Changed color fields to integers.
- Fixed problem where printing reports could interfere with searches.
- Improved performance.
- Removed unnecessary SpanToNextDay option.
- Replaced database engine.

7.06 - 2008-11-05
-*Fixed problem where double bookings could be created when the Booking End Date option was changed to a date where recurring events had ended and then the Booking End Date option was again changed to a date in the future even if the Allow Double Bookings option was unset.
-*Fixed problem where errors could be seen if carriage returns were entered in the Attendees field. (Client-server edition only)
-*Fixed problem where ambiguous SQL errors could be seen on some reports when using filters. (Enterprise edition only)

7.05 - 2008-04-18
-*Fixed problem where Enable Security option was not shown as set after saving configuration. (Client-server edition only)
-*Fixed problem where last found booking was ignored when using the Find Existing Booking feature.
-*Fixed problem where ghost conflicts could prevent adding bookings on or past 12:00 AM when Span To Next Day option set.

7.04 - 2007-10-04
-*Fixed problem where deleting a Resource in the Data Manager could cause the wrong resource to be deleted. (Standard/Client-server editions only)
-*Fixed problem where attempting to re-index a table when a SQL file was selected in the Detail tab of the Data Manager generated an exception report.
-*Fixed problem where wrong date was used in Add Appointment screen after clicking on schedule and times are on the right.
-*Fixed problem where double booking could occur even if the Allow Double Booking option was not set.
-*Fixed problem where attendance conflicts were not detected properly for certain recurring events.
-*Fixed potential filter problem in reports. (Client-server/Enterprise editions only)
-*Fixed error seen if FirstWord report function was given empty text.
-*Fixed problem where software could crash after moving a booking.
-*Fixed SQL error that could be seen in some circumstances. (Client-server/Enterprise editions only)
-*Added feature to sort all reports according to the sort selection, not just booking reports.
-*Fixed problem where Attendees were not sorting in the selection dialog. (Client-server/Enterprise editions only)
-*Fixed potential Contact caching problems.
-*Added feature to split attendees in reports.
-*Fixed problem where email would always be sent when adding a booking if the catering email was entered.
-*Fixed problem where Contacts pull-down list was not sorted. (Client-server/Enterprise editions only)

7.03 - 2007-04-12
- Fixed problem where adding a booking to the waiting list did not close the Add Booking screen.
-*Fixed problem where duplicate records could be added to the waiting list.
- Fixed problem where computer names could not be used for the IP address setting. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where searches could jump around if in RAAG view.
-*Fixed possible lock error on searching for a booking.
-*Fixed error seen on searching for a booking.

7.02 - 2007-02-22
-*Fixed problem where Booking reports could show data outside filters. (Client-server/Enterprise editions only)
-*Made performance improvements. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where the Select Equipment dialog did not list any equipment when using MS SQL Server. (Enterprise edition only)
- Fixed problem where Admin would have to login twice to access the Configuration screen or manage Resources screen.
-*Fixed problem where adding Contacts from the Add Booking screen did not always update on other clients.
-*Fixed problem where certain fields in the Tools | Manage screens incorrectly limited character entry size.
-*Fixed problem where resources were not being sorted. (Standard edition only)

7.01 - 2006-10-19
-*Changed system to allow only Administrators to access the Manage Security form.
-*Fixed problem where error date error occurred on trying to add a booking.
-*Fixed problem where Force Login option did not work. (Enterprise version only)
-*Fixed problem where Resource was duplicated on Resources This Month view.
-*Fixed problem where booking reports did not always refresh properly. (Client-server version only)
-*Fixed problem where Booking Report would give an error. (Client-server version only)
-*Fixed error that could be seen on upgrading bookings table. (Client-server version only)

7.00 - 2006-06-01
-*Added feature to enter days, times and date ranges that resources are not available.
-*Added email scripting feature to specify which fields/information is sent in emails.
-*Added waiting list feature for rooms that are booked to capacity.
-*Added feature to prevent same attendee from being in same room at same time.
-*Added feature to set reminder interval to hours not just days.
-*Added feature to automatically add a default contact and booking topic.
-*Added option to hide equipment from Resource pull-down lists.
-*Added ability for rooms to be set as inactive to hide them from the schedule.
-*Added feature to show pictures for resources.
-*Added option to restrict blocks to contain resources of same type.
-*Added option to show blocks booked when any of it's resources are booked.
- Added CSV import wizard.
- Added full referential integrity.
- Added option to make loginID's and passwords case insensitive.
-*Added site report variable to allow putting the site name on reports.
-*Added recurrent booking report.
-*Added archived meeting custom report.
-*Added reports to show hourly usage of conference rooms.
- Added feature to disable filters not used in the current report.
- Added feature to edit key tables from the main screen.
- Fixed problem where Dual booking was allowed when meeting spanned to next day.
- Renamed Bulletin.Dat, ResBlcks.Dat and Sites.Dat to .dt extension.
-*Upgraded reporting engine, fixing Excel report export issues.

6.03 - 2006-05-17
- Fixed problem where Notify Attendees option was not being saved.
-*Fixed problem with repeating events where closing Edit Booking screen by pressing the X button would cause the event exception to be deleted.
-*Fixed problem where certain monthly repeating events would give bogus "Booking start date does not coincide with monthly
frequency." error.

6.02 - 2006-02-01
-*Added confirmation when pressing OK instead of Save when adding a new contact.
-*Fixed problem where dragging a booking containing equipment caused that equipment to be lost.
-*Fixed possible spurious "Missing UnzDll.dll" error.
-*Fixed problem where configuration settings were not being saved on new installs.
-*Fixed problem where "Invalid date to date encode" errors could be seen on attempting to edit some bookings in the weekly views.
-*Fixed network rights issue that could effect re-indexed tables.

6.01 - 2005-11-09
-*Fixed problem where after adding a new contact it would not appear on the Contact pull-down lists.
-*Fixed exception that could arise when attempting to delete an item and auto-refresh caused the item to become unselected.
- Added email data feature.
-*Fixed problem where exception would be seen on clicking the title of an empty grid after canceling the opening of a SQL file.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to login where no Administrator account existed would cause an error.
-*Fixed problem where reports containing SQL would not work the first time they were called.
- Fixed problem where error message: " is not a valid date could appear when modifying a single appointment in a recurring event.
- Added feature to automatically backup data before deleting all data, archiving or search and replace.
-*Fixed problem where archive bookings function would give an "invalid value for EndDate" error.
-*Fixed possible "Cannot perform this operation on a closed database" error.

6.00 - 2005-05-04
- Added feature to highlight found bookings when performing searches.
-*Added drag and drop between different resources, dates and times.
-*Added "Pending Approval" and "Approval" mechanism for room/resource requests. Booking contact gets e-mail on rejection or approval.
-*Added feature to expand a booking by dragging the edge.
-*Added option to use monthly calendar instead of date drop-down.
-*Added feature to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
-*Added feature to automatically move to the current time.
-*Added right-click menu feature to bring up the add meeting screen in the monthly views.
-*Added feature to search for contacts and attendees.
-*Added ability to search for available resources within a date range.
-*Added option to limit booking X months in advance.
-*Added feature to show bookings for each user in a different colour.
-*Added option to set default booking color.
-*Added option use same login as the system login.
-*Added Attendees macro for schedule scripts.
-*Added Extension term.
-*Added report showing number of attendees.
-*Added check to ensure monthly recurring bookings start on a valid day.
- Changed group configuration to create unique new group names allowing rapid creation of several groups.
-*Changed RAAG view to include blocks if all contained resources are in the selected category.
- Fixed problem where on editing single item from recurring event and then canceling edit, the booking disappears from the schedule.
- Improved contact caching features.
- Made speed improvements. (C/S version only)
- Removed Extension field from Bookings table and from Add Booking screen.
- Removed superfluous DefaultDataLocation check box from Data Options screen. (Standard version only)
- Removed superfluous 24 hour option.
-*Added Resource macro for schedule scripts.
-*Removed report OLE export to Excel due to an unfixable error.

5.03 - 2004-09-27
-*Added month to HTML schedule report.
-*Fixed problem where days in the Monthly schedule reports were not top-centered.
- Fixed error seen when closing the Data Manager after adding a record without populating required fields.
- Fixed problem where Data Manager replace all feature only replaced the first found field.
- Fixed problem where rows were skipped when tabbing through the grid in the Data Manager.
- Fixed problem where groups were not being saved in alphabetical order.
-*Fixed exception that could be seen on non-English Windows versions when adding a new contact.
-*Fixed problem where bookings did not always display correctly when using time formats containing periods instead of colons.
-*Fixed problem where time formats containing periods instead of colons caused serious errors. (C/S version only)
-*Fixed problem where schedule report header was not printing.

5.02 - 2004-08-27
- Fixed "Invalid argument to date encode" error that could be seen under certain circumstances in Week At A Glance view.
-*Fixed blocks feature to disallow booking a resource if the block it is in is scheduled within the same time period.
-*Added option to change the color of the schedule background.
- Fixed problem where single deleted recurring appoints were not refreshed immediately. (C/S version only)
- Fixed problem where Hint duration setting only affected the month views.
- Fixed problem where long resources would be truncated on the booking reports.
-*Removed seconds from the start/end time script items.

5.01 - 2004-07-19
-*Added Equipment and Catering macros for schedule scripts.
-*Fixed problem where modal form could show behind main window.
- Fixed problem where schedule report header was not printing.
- Fixed problem where equipment bookings were not saved when adding bookings (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where config setting changes were not being propagated to the client (C/S version only).
-*Fixed where certain months did not show all the days in Month At A Glance view.
-*Fixed problem where the Booking Topics table could not always be accessed properly from the form view of the Data Manager.
- Fixed problem where erroneous schedule scripts could cause the software to hang.
- Fixed error that could be seen for people trying to use data from a previous version.

5.00 - 2004-05-24
-*Added capacity-based feature to book multiple people to a single resource at the same time without going over capacity.
-*Added feature to book equipment along with a room.
-*Added Resources this Week feature to show schedule for all resources, every day of the week.
-*Added booking reminder feature to e-mail at defined intervals.
-*Added feature to email catering and equipment information when adding or editing a booking.
-*Added feature to export the current schedule to HTML format.
-*Added ability for custom reports to use filters.
-*Added a way for users to access the temporary schedule report table.
- Added ability to assign security levels to individual users.
-*Added option to restrict who can view which bookings.
-*Added button on Add Booking screen to add a new contact.
-*Added schedule scripts to let users choose what fields are shown in each schedule cell.
-*Added terms feature to allow changing of key terms used in the software.
-*Added color field to Resources table.
- Added option to prevent users from deleting bookings.
-*Added option to allow Superusers to access the Data Manager.
-*Added contact filter on reporting screen.
-*Added feature to Find Booking function to search all available rooms.
-*Added attendance status, attendee, equipment and catering reports.
-*Added example Booking Report with notes to fit A4 Landscape.
-*Added feature to store catering and Notes fields in Add Booking screen for selection from a list.
-*Added resource name to Schedule report.
-*Changed to log deletes in CMMan.log.
- Changed report screen to load up all reports found in the report folder.
- Changed sites feature to use global configuration.
- Changed resource list to sort blocks with other resources.
- Fixed problem where Add Booking screen would come up even if Find Available function was canceled.
-*Improved performance by opening tables only as needed and by caching the Contacts table.
-*Made attendance feature work with recurring events.
-*Moved audit log to server for C/S version.

4.23 - 2004-02-19
-*Fixed problem where using a system time format with a minute separator other than : caused errors. (4.224)
-*Fixed problem where searches were very inefficient. (4.223)
-*Fixed problem where error would be seen on printing reports (C/S version only). (4.222)
-*Fixed problem where invalid monthly frequencies could cause the software to hang. (4.221)

v4.22 - 2003-12-02
-*Fixed problem where the last time period of the schedule was not showing in the End Time pull down list of the Add Booking screen. (4.127)
-*Fixed problem where changing the category while in Resources-At-A-Glance showed all bookings in the first column. (4.126)
-*Fixed problem where week names were not being translated in Week At A Glance. (4.214)
- Fixed problem where e-mail log was only saving last message.
-*Fixed "'Capacity' not found" error seen when attempting to edit an existing booking. (4.214 C/S version only)
-*Fixed problem where Users and Status tables could not be re-indexed. (4.213)
-*Fixed problem where "resource field not found" error would sometimes appear. (4.212 C/S version only)
-*Fixed problem where certain monthly recurring events were not being saved properly. (4.211)

v4.21 - 2003-08-28
-*Changed schedule report to bring up printer setup dialog allowing orientation changes.
-*Fixed problem where Superusers could add or edit any bookings regardless of the security setting for that resource. (4.204)
-*Fixed problem where Add Booking screen would not properly book several resources at one time.
-*Fixed problem where the date in the Add Booking screen always defaulted to 9/25/2002 when using the Find Available resource.
- Fixed problem where attempting to print a report caused the print preview to appear.
-*Fixed problem where passwords could be changed to unreadable values when upgraded from certain older versions.
-*Fixed problem where the extension was not seen on the Bookings with extensions report if the extension was manually entered.
- Removed HTML button from reports screen as reports can now be saved in HTML format.

v4.20 - 2003-06-18
-*Added double booking option.
-*Added attendance capacity feature.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to add certain recurring bookings could result in an error message when certain end dates were entered.
-*Fixed problem where no buttons were enabled on the view booking screen.
-*Fixed problem where contact and booked by fields did not show on reports.

v4.10 - 2003-04-29
-*Added auto refresh feature.
-*Fixed problem where could get conflict message when attempting to add a booking in the schedule grid if a recurring event had been changed to a single event.
-*Fixed problem where schedule was not being refreshed when hitting the refresh button. (Standard version only).
-*Improved reporting speed.

v4.03 - 2003-03-26
- Changed schedule to not allow moving items.
- Changed End Date field in the Add Appointment screen to default to the default end date instead of 0 (1899-12-30).
-*Fixed problem where anyone could edit another's booking if Allow User Edits option set.
- Fixed problem where a 'Could not create folder' error could be seen on close in Windows 95 machines.
- Fixed problem where on clicking a time pull-down list the current time would not be shown as selected.

v4.02 - 2003-02-20
-*Added option to turn off topic highlighting of schedule items.
- Changed emails to use PC date format not ISO format.
- Fixed problem where on clicking a time pull-down list the current time would not be shown as selected.
-*Fixed problem where incorrect frequencies could cause freezing of the application.
-*Fixed problem where fields in the reports were cut off if they were too long.
- Fixed problem where error message seen if Groups option set but groups file was deleted.
- Fixed problem where appointments containing carriage returns in the Notes field would not export to CSV format correctly.
- Fixed problem where the Minimum Column Width option was not being used.
-*Fixed problem where could no longer copy appointments (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where schedule display showed one time interval more than it should have.

v4.01 - 2003-01-15
-*Fixed problem where configuration was not being updated updated on client immediately (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where double clicking a booking did not bring up the booking edit screen.
- Fixed problem where schedule grid did not have a pop-up menu.
-*Fixed problem where sometimes the scheduler would move by itself to the last row of the schedule.

v4.00 - 2002/12/31
-*Added vastly improved scheduling grid.
- Added MAPI e-mail support.
-*Added option to change the schedule font size.
-*Added feature to change colours of different resource bookings and topics.
-*Added category filter on report screen.
-*Added option for case insensitive searches.
-*Added feature to allow the adding of bookings but only allow Admins to edit.
-*Added booking report with contact phone number.
-*Added non-html schedule screen report for non-month views.
-*Added option to send Contacts e-mails.
-*Added feature to assign different default contactees for each resource.
-*Added archive by date start/end feature.
- Added option to show time sidebar on the left, right or left and right of schedule.
-*Added feature to have server alert client when configuration updated (C/S version only).
-*Changed booking report Date sort to sort by date and time.
-*Fixed problem where adjacent bookings of the same color were grouped into one hint.
-*Fixed problem where if all bookings of an event were deleted, the initial event could continue to be entered but never show on the screen.
-*Fixed problem where "Data restored" message seen even if a table was not restored due to an error.
- Improved performance by redesigning the recurring event functions.
- Moved schedule list processing to server to improve performance (C/S version only).
-*Removed Booked By field from schedule item display information.
- Replaced reporting engine with a far superior one.
- Replaced database engine to provide more advanced SQL querying and a lower resource footprint.

v3.04 - 2002-12-12
-*Fixed problem where the second type of edited monthly recurring events were not always saved properly.
-*Moved Delete booking item to bottom of schedule right-click menu.
-*Fixed problem where could login with any username and blank password when Login To Book option set.
-*Fixed problem where a "Cannot move Res Blcks: The Source and destination file names are the same." could be seen under certain circumstances when changing sites.
-*Fixed problem where you could not have two sites starting with the same letter.

v3.03 - 2002/05/16
- Added feature to show days details when double clicking day in MAAG.
- Fixed reports to show resource name on top of each page.
- Fixed problem where e-mail would not be sent when bookings were added and Notify On Change option set.
-*Fixed problem where booked by field showed machine login not user logged in.
- Fixed problem where pull-down lists and reports were not sorting properly (C/S version only).
- Fixed problem where Find available feature did not work when in a Resources At A Glance mode.
- Changed "Any Resource" in Resource pull-down to "Find available" to prevent confusion.

v3.02 - 2002/03/15
-*Added referential integrity for the Resources/Bookings table links.
-*Changed resources pull-down to filter according to category.
-*Fixed problem where some recurring bookings would not show on schedule under rare circumstances.
-*Fixed problem where error message would appear when clicking the Search button in the Add Booking screen in C/S version.
-*Fixed problem where Span To Next Day option not saved.
-*Fixed problem where certain old data was not imported properly.
-*Fixed problem where "a.m./p.m." regional time formats could not be used.
-*Fixed problem where last day of recurring event not seen as booked.

v3.01 - 2001/09/26
-*Fixed problem where translated versions would lose bookings from screen when viewing on All categories. Bookings in data tables unaffected.
-*Fixed problem where not all data fields worked in Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where Attendee address book did not enter e-mail properly.
-*Fixed problem where security did not work correctly in C/S version.
-*Fixed problem where Resource Block did not work in C/S version.
-*Fixed problem where startup bulletin did not show in C/S version.

v3.00 - 2001/07/02
-*Added MAAG view showing all resources at once.
-*Added keys to scroll to the next or previous week/month without having to select the date box.
-*Added feature to login from Login To Book dialog message.
-*Added feature to search on room capacity when adding bookings.
-*Added option to set hint duration.
- Added feature to fill dates from previous next months in gray In MAAG view.
- Added forced login option.
- Added work week view.
-*Added feature to search for a resource in a period of time, e.g. book a car for a month.
-*Added feature to book multiple days by dragging in WAAG.
-*Added HTML meeting grid report like booking screen.
-*Added feature to edit individual recurring events (delete booking in event and add new one).
-*Added "address-book" feature to select multiple resources to book to.
-*Added "address-book" feature to select multiple Attendees.
-*Added ability for admins to edit Booked By field in edit screen.
-*Added resource type/category feature to allow different views, e.g. rooms, equipment, cars.
-*Added feature to book a resource for a full day.
-*Added option to allow Superusers to change others bookings.
-*Added feature to automatically e-mail people associated with a resource when its bookings are changed or deleted.
-*Added address and phone fields to Contacts table.
-*Added stats report with usage/cost by week and month.
-*Added reporting sort by topic.
-*Added feature to show unavailable times coloured gray.
-*Added status, equipment and catering fields to bookings table.
-*Added resource booking costs to e-mail notification.
-*Added SMTP authentication feature.
- Added automatic attendee notification option.
- Moved resource blocks file to data folder.
-*Replaced Site selector dialog with menu items.
-*Fixed problem where CC and BCC fields in mailer did not work.
- Fixed problem where booking hints would not always appear on the scheduler.
- Fixed data folder selector to allow choosing of network locations.
-*Fixed problem where Add Booking screen would not get translated on start.
- Fixed problem where added resources do not immediately show up on the Add Booking screen.
- Fixed problem where exception would sometimes occur when using the Any person search feature.

v2.35 - 2001/04/09
-*Fixed problem where last-used language was not saved.
-*Fixed problem where some bookings not displayed in month-at-a-glance.
- Fixed problem where bookings outside the schedule time period do not show.

v2.34 - 2001/03/20
-*Fixed problem on the Booking Report where different dates were not separated by horizontal lines when sorting by date.
-*Fixed problem where one would see SQL error when attempting to view resource details.
-*Fixed error seen when exiting in WAAG view.
-*Fixed problem where error would show when attempting to edit a booking.
-*Fixed problem where some forms were not translated.

v2.33 - 2001/03/11
-*Fixed problem where one could enter end times that are earlier than start times when adding a booking.
-*Fixed problem where start time later than 11:59 AM caused all times to be shown on schedule grid as AM.
- Fixed problem where certain booking intervals could cause odd start or end times when adding an appointment.

v2.32 - 2001/01/24
-*Fixed problem where AM/PM not always displayed correctly on schedule when schedule interval not divisible by 60.
-*Fixed problem where error message would appear when archiving old bookings with certain date formats.

v2.31 - 2001/01/16
- Added check for invalid start/end time combination.
- Improved system performance for network use.
-*Fixed problem where selected schedule grid cells were not shown.
-*Fixed problem where long contact field overflows into Booked By field on reports instead of wrapping.

v2.30 - 2000/12/17
- Updated database engine, improving performance significantly.
-*Fixed problem where last room is saved to the main ini but not in its own section.
- Fixed problem where End Time was not saved properly.
-*Fixed problem where program would crash when sending e-mail using an invalid smtp host.

v2.21 - 2000/07/27
-*Added ability to sort indexed fields by clicking on the Data Views column headers.
-*Fixed problem where data was not always being refreshed properly.
-*Fixed problem where start and end times not always populated in Add Booking screen.
-*Fixed problem where metric times did not always appear correctly.
-*Fixed problem with deleting recurring events on machines with certain date formats.
-*Fixed problem where resources assigned security status could not be booked when security enabled.
-*Fixed problem where a booking could have an end time earlier than a start time.
-*Fixed problem where machines using a lowercase AM/PM time format exhibited booking anomalies.
-*Fixed problem where bookings on resources with lengths of more than 10 characters were not always seen correctly by the software.
-*Fixed problem where bookings would not be selected by right-clicking them.
- Fixed problem where using a mousewheel would sometimes generate errors.

v2.20 - 2000/05/30
-*Improved performance and response time.
-*Added internationalization language support.
-*Added refresh button on the toolbar.
- Added search form feature.
-*Added minimum row height feature.
-*Added feature to show times in MAAG hints.
-*Added feature to edit a booking by double clicking.
-*Increased Resource ID to 15 characters.
-*Fixed Sort By Date in HTML reports.
-*Fixed problem where Booked By field would change to current user when viewing a meeting.
-*Fixed problem where recurring events could have an end date earlier than start date.
- Fixed problem where recurring events were not always archived properly.
- Fixed problem where blocks would show as booked if a resource in the block was booked.

v2.11 - 2000/05/02
-*Added audit log feature listing all booking changes.
- Added text completion to pull-down lists.
-*Improved interface by making horizontal grid lines darker for each hour period.
-*Fixed problem where upgraded versions could see duplicate key error on exiting program.
- Fixed problem where Start Times using a fractional hour not always worked.
-*Fixed problem where words would sometimes be truncated is the schedule grid in the at-a-glance views.
-*Fixed problem where resource names containing the ' character caused SQL errors.
-*Fixed problem where grid was not refreshed properly on changing a site.

v2.10 - 2000/04/14
-*Added Month-At-A-Glance feature.
- Fixed problem where Start Times using a fractional hour not always worked.
-*Fixed problem where Booked By field would change to current user when viewing a meeting.
-*Fixed problem where Sites.Dat file was corrupted in new installs.
-*Fixed problem where a SQL error would appear when trying to delete a recurring event.
-*Fixed problem where adjacent bookings did not always alternate colours.

v2.02 - 2000/03/22
-*Added sort by Start Time in reports.
-*Increased resource field length in Resource Details screen.
-*Increased LoginID field size.
- Fixed problem where one would see error message if clicking on 12 AM time.
- Fixed occasional error when archiving data.
- Fixed problem with Coolbar not changing with colour scheme.

v2.01 - 2000/03/07
-*Added report sorted by contact.
-*Added Sort By Time in reports.
-*Fixed problem where bookings after 1 AM could not be edited.
-*Fixed missing help files problem in Data Views.
-*Fixed transaction error seen when archiving data.
-*Fixed problem where old deleted recurring event data was not imported properly.
-*Fixed problem where future recurring events could be seen on past days.
-*Fixed problem where start times of 12AM and earlier would cause schedule anomalies.
-*Fixed problem where one could not select a booking in grid if resource was contained in a block.

v2.00 - 2000/02/23
-*Added ability to allow start times earlier than 12:00 AM.
-*Allow customizable time period.
-*Added feature to show which users are currently using the software.
-*Added hint showing booking details for Week-At-A-Glance and Resources-At-A-Glance.
-*Added option of changing data folder.
-*Added booking end date default feature.
-*Added feature of saving At-A-Glance state of program.
-*Added booking read-only view (edit) feature.
-*Added Notes field to report.
-*Added User permission.
-*Added field to show the cost of the resource hire charge or cost on resource details screen.
-*Added option to make Booked By field editable.
-*Added feature to select which resources show in RAAG.
-*Added feature to disable/enable security.
-*Added report with booking notes memo field (legal).
-*Added booking notes memo field in Add/Edit booking screen.
-*Added e-mail capabilities.
-*Added notifier feature to email contactees when booking changed or deleted.
-*Added feature to auto fill in extension when choosing a contact name from pull-down list.
-*Added universal configuration of user options.
-*Fixed problem where Booked By field shows 'unknown' if the userID has more than 10 characters.
-*Fixed problem where adding a block for the first time would cause the block to be temporarily invisible.

v1.46 - 1999/10/22
-*Fixed right click problem on Resource-At-A-Glance screen.
-*Fixed problem where changing the half-hour schedule option sometimes caused an error to appear.

v1.45 - 1999/09/30
-*Fixed serious "moving booking" problem that occasionally occurred when editing Bookings in At-A-Glance mode.

v1.44 - 1999/09/28
-*Added hourglass mouse cursor during long queries generated by print jobs.
-*Fixed problem where Edited block name saved only if other changes made.
-*Fixed problem where HTML report was not saved if the name HTML report file did not already exist.
-*Fixed problem where registered owners would sometimes see a trial expired message when using the sites feature.
-*Fixed problem where archive feature no longer worked properly.

v1.43 - 1999/05/19
-*Added the day of the week on the single day view
-*Added pull-down boxes for Booking Topic and Booker fields.
-*Fixed exceptions occurring when selecting a meeting and deleting recurring events.
-*Fixed issue where registered owners would sometimes see a trial expired message.

v1.42 - 1999/05/08
-*Changed meeting description in report to expandable memo.
-*Allow scrolling of At-A-Glance screens.
-*Fixed meeting site feature.

v1.41 - 1999/03/21
-*Fixed problem where if decimal separator set to comma, an exception would be raised on program start and program end.

v1.40 - 1999/02/24
-*Added meeting copy feature.
-*Added feature of adding, editing and deleting bookings when in Week-At-A-Glance or Resources-At-A-Glance.
-*Added quiet setup feature.
-*Added days of month to weekday on Week-At-A-Glance.
-*Added feature where resources included in blocks are shown as booked when viewed in the scheduler.
-*Added configurable extension size.
-*Fixed problem where 12:00 AM was not seen correctly as a start time.

v1.34 - 1999/01/12
-*Added column resizing in Rooms config screen.
-*Added From and To dropdown lists in Add Booking screen.
-*Added metric 24-hour schedule option.
- Added Help search.
- Improved context sensitive help.
-*Fixed problem where if title row in Rooms Config screen clicked, titles were copied to next row.
-*Fixed problem where on booking monthly on the same day, the previous day showed booked as well.

v1.33 - 1999/01/06
-*Fixed problem where if decimal separator set to comma, an exception could be raised on program start and program end.
-*Fixed problem where users could enter improper numeric information when adding a meeting.

v1.32 - 1998/12/28
-*Added export report to HTML feature.
-*Added ability to book in a full 24-hour period.
-*Changed password storage format, this required resetting existing passwords to the default values.
-*Fixed problem where deleted recurring events could conflict with an added recurring event.

v1.31 - 1998/12/08
- Added Table data view feature.
- Added feature to view/add bookings at different sites.
-*Fixed Resource pull-downs to refresh after resource edits.
-*Fixed problem where end times on report were off by half hour.
-*Fixed problem where the scheduler text was difficult to see after entering a booking.
-*Fixed problem where changing Resource while in Resource-At-A-Glance caused improper updates.

v1.30 - 1998/12/01
-*Added Rooms-At-A-Glance feature.
-*Added Booking By Resource block capability.
-*Added group lines in report to make data easier to read.
- Fixed problem in deleting resources from config screen.

v1.22 - 1998/11/24
-*Fixed problem where passwords could not always be changed.
-*Changed password entry fields to mask entry in config screen.
- Changed installation to not overwrite existing password information.

v1.21 - 1998/11/18
-*Changed conflict message to give date of conflict instead of recurring event start date.
- Added user options to turn off splash screen, show bulletin on startup, and show full schedule times.
-*Added options to print all resources on report and to sort by either Date or Resource.
- Added better date picker control from RxLib.

v1.20 - 1998/10/29
-*Added Week-A- A-Glance feature.
-*Added Meeting Report feature.
-*Added View Only option.
- Added Force Contact and Force Extension options.
- Removed every second start-time from the meeting scheduler to allow for easier reading.
-*Fixed problem where clicking Add Meeting button showed first room in list not room shown on screen.
- Made conflict checking functions more robust.
- Made resource data entry more user-friendly.

v1.11 - 1998/09/24
-*Added extra error handling to allow read-only access to network directory.
- Fixed problem where Room names containing spaces did not always display properly.

v1.10 - 1998/09/07
- Fixed problem where blank rows could be saved in resource config screen. This could lead to error messages in the main program.
- Added options screen to main program. Now separate admin program no longer needed.

v1.01 - 1998/07/16
- Added extra information to booking conflict messages.
- Fixed problem where resource was not properly updated on edit.
- Fixed problem where daily booking could override monthly event.