Meeting Manager Web Version History

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8.12 - 2018-12-26
- Added Status schedule macro.
- Fixed problems where the wrong room could be populated when adding a new booking by clicking on the schedule grid.
- Fixed problem where a session timeout setting greater than the maximum of 600 minutes would cause an error.
-*Fixed problem where an error occurred if more than one user logged on.
-*Fixed rare problem where bookings could not longer be edited.
-*Fixed problem where Manage Resources and Manage Security forms gave an error on save if a color was not set.
- Added option to log out session after so many minutes of inactivity.
- Fixed problem where adding a booking by dragging on the calendar did not use the correct times.
- Fixed problem where calendar did not stretch to show all hours.

8.11 - 2011-04-13
-*Fixed problem where schedule reports could show duplicate records under certain conditions.
-*Fixed problem where editing/deleting a single event in a daily repeating event did not always affect the selected day.
-*Fixed problem where clicking on booking captions caused edit dialog to appear for recurring events.
- Fixed problem where weekly events could be added when no days were selected.
- Fixed problem where current day would not default to selected on adding a weekly event.
-*Fixed problem where where weekly events from older versions could cause exceptions.

8.10 - 2011-02-08
- Added feature to create an appointment by clicking on schedule time.
- Changed schedule to automatically refresh when filters are changed.
- Fixed problem where schedule would not filter by category.
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance.
-*Fixed problem where running as a service did not always work.
-*Fixed problem where running as a service did not always work.
-*Fixed error that could be seen in Manage Resources and Manage Topics screen if no color entered.
-*Fixed #600 error that could be seen on start.

8.00 - 2008-12-15
-*Added "allow double booking" option.
-*Added feature to schedule multiple resources at same time as in the Windows editions.
-*Added pull-down list for Catering field in the Add Booking screen.
-*Changed the Find feature to allow any resource searches.
- Rewrote software using new technology including self contained web server.
- Updated database and reporting engines.

7.01 - 2008-04-18
-*Fixed problem where using resource blocks caused the RAAG view to shift bookings to the left.
-*Fixed booking report problems.
-*Fixed problem where resources could not be edited from the web Data Manager.
- Fixed problem where bookings could not be made in advance if the Allow Booking X Months in Advance option was set to the default of 0.

7.00 - 2006-06-01
- Added Data Manager screens.
- Added configuration screen.
-*Added Resources this month view.
-*Added reservation feature as in the Windows versions.
-*Added schedule scripting features as in Windows version.
- Added email scripting feature to specify which fields/information is sent in emails.
-*Added help icon.
-*Added option to make loginID's and passwords case insensitive.
- Removed row lines from appointments.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

6.01 - 2006-05-17
-*Fixed problem where selecting a blank resource on the Reporting Screen did not cause all resources to be shown.
-*Fixed problem where on reporting screen selecting a To Date caused the From date to be set.
-*Added option in View Booking HTML template to include booking phone number.
-*Fixed Field 'Extension' not found error when viewing a booking.

6.00 - 2005-05-04
- Added "Pending Approval" and "Approval" mechanism for room/resource requests. Booking contact gets e-mail on rejection or approval.
-*Added Attendees and Resource macro for schedule scripts.
- Added feature to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
- Added option to limit booking X months in advance.
- Added feature to show bookings for each user in a different colour.
- Added option to set default booking color.
- Added report showing number of attendees.
- Added check to ensure monthly recurring bookings start on a valid day.
- Changed RAAG view to include blocks if all contained resources are in the selected category.
- Fixed problem where certain months did not show all the days in Month At A Glance view.
- Fixed pop-up selectors to highlight already selected items.
-*Fixed problem where selector windows don't close after submitting.
- Removed superfluous 24 hour option.
- Fixed filter error that could be seen on adding a booking.

5.03 - 2004-09-27
-*Fixed problem where users could edit other user's bookings if "Allow user edit" was set.

5.02 - 2004-08-27
-*Fixed problem where month frequency was not always saved properly for second monthly recurring event
-*Fixed problem where add booking email notifications had incorrect start and end times.
- Fixed problem where EndDate field and Day was not showing for second monthly recurring event type.
-*Fixed problem where long resources would be truncated on the booking reports.
-*Fixed problem where ordinary users could delete bookings of other users.

v5.01 - 2004-07-19
-*Fixed problem where HTML reports could not load their css files.
-*Fixed problem where schedule was not always refreshing properly.
-*Fixed e-mail header problems.
-*Fixed possible "LoginID must have a value" errors seen on some systems.
-*Fixed possible 11010 errors seen on some systems.
-*Replaced PDF reporting with HTML reporting due to start up problems on certain servers.
-*Fixed 405 - Resource not allowed errors.
-*Changed e-mail confirmation to be sent out to added bookings not just changed bookings.
-*Fixed problem where bookings did not show at the right time if the StartTime was not on the hour.
- Added Logout action to delete the current session.
- Fixed error that could be seen for people trying to use data from a previous version.
- Fixed problem where FindBooking function did not work correctly.
- Fixed problem where could not cancel from Found Booking page.

v5.00 - 2004-05-24
- Added PDF reporting features.
- Added capacity-based feature to book multiple people to a single resource at the same time without going over capacity.
- Added feature to book equipment along with a room.
- Added HTML templates feature to allow HTML pages to be customized.
-*Added LoginID cookie to remember the last LoginID used.
- Added ability for custom reports to use filters.
- Added a way for users to access the temporary schedule report table.
- Added ability to assign security levels to individual users.
- Added option to restrict who can view which bookings.
-*Added option to prevent users from deleting bookings.
- Added attendance status, attendee, equipment and catering reports.
- Added example Booking Report with notes to fit A4 Landscape.
- Added resource name to Schedule report.
- Changed report screen to load up all reports found in the report folder.
-*Fixed problem where in RAAG mode, when a single category was chosen, all resources were still displayed.
- Made attendance feature work with recurring events.

v4.01 - 2004-02-19
-*Fixed out of memory error that could be seen when showing the RAAG view. (4.003).
- Changed temp database path to data path to prevent permission issues (4.002).
-*Fixed problem where long bookings did not show up as the right time length in the schedule (4.001).

v4.00 - 2002-12-31
-*Added resource details feature.
- Added resource category feature.
-*Added Status field.
- Added booking color field.
-*Added resource blocks feature.
-*Added reporting feature to admin application.
-*Added way to change language type.
-*Added feature to allow the adding of bookings but only allow Admins to edit.
- Added option to show time sidebar on the left, right or left and right of schedule.
- Added feature to automatically fill in extension when choosing a contact in Add Booking screen.
-*Added Equipment and catering fields.
-*Removed Booked By field from schedule item display information.
- Replaced reporting engine with a far superior one.
- Replaced database engine to provide more advanced SQL querying and a lower resource footprint.

v3.21 - 2002-12-12
-*Fixed problem where Bulletin.Dat was being looked for in the Data folder.
-*Fixed problem where users could edit the booking of others.

v3.20 - 2002-03-08
-*Added options for Topic and Contact pull-downs in Add/Edit booking screens.
-*Added bulletin feature.
-*Added automatic email feature on booking edits/deletes.
-*Added Attendees functionality.
-*Added feature to preserve the schedule state.
-*Fixed problem where non-admins could edit other's bookings.
-*Fixed problem where program would not return to schedule view after clicking a schedule link or finding a booking.
-*Fixed problems with deleting recurring events.

v3.10 - 2001-09-05
-*Added hotlinks on meeting data to move to Found Booking screen.
-*Added Javascript pop-up calender.