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10.14 - 2017-10-09
- Fixed problem where reports with subreports showed an error after the second printing attempt.
-*Fixed problems where some report did not format the project name properly.
-*Fixed problem where the ClientID field of the Projects table was not synced to app.
-*Fixed potential problems with Project Clock App sync.
-*Fixed rounding issue when entering decimals eg. 1.75 hours in timesheet.

10.13 - 2017-01-06
-*Fixed problem where some keys did not register properly.
- Fixed possible error that could be seen on startup.
- Fixed minor problems with Billing screen.
-*Fixed problem where Invoice reports did not work.
-*Fixed problem where update feature gave a 404 error.
-*Fixed problem where Time Spent field was not showing elapsed time.
-*Fixed problem where Config table error could be seen after first running software. (C/S edition only)

10.12 - 2015-04-29
-*Fixed problem where security setting was not saved.  (C/S and Enterprise editions only)
- Fixed several minor issues.
-*Fixed problem where security setting was not saved. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where expenses could not be added on expense form. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where adding clients, projects or tasks with an ID of greater than 15 character caused an error.

10.11 - 2014-05-04
-*Fixed Invoice report to show data when no items were used.
-*Changed Memo fields in DM DBGrid to show text not "WideMemo".
- Fixed app sync problems.
-*Fixed error seen when archiving data. (Std and Pro editions only)
- Added create to data missing dialog. (Std and Pro editions only)
- Fixed problems that occurred when database connection settings were invalid. (Enterprise edition only)

10.10 - 2013-05-03
-*Added app synchronization for iOS, Android and web Project Clock app.
-*Changed main reports to use names instead of IDs.
-*Fixed problem where TimeHistory Comments field in Data Manager form view showed "widememo" instead of the comments.
-*Fixed error seen when opening a SQL file in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where detail grid in Data Manager did not sort on column title click.

10.01 - 2012-07-18
-*Fixed problem where end times could not always be entered manually.
-*Fixed invalid time error that could be seen on punch out.
- Fixed possible transaction error on saving a billing invoice. (Non Enterprise editions only)
- Fixed problem where non-standard data paths could not be found. (Std and Pro editions only)
- Fixed missing dll error on data backup.  (Std and Pro editions only)

10.00 - 2012-05-04
-*Added enterprise edition to allow connection with almost any large database server.
- Added Unicode support.
-*Added billing module.
-*Added features to charge late clients interest.
-*Added time server feature.
-*Added Task Quick Punch.
-*Added ToDo list features to the Manage Task screen.
-*Added feature to edit last time entry.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
-*Added feature to auto-fill project and client when task selected.
-*Added account management features to Timesheet screen.
- Added Users can view Reports option.
-*Added option to allow entering Projects after punching in.
-*Added option of showing no tasks if no tasks have been assigned to a project.
-*Added user-defined invoice prefix feature.
-*Added option to require entering a comment.
-*Added feature to allow Managers to filter reports on the users within their Workgroup.
- Added feature to enter Add Hours time in h:mm form.
-*Added option to export CSV files with a header of field names.
- Added option to change the program font.
-*Added feature to save Data Manager column widths settings.
-*Added feature to default to the selected project when assigning a project to a task in the Add Field dialog.
- Added feature to guess whether next field should be AM/PM after manually entering Working Day time fields.
-*Added VacationTime, SickTime, BankedTime fields to Users table.
-*Added option to not add lunch break when using "Day Punch".
-*Added Hours spent by individuals split by type of work example report.
-*Added Total hours by workgroup split by type of work example report.
-*Added Total hours by workgroup split by client example report.
-*Added Total hours split by type of work example report.
-*Added feature to allow comments file to be readonly.
- Changed database server to make running as a service easier. (C/S edition only)
-*Changed timesheet reports to start with the First Day of Week specified in the options.
-*Changed timesheet reporting method to allow any number of groupings.
-*Changed Pause button icon when paused to make feature clearer.
-*Changed Allow Manual Time Entry option to also prevent Add Hours and Timesheets use if unset.
-*Changed all pull-downs to use auto-complete option setting.
-*Changed comments field to unlimited length.
- Changed Recent Accounts menu to make it easier to read.
-*Changed Manage TimeHist, Estimates and Expenses forms to disallow grid editing to prevent confusion.
-*Fixed QuickPunch to update when projects list changes.
- Improved program tracking feature.
-*Increased Comment list length.
- Simplified registration process. (C/S edition only)

9.13 - 2011-09-26
- Fixed problem where Add Hours screen did not default to main screen filters.
-*Fixed problem where software did not default to last used filters.
- Removed Data Manager from client software due to bugs. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where if project had no client assigned it did not appear in pull-down lists.

9.12 - 2011-03-29
-*Fixed problem where first column in pull-downs did not show all text for longer IDs.
- Fixed problem where Punch Out On Program Close option did not work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where CD installs could cause problems on start. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where projects could not be selected after cancelling a time charge.
-*Fixed problem where comments with over 200 characters resulted in an error on punch out.
-*Fixed problem where LoginID pulldown in Data Manager Time History form could be disabled until the Users table was viewed. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed error that could be seen when tracking program time.

9.11 - 2009-12-22
-*Fixed "not a valid integer" problem on adding a client in the Manage Clients screen.
-*Fixed problem where tasks not assigned to a project were not seen if any task was assigned a project.
-*Fixed error seen on accessing report screen. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where sales tax option would not allow three decimal place values.
-*Fixed problem where expense report would group very similar records into one.

9.10 - 2009-11-02
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance.
-*Added Execute SQL script feature.
-*Changed Manage Projects and Manage tasks screen to not require a Description field if the Ids in First Column option is set.
-*Changed report User filter to be available even if security no enabled. (non-Standard editions only)
-*Fixed problem where running a query containing a transaction statement would give an error.
-*Fixed problem where IP address setting could not be changed in the client options screen. (C/S edition only)

9.06 - 2008-07-28
-*Fixed problem where queries could not be executed on server. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where form position settings were not saved.
-*Fixed error report that could be seen when opening a SQL query that produced no records. (Standard edition only)
- Fixed problem where task merges with project when only Task visible.
- Fixed problem where backup error occurs if Backup path setting is blank.

9.05 - 2009-02-16
-*Fixed problem where time records start times of 12 AM a day after the date range could be archived.
-*Fixed problem where Manage Time History would show an error when attempting to save a record if the time format used long month names.
-*Fixed problem where exception would happen when closing Data Manager after moving columns of a SQL query in the detail grid.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to edit a report when there are no reports caused an error.

9.04 - 2008-08-06
- Added Edit report button to reporting screen.
-*Fixed problem where exception was seen when attempting to export a SQL query to CSV.
-*Fixed error that could be seen after trying to login with an invalid password.
-*Fixed problem where IDs could be shown on the timesheet even when the IDs First in Pulldowns option was unset.

9.03 - 2008-06-10
-*Changed to limit lists in Default Timesheet as on the main screen.
-*Fixed problem where using Quick Punch did not always update the tray icon tip properly.
-*Fixed problem where selecting a client from the reporting screen did not limit the project list.
-*Fixed problem where SQL error would be seen when tracking program time.

9.02 - 2008-02-29
-*Fixed missing controls problem that could be seen if the Minimize On Start option was set.
-*Fixed server help file problems. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed exception report seen when viewing Data Manager. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where choosing a client in the Add Hours screen would not filter the projects.
-*Fixed exception that could be seen when attempting to email in a data backup.
-*Fixed exceptions that could be seen when accessing certain Manage data screens. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where the Manage Projects help topic would constantly appear when the trial expired.
- Disabled the Minimize on Start option until the missing controls issue can be fixed.
-*Fixed problem where time entered using Add Hours or Timesheet Entry with a date one day after the report To Date filter could incorrectly show on reports.
-*Changed Manage data forms to be consistent with data manager security.
-*Fixed problem where Add Hours and Timesheet entry added 1 minute to every entry.
-*Fixed problem where if Set Data read only option enabled, error would be seen on close.
-*Fixed problem where the "Punch out on new project" option no longer worked correctly.
-*Fixed problem where long task names were not wrapped properly in the Summary by Project and Task report.

9.01 - 2007-12-27
-*Fixed scroll bar visibility problem in the Timesheet Entry screen.
-*Fixed problem where more than two machines could not access the database.
-*Fixed problem where the Standard edition could not find the data if the Pro edition had been installed previously.
-*Fixed problem where main form controls were invisible if the Minimize on Start option was set.
-*Fixed exception seen when exiting In time edit box.
-*Fixed problem where text completion no longer worked for the comments field.
-*Fixed problem where tables could have indexing problems if system shut down while software running.
-*Fixed problem where running Project Clock without upgrading old data and pressing cancel on the data missing dialog did not close the software.
-*Fixed problem where the check for new version feature did not work correctly.
-*Fixed error seen when attempting to unarchive time records.
-*Fixed CSV import problems.
-*Fixed problem where icon was still visible on Task Bar when program minimized to tray.
-*Fixed problem where Data Path setting could not be changed if security was not enabled and logged in as Admin.
-*Fixed problem where client could be removed from the main screen pull-down after selecting a project that was not associated with a client.

9.00 - 2007-11-01
-*Added simple data entry form screens.
-*Added ability to change shared program options without having to directly access server. (C/S only)
-*Added feature to prevent user from changing the system time. (C/S edition only)
-*Added feature to automatically fill in client when project changed.
-*Added MS Project import.
-*Added feature to save moved Data Manager grid columns.
-*Added feature to show descriptions in Timesheet for if IDs in pulldowns option unset.
- Added feature to manage expenses in multiple currencies.
-*Added feature to allow assigning a project to a task in the Add Field dialog.
-*Added feature to allow each user to have a different client rate (UserClients table).
-*Added pause option on the right click menu of the tray icon
-*Added user overtime example report.
-*Added pie chart example report.
-*Added pause billing button.
-*Added HoursToTime report function.
-*Added Ctrl+D shortcut key for Data Manager.
-*Added feature to log when security disabled.
-*Added InvoiceDate and PaidDate fields to Invoices table.
-*Changed "Visible Pull-Down List" Options to take effect after leaving config screen.
-*Changed to use current text editor for the Data Manager SQL editor.
-*Changed report screen hotkeys to be more intuitive.
-*Changed Ctrl+P shortcut to Alt+P to prevent problems with printing.
-*Increased ClientID,ProjectID and TaskID field length to 15, Description field lengths to 40 chars.
- Removed superfluous Timesheet Report Heading option.
- Removed outdated Network synchronization features. (Pro edition only)
- Upgraded database engine for faster performance.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

8.05 - 2007-09-07
-*Fixed problem where Administrator could not access software if Limit To Workgroup option set and Administrator not assigned to a workgroup.
-*Fixed problem where Archive and Restore selected records menu items were disabled in the Data manager.
-*Fixed problem where when logged in as admin then then logging out, the Project and Task lists would not be limited by user.
-*Fixed problem where Manage Programs screen did not allow adding new programs.

8.04 - 2007-03-19
-*Fixed error that could be seen on opening different screens.
-*Fixed problem where UserTasks table could be edited in Data Manager causing problems. (Standard edition only)
-*Improved QuickBooks export error handling.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to add a client from the main screen gave a SQL error. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where the PocketPC sync did not use the localized name of Program Files folder.
-*Added command line feature to execute SQL scripts.
-*Fixed problem where the Check for new version function did not work.
-*Fixed problem where tax rate was not saved properly if it contained a decimal value.
-*Changed PocketPC export to only export projects and tasks assigned to the current User.
- Fixed problem where Login ID pull-down of User Projects and User Tasks Data Manager forms did not always work.
-*Fixed problem where tax rate could not have a decimal value.
-*Fixed problem where PocketPC synchronization was not looking in the NS Basic default folder.
-*Fixed problems with PocketPC synchronization.
-*Improved error messaging if Windows Mobile 5 not connected and attempt is made to synchronize with PocketPC device.
- Added error checking for missing PocketPC sync files.

8.03 - 2006-10-12
-*Added support for Backspace to delete auto-filled text.
-*Changed to save comments right after adding them instead of when closing down software.
-*Fixed problem where certain forms could appear off-screen.
-*Fixed problem where an error could be seen when attempting to track program usage. (Pro edition only)

8.02 - 2006-09-01
-*Fixed problem where on start tray icon would not change if not billing time.
-*Fixed problem where timers could interfere with the Data Manager. (Standard/Pro editions only)
-*Added data encryption features. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where importing a CSV file without selecting a table would generate an error report.
-*Fixed problem where after punching in project list would remain disabled after setting the Simultaneous Billing option.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports would not display additional fields.
-*Fixed problem where archive feature did not include the To date records.
-*Fixed problem where the first column of the Item pull-down list was not resized like the other pulldowns.
-*Fixed problem where 'Invalid floating point error' could be seen when syncing with a PocketPC device that has no time records.
-*Fixed problem where ordinary users could see the User tables.
-*Fixed problem where Invalid Variant Type Conversion error could be seen when printing reports with no set SubSQL variable.

8.01 - 2006-04-19
-*Added feature to ask confirmation before closing timesheet without saving.
-*Fixed problem where server software could give a synchronization path error if configuration was changed. (C/S version only)
- Added feature to check for online updates.
-*Fixed problem where server software could not edit administrative tables if configuration was changed. (C/S version only)
- Fixed problem where the CSV import would only import the first four records.
-*Added log files and security settings to backup file.
-*Fixed problem where error report would be seen when pressing the Finish button before selecting a table in the CSV import wizard.
-*Fixed problem where global configuration settings were not saved on new installs.
-*Fixed problem where the Visible Pull-down Lists options could cause pull-down lists to be jumbled.
-*Fixed problem where errors could be seen when deleting projects or clients.
-*Fixed problem where long project/task/client descriptions are cut off when "show IDs not descriptions" option not set.
- Fixed problem where error would be seen on entering reporting screen. (Standard version only)

8.00 - 2006-01-10
-*Added export to MS Project feature.
-*Added feature to monitor external applications and punch in on creation and out on close.
-*Added a recent accounts tray menu item to allow quick selection of recent account combinations.
-*Added feature to show only the tasks that have been assigned to the current user.
-*Added feature to e-mail reports in PDF format.
-*Added feature to automatically email a Project Manager when a project is close to its filling its time/budget allocation.
-*Added rate field to the Users table to allow billing by Windows loginID.
-*Added Summary by Project, User and Task example report.
-*Added Detail with Task Description example report.
- Added better referential integrity features.
- Added email data feature.
- Added CSV import wizard.
- Fixed Archive after invoice feature.
- Fixed problem where system tray icon would not re-appear after Explorer crashed.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

7.13 - 2006-01-04
-*Fixed problem where queries viewed in the Data Manager could be cleared under certain circumstances.
-*Fixed problem where Archiving time history records which contained no project ID gave an error.
-*Fixed problem where error could be seen on viewing the Time History tab in the Data Manager. (Standard version only)
-*Fixed problem where the invoice report would give an error if any expense items were printed.

7.12 - 2005-09-15
-*Fixed problem where saving a previous weeks timesheet could cause the next Monday's time to be deleted.
-*Fixed problem where projects in pull-down lists could be duplicated when projects limited by person and person had no projects associated.
-*Fixed problem where projects in pull-down lists could be duplicated when projects limited by person.
-*Fixed problem where projects were not limited by person in pull-down lists.
- Added feature to automatically backup data before deleting all data, archiving or search and replace.
-*Fixed problem where Ctrl+E would not bring up the Expense Form.
-*Fixed problem where the Tray Icon and Load On Start options would not work. (C/S version only)

7.11 - 2005-08-09
-*Fixed report errors on certain reports when not using rounding.
-*Fixed problem where only 9 rows would be loaded into the timesheet entry form.
-*Fixed possible report errors on certain reports.
-*Added feature to check backup files for deletions when the system date changes.
-*Fixed problem where old backup files would not be deleted if backup folder was not in the default location.
-*Fixed problem where project and day totals would not reset immediately when date changes.
-*Changed LoginID field in Time History table to 30 characters.
-*Fixed problem where the Data Manager tabs did not use the appropriate lists for the LoginID pull-down lists.
- Fixed problem where after changing options they were not always reflected on the main screen.
-*Fixed problem where certain reports could produce an error report when printed.
-*Fixed problem where PocketPC sync did not work in trial version.
-*Fixed error report that could be generated on attempting to re-index a table opened elsewhere.
-*Changed so that PocketPC export could be accessed from the trial versions as well.
-*Fixed problem where reports could not be seen.
-*Fixed problem where "Field 'Level' not found" could be seen on login. (C/S version only)

7.10 - 2005-02-22
-*Added feature to transfer data between Project Clock for Windows and Project Clock CE.
-*Added Group by first day of week for timesheet reports.
-*Added Level field to the security table.
-*Fixed problem where an exception could be seen when clicking the Add Account buttons in the Add Hours screen (Standard version only).
-*Fixed problem where an error report would be generated when attempting to restore data when a non-viewable table was selected in the Data Manager (Pro version only).
-*Fixed problem where tables could not be re-indexed. (C/S version only)
-*Fixed problem where manually entered time on a timesheet would double each time the timesheet was saved (Pro version only).
-*Fixed problem where report filters would not be setup properly when printing first default report.
-*Fixed problem where could get invalid error messages when saving a timesheet (Pro version only).
-*Fixed problem where a week's timesheet hours were grouped all onto one date (Pro, C/S version only).

7.00 - 2005-01-18
-*Added export functionality for Quickbooks.
-*Added feature to allow each person to have different rates for each project.
-*Added feature where people can only select from the projects and tasks that are assigned to them.
-*Added client and project retainer features to keep track of pre-paid time with reports indicating how much time has been used and how much is left.
-*Added feature to show day total in red if hours billed exceeds the project retainer limit set.
-*Added feature to punch out after X hours.
-*Added new account features to Add Hours screen.
-*Added feature to show only those tasks associated with that project to be in the task pull-down list.
-*Added security features to restrict users from adding new clients, projects or task by clicking on the buttons adjacent to the pull down menus.
-*Added option to clear fields on punch out.
-*Added option to punch out on program close.
-*Added sales tax feature for reports.
-*Added option to set the default Report Interval Filter.
-*Added report charting features.
-*Added Open Projects report to see which projects are being billed to.
-*Added project budget report.
-*Added Summary by Project report that uses user rate.
-*Added detail report sorted by date instead of project.
- Added execute SQL function to Data Manager.
-*Added summary report by Project, Task and Date.
-*Added feature to remember last report range until shutdown.
-*Changed project screens so that Client comes first followed by Project and Task. Charge Account is renamed to Project and Job Code is renamed to Task.
-*Changed reporting system to allow much more customization.
-*Changed to allow billing without clients, projects or tasks.
-*Fixed problem where totals were not updated after adding time by the Add Hours feature.
-*Fixed problem where having a 0 entered for Minimum billing increment could cause the punch out time to be the same as the punch in time.
- Fixed error seen when closing the Data Manager after adding a record without populating required fields.
- Fixed problem where Data Manager replace all feature only replaced the first found field.
- Fixed problem where rows were skipped when tabbing through the grid in the Data Manager.
- Fixed problem where default timesheet comments were not appearing on empty timesheets.

6.06 - 2005-01-09
-*Fixed problem where having a 0 entered for Minimum billing increment could cause the punch out time to be the same as the punch in time.
-*Fixed Closed Dataset error seen on attempting to archive time records.
-*Fixed "Qry1: Field 'Client' not found" error seen when selecting a client (C/S version only).
-*Fixed possible List index out of bounds when attempting to add new fields in a new report.
-*Fixed "Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide" error that could be seen on start up.
-*Fixed problem where vertical scrollbar was missing from the the Data Manager grid.

6.05 - 2004-09-10
- Changed Charge Account pull-down list to disable after punching in if the "Simultaneous Billing" option is not set.
-*Fixed problem where you could switch to a previous account even when punched into another account and the "Simultaneous Billing" option is not set.
-*Fixed translation problems.
-*Fixed problem where canceled time charges were not being canceled (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where choosing the Previous Account function could generate an error (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where Accounts in the Charge Account pull-down lists were not being sorted (C/S version only).
-*Fixed Data Manager "Grid index out of bound" error that could be seen under certain circumstances.

6.04 - 2004-05-19
-*Fixed problem where timesheet entries could show on wrong day if date chosen was not start of week.
-*Fixed Param:Param error that would be seen when attempting to punch in twice (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where non-timesheet reports could show a SQL error.

6.03 - 2004-04-19
-*Added feature to resize columns of the timesheet grid in the timesheet entry screen;
-*Added feature to save the column widths of the default Timesheet in the configuration screen;
-*Fixed problem where entering identical timesheet entries with different comments only showed the last entry.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet data was sometimes not being re-loaded properly (C/S version only).

6.02 - 2004-03-18
-*Fixed problem where selecting a client with no accounts associated with it from the main screen pull-down cleared out the accounts pull-down list.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet data was not being re-loaded properly (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where timesheet data was not being saved properly (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where attempting to cancel a time charge would result in an error(C/S version only).

6.01 - 2004-02-02
-*Fixed problem where using the Quick Punch feature could result in a "You are missing a Charge Account" error.
-*Fixed problem where workgroup permissions error could be seen when "Limit use to work group" option set, the workgroups table was not setup properly and security was not enabled.
-*Fixed problem where a 'User ID' not found could be seen under certain conditions (C/S version only).
-*Fixed SQL error on printing Invoice report.
-*Fixed problem where "Cannot perform this operation on an open dataset" error could be seen on opening Data Manager. (Pro version only)
-*Fixed problem where time records starting at midnight on the day outside the reporting period could be seen on reports.
-*Fixed problem where selecting a blank Client may cause the Charge Account list to not be re-populated.
-*Fixed problem where non-admins exiting the Data Manager could see an error message. (Pro version only)

6.00 - 2003-12-22
-*Added ability to edit previous timesheet entries.
-*Add feature to main screen to allow easy entering of new Charge Accounts, Account Codes and Clients.
-*Added feature to allow user to assign clients to charge accounts on the main screen.
-*Added expenses button on main screen for easy batch expense entry.
-*Added PDF export feature for reports.
-*Added total of all projects for day on main screen.
-*Added Rate and ChargeAccount fields to JobCodes table.
-*Added feature where on selecting a charge account, only those Account Codes associated with that account show in the Account Code pull-down list.
-*Added feature where on selecting a client, only those Charge Accounts associated with that client show in the Charge Accounts pull-down list.
-*Added option to limit projects to current client.
-*Added Rate field to Security table to allow billing by person.
-*Added option to log time to more than one project at once.
-*Added auto-archive feature for invoiced items.
-*Added item totals and expenses to invoice report.
-*Added option to change the back-up file path.
-*Added option to set Report folder location.
-*Added option to prevent changing date.
-*Added feature to bring up print dialog before printing.
-*Added improved option to log time history additions, deletes and edits.
-*Added feature to remember last report chosen.
-*Added feature to remember last login name used in the login dialog instead of defaulting to Administrator each time.
-*Added feature to update client configuration when server configuration is changed.
- Added tool tips feature.
- Changed to allow changing Job Code after punching in.
-*Changed edit box labels in Data Manager to reflect user terms.
-*Changed report form to default to first report and thus allowing tabbing into reports box.
-*Changed style of pull-down lists which also now allows scrolling with a mousewheel and forces selection from the list only.
-*Changed "Time History" tabs in the data manager to show the ID's and the descriptions in the pull down lists.
-*Change all references of Account code to Job Code to eliminate confusion.
- Changed time edit boxes to reflect system time format.
-*Fixed problem where Timesheet and Invoice reports rounded differently.
-*Fixed problem where time was not split out by day when working past midnight.
-*Made backup file deletion faster.
-*Made more graceful client shutdown if server not available. (C/S version only)
-*Removed OK button from converter form to make it less confusing.
- Removed 24 hour format option.
-*Fixed problem where entering 24:00:00 causes error.
-*Fixed problem where some pull-down lists in the Data Manager were disabled.

5.14 - 2003-08-11

-*Changed Allow Manual Time Edits option to not be changeable by non-admins. (Pro version only)
-*Fixed error that could be seen after printing the Invoice report.
-*Fixed problem where text completion would not work with items containing spaces.
-*Fixed problem where on scrolling down the charge account list and selecting an account with the mouse could cause a different project to be selected.

5.13 - 2003-06-17
- Fixed problem where entering correct password after entering incorrect password failed to log in correctly.
-*Fixed problem where logging in was not required to access the program when the Enable Security and Force Login options were set.
- Fixed problem where after adding a new account from main screen it would not show up in the pull-down list.
-*Fixed error when adding a new account from main screen. (C/S version only)

5.12 - 2003-05-07
-*Changed the Allow Manual Time Edits option to be saved in the network settings. (Pro only)
-*Fixed problem where punching in before midnight on the last day of the week and punching out after midnight caused the next days time to show up on the previous week.
-*Fixed possible memory leak.

v5.11 - 2003-03-25
-*Changed account pull-down lists to not show inactive accounts.
-*Fixed problem where time entered in the Add Hours screen could show billed on the previous day.
-*Fixed problem where reports would sometimes not round properly.
-*Fixed problem where Backup options tab was not seen in Standard version.
-*Fixed problem where Estimate and Expenses tables would not upgrade properly.
-*Fixed file permission related issues that could be seen by some people on Windows XP.
-*Fixed error seen when selecting a Charge Account for the Detail Report, Per Week Report and Detail by User reports. (Pro version only)

v5.10 - 2003-02-03
- Fixed problem where tables were not being properly re-indexed by the re-index table function in the Data Manager.
- Fixed problem where could not select Charge Accounts if the IDs in pull-downs options was set.
-*Fixed Default Timesheet message that could be seen on canceling out of options screen.
-*Fixed "can't load data" error message on startup.
- Fixed problem where using a comma as a decimal separator caused errors when printing reports.
-*Fixed problem where using Force Login feature caused an "AstaFindkey" error (C/S).
- Upgraded database engine reducing resource footprint.

v5.02 - 2002-12-12
-*Fixed problem where one userID could potentially have several projects open at once.
-*Fixed problem where users could edit History, Items and Reports table even though the Set Data Read Only option was set.
-*Fixed Field 'Item' not found error seen after populating Item table.
- Fixed problem where time history log file was not being updated.
-*Fixed several minor report problems.

v5.01 - 2002-09-30
-*Moved backup file deletion check routine to program start to prevent delay when opening options screen.
-*Fixed issue where UserID pull-down list in Time History tab of Data Manager did not work (Pro).
-*Fixed exception seen sometimes after viewing the Detail by user report.
-*Fixed problem where on logging in as another user the project in time was not updated.
- Fixed problem where option checkboxes did not enable/disable related controls properly.

v5.00 - 2002-08-28
-*Added web-based version.
-*Added feature allowing users to choose which reports to display.
-*Added feature to customize reports seen on Report Screen.
-*Added expense custom report.
-*Added priority, start and completion date fields to Estimate table to help with scheduling and time planning for projects.
-*Added feature to mark accounts, jobs and clients inactive.
-*Added Insert/Delete row right-click menu items to Time Sheet Entry form.
-*Added option for Account fields to clear when new Charge Account Selected.
-*Added option to prevent punching in twice.
-*Added options to force entry of Code and Client.
-*Added cascading table updates feature (referential integrity).
-*Added ranking option to allow users to select the order in which the three key fields are presented.
-*Added a drop down list for UserID in the Time History tab in the Data Manager.
-*Added a "restore term defaults" option.
-*Added a "Clear Fields" function for the main form.
-*Added options to hide JobCode and Client pull-downs to make main form smaller.
-*Added data synchronization with Palm Pilot version
-*Added rate field to Client table.
-*Added Status and Description fields to Estimate table.
-*Added time history unarchive feature.
-*Added option to change the Time Spent and tool tip auto update interval.
-*Added function to cancel a time charge after punched in.
-*Added "Punch in on start" option.
-*Added default timesheet entry feature.
-*Added date field to Expenses table.
-*Added items and quantity fields.
-*Added feature to show current loginID on the form caption.
-*Added feature to save Data Manager screen size/position.
-*Added feature to log the time Project Clock starts and the time Project Clock is closed.
- Added billable field to TimeHist table.
-*Added summary custom report with an overview of hours reported for a given client and a breakdown by account and user.
-*Added checks for null EndTimes in reports.
-*Added approval field on timesheet reports.
-*Added feature to automatically add new Accounts etc from main screen using a dialog form.
-*Changed week start on time sheet entry to correspond to week start option.
-*Improved performance.
-*Fixed problem where if not punched out start time remained after logging out.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to change Account when not punched out left pull-down button in pressed view.
-*Fixed problem where Time Spent field calculates incorrectly when punched in and new day begins.
- Removed obsolete export/import to disk functions.

v4.21 - 2002-
-*Fixed problem where Restore function on tray icon menu did not work.
-*Fixed problem where the time total boxes did not always show the correct totals.
-*Fixed problem where the Add Hours form would enter invalid an start time.

v4.20 - 2002-01-03
-*Added timesheet entry screen (Pro).
-*Fixed problem where some reports displayed a '$' in the total field instead of the system currency character.
-*Fixed problem where Detail by Charge Account and Account Code did not reflect user terms.
-*Fixed problem where QuickPunch feature no longer worked.
- Fixed problem where scrollbars were missing in Data Manager.
Files modified: pclock.exe

v4.12 - 2001-06-06
-*Added User ID filter to reporting screen. (Pro)
-*Added Summary by Account and User report. (Pro)
-*Changed Pro version so that when security not enabled all user data can be seen in reports.
-*Fixed "Account must have a value" error seen on some reports when an account had been billed to but subsequently deleted from the Accounts table.
-*Fixed problem when after setting "IDs in Pull Downs" option, pull-downs were not immediately refreshed.
Files modified: pclock.exe,pclock.hlp,pclock.cnt

v4.11 - 2001-04-11
-*Removed non-working system inactivity feature.
-*Fixed problem where Charge Account ID were showing on certain reports instead of the description.
-*Fixed problem where certain reports were not grouping properly.
-*Fixed date1 error when printing reports.
Files modified: pclock.exe,pclock.hlp,pclock.cnt

v4.10 - 2001-03-12
-*Added option to use ID's not descriptions for Accounts etc.
-*Added option to prevent users from manually entering time on main screen.
-*Added option to disallow time record edits by users after printing report.
-*Added option to default to previous work week dates on Report screen.
-*Added per week report and report by project.
-*Added check for attempting to bill more than 18 hours work time.
-*Added Manager security level to limit use of custom reporting. (Pro)
-*Made Estimates and Charge Accounts tables viewable by admins only. (Pro)
-*Changed report screen to reflect user-defined terms.
-*Fixed problem where people not in the security table could login when Force Login option set. (Pro)
-*Fixed problem in Config screen where having one or more day times filled in with one time blank showed an error message.
-*Fixed problem where selecting a Client would cause the Charge Account to be deleted.
-*Fixed problem where QuickPunch feature was not showing proper Account names.
Files modified: pclock.exe,pclock.hlp,pclock.cnt,english.lng

v4.02 - 2001-01-22
-*Changed text completion to be case-insensitive.
-*Fixed rounding error on Invoice and Detail by Account and Date reports.
-*Fixed problem where text completion would not always work correctly.
-*Fixed problem where JobCode and Client fields on main would sometimes be erased after opening and closing Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where elapsed time was not always computed properly when a minimum bill time was set.
-*Fixed problem in timesheets where if Week start day is Saturday, Friday's data showed in the next weeks data.
Files modified: pclock.exe

v4.01 - 2001-01-08
-*Fixed problem where Launch feature couldn't handle systems using non-period decimal separators.
-*Fixed problem where Time Spent field would not always update properly.
Files modified: pclock.exe,pclock.hlp,pclock.cnt

v4.00 - 2001-01-01
-*Added multi-column pull-down lists.
-*Added feature to disable comments field after Punch Out and enable on punch in.
-*Added feature to change names of account fields.
-*Added feature to check valid day times for day punch.
-*Added feature to auto fill in client when choosing acct.
-*Added option to turn off auto-fill feature.
-*Added Client field to summary report.
-*Added billing features, invoicing, payments.
- Added multi-language support.
- Added feature to disable rounding in reports.
-*Added feature to allow restoring of archived data.
-*Added option to change CSV field separator.
-*Added option to auto punch out on choosing new acct. code.
-*Added project filters for reports.
-*Added feature to archive selected records.
-*Added data restore function.
-*Added record cut and paste feature.
-*Added ability to change the location of Data files whether or not security is enabled.
-*Added option to restrict records that have been synced to read only.
-*Added more flexible data synchronization scheduling.
-*Added minimum billing increment feature.
-*Added project management features.
-*Added expenses table.
-*Added ability to sort indexed fields by clicking on the Data Views column headers.
-*Added exe synchronization feature. (Pro)
-*Added option to limit login to users in WorkGroup table. (Pro)
-*Added force login feature. (Pro)
-*Added option to disable edits of time data for non-admins. (Pro)
-*Added sample report like "Detail Time report by Account and Date" with Job code instead of cost. (Pro)
-*Improved response speed and lowered resource footprint.
-*Changed timesheet reports to start with the chosen Week Starting day.
-*Changed timesheet reports to group on all weeks in a date range.
-*Fixed problem where would sometimes see a database error after saving a report to disk.
-*Fixed problem where synchronize data function was invisible to non-admins.
-*Fixed problem where time separator other than : couldn't be used in Working Day setup.
-*Fixed problem where comments field stored duplicates.
-*Fixed sorting for account to sort by description not ID.
-*Fixed problem where Notes text in Detail report doesn't wrap.
-*Fixed problem where Time by Acct and Code report has cumulative totals.
-*Fixed problems with old v2 data import.
-*Fixed problem where global config data written to user machine.
-*Fixed problem where date could be changed after punching in.
-*Fixed problem where error 216 message on NT seen when shutting down and Punch Out on Shutdown option set.
-*Fixed problem were error message seen on NT stating Project Clock cannot be shut down.
-*Fixed problem where security file on user machine.
-*Fixed problem where security file always opened r/w.

v3.23 - 2000-3-13
-*Added smart fill feature for pull-down lists.
-*Added option to not show splash screen.
-*Added feature to round totals on reports up or down.
-*Fixed problem where SQL files could not be opened properly.
-*Fixed problem where Client information was not saved when manually entering a stop time.
-*Fixed problem where data on reports not sorted by date.

v3.22 - 2000-2-21
-*Fixed problem where LoginIDs greater than 15 characters would cause problems punching out and viewing data.
-*Fixed problem where the Synchronize Network Data function in the data views Records menu was only displayed when logged in as administrator.
-*Fixed problem where the work groups table did not allow multiple users to be added to
the same work group.

v3.21 - 2000-2-1
-*Fixed problem where Workgroup table cannot be edited.
-*Fixed problem where comments not saved in Hours form.
-*Fixed bug in Archive form for stand-alone version.
-*Fixed problem where data cannot be synced manually in Data Views.
-*Fixed problem where corrupted tables sometimes could not be repaired in the Data Views screen.
-*Fixed tab order problems.

v3.20 - 1999-12-9
-*Added auto delete function for old backups.
-*Added auto backup feature.
-*Added time history archiving feature.
-*Added pull-down list that remembers last 15 comments.
-*Added ability to logout as Administrator (Pro).
-*Added batch export/import feature with network/local data synchronization (Pro).
-*Added feature to change location of data files (Pro).
-*Added auto data sync on shut down or start (Pro).
`-*Restricted the ability to alter records from the Charge Accounts, Job codes and Clients tables to administrators.
-*Fixed "Borland Database Engine" errors in custom reporting tool (Pro).

v3.10 - 1999-10-3
-*Changed Weekstart option to also affect week start in date selector controls.
-*Added option for 24 hour format.
-*Added third level of reporting on client number.
-*Added feature to keep track of the last used Account Code.
-*Added feature to use currency symbol set in Regional control panel.
-*Added feature to quickly enter a block of hours.
-*Fixed large fonts problem in Time Reporting dialog.
-*Fixed misleading Timesheet headings.
-*Fixed scaling problem in Data Views screen when using large fonts.

v3.04 - 1999-9-18
-*Fixed problem where if Punch Out on Close option set, on shutdown will see a message that you have not punched out if both start and end time is blank.
-*Fixed problem where if punched in and TimeHist table edited in Data Views screen, on punch out, end time may not be entered correctly.
-*Fixed problem In PC Pro when OK is pressed on the Options screen the security is set even if it was not set by the user.

v3.03 - 1999-9-3
-*Added feature to save main form location, and col. sizes of table last used in Table Views.
- Fixed problem in Pro version where when security not enabled, sometimes records could not be edited or purged from tables.
-*Fixed problem in Detail by Account and Date report where time was not rounded correctly.
-*Fixed running sum problem in Detail by Account and Summary reports.
-*Fixed problem where Account table could not be repaired properly.
-*Fixed 60 minute rounding problem in time spent and day totals fields.
-*Fixed problem where on start, account could be set to last account used even if it no longer exists.

v3.02 - 1999-7-7
-*Added feature to prevent multiple instances.
-*Fixed total problem in Detail by Account and Date report.
-*Fixed issue where some printer drivers caused spacing problems on certain reports.

v3.01 - 1999-6-12
-*Added detail report broken down by account and week with totals.
-*Fixed problem where clocking out after midnight could bring up a trial expired message.
-*Fixed accounts total problem on the Time by Account and Code timesheet report.

v3.00 - 1999-5-2
- Replaced data model resolving these issues:
- now has simpler History viewing/Data editing mechanism.
-*now can change week start date.
-*now can log all data in network location (Pro version).
-*now can search and replace data.
-*Added detail report including comments.
-*Added timesheet by job code report.
-*Added timesheet grouped by project report.
-*Added summary report for a time period.
-*Added time tracking by subproject or job code.
-*Added check for typing in the time in 24hr format instead of 12hr.
-*Added check for entering an In time that is later than the Out time.
-*Added feature to have a red cross over tray icon when not timing.
-*Added feature to show current project and elapsed time in tray icon tip.
-*Added feature to punch out/in for lunch break.
-*Added feature to auto fill-in a day's hours for holidays.
-*Added feature to punch in entire working day.
-*Added option to round to quarter/half hour etc.
-*Added Quick project punch menu to tray icon.
-*Added ability to create custom reports (Pro version).

v2.26 - 1999-3-21
-*Fixed problem where if decimal separator set to comma, an exception would be raised on program start and program end.

v2.25 - 1999-3-4
-*Added option to hide jobs from report where no time logged.
-*Allow resizing of main form so account and comment fields may expand.
-*Fixed problem where sometimes an List Index out of Bounds would appear when choosing a client.
-*Fixed problem where error could occur if trying to export data with no floppy in drive.
-*Fixed problem where QRP files did not show up on report open/save dialog.
-*Fixed tiny rounding error when subtracting start time from end time.
-*Fixed bug where exception occurred on Win98 startup if no default printer set.
-*Fixed problem where on system crash data may not be written to disk.
-*Enclosed comments field in double quotes to allow commas.

V2.24 - 1998-12-9
- Added options form.
-*Added option to automatically punch out when choosing new job.
-*Added day totals to timesheet report.
-*Added option to add a heading to the report.
-*Fixed problem where new day not recognized if punched out manually.
-*Fixed problem where the current weeks totals were not always saved after editing.

V2.23 - 1998-11-30
- Fixed problem where program could not shutdown properly on disk error.
- Added calculator.

V2.22 - 1998-9-19
-*Added checks for non-existent week totals, to prevent out of bounds errors when using data from older versions.
-*Added HMS to hours converter.

V2.21 - 1998-9-11
-*Fixed problem where punching in PM and punching out in AM gave inaccurate total.
-*Fixed problem where first line in history did not show on hard-copy printout.

V2.20 - 1998-9-7
- Added function to export and import to floppy.

V2.13 - 1998-8-1
-*Fixed bug where on changing project names, name was not changed in daily history file if it contained spaces. This bug could cause out of bounds error messages to appear.
-*Fixed bug where project report would not print if any project names contained unusual characters such as "_".

V2.12 - 1998-7-13
-*Fixed bug where totals were not saved and reset if Project Clock left running into next day.
-*Fixed bug where could punch out more than once adding more time to charge total.
- Moved Project List to top of main screen for easier access.
- Added Ctrl - hotkey to switch back to previous job.
-*Added ability to edit current week totals.

V2.11 - 1998-6-8
-*Fixed bug where totals were not saved and reset on new week start.
-*Added Punch In and Punch Out to system tray menu.

V2.1 - 1998-4-26
-*Fixed refresh bug when viewing a report for a new week.
-*Fixed NTDll start-up error when running on Windows NT.
-*Fixed bug where saving a modified weekly history could overwrite the daily history.
- Fixed Null date start bug when Ini file deleted.
- Fixed bug which allowed deleting charge account when none selected.
- Removed Close button to make form smaller.
-*Added ability to change charge account descriptions.
-*Added option to Always Stay on Top of other applications.
- Added keyboard shortcuts for exiting and minimizing.
-*Added Project totals to report.
- Report now sorts by Job.
- Pressing Enter key now acts as tab on main and edit client screens.

V2.0 - 1998-4-5
- Fixed scaling problems. Now screens look good at most resolutions.
- Fixed bug where large history lists could not fit in history Memo field.
-*Fixed bug where first line of history would not print out.
-*Fixed bug where project would blank after viewing report or attempting to change project when not punched out.
-*Fixed intermittent floating point bug at start up.
-*Fixed bug which caused Project to blank out when viewing report.
-*Added capability to track time by weekday.
- Added weekly history view.
- Added check for forgetting to add PM in Punch Out field.
- Removed clear total hours button.

V1.5 - 1998-3-6
-*Fixed bug where program would sometimes hang when opening a new screen.
-*Fixed "Resource Error" bug.
- Added Start Minimized option.

V1.4 - 1998-3-3
- Added option to place Project Clock in Windows start-up group. When this option is checked Project Clock automatically starts when Windows loads.
- Added option to remove Project Clock from the Windows System Tray.
- Added Punch In and Punch Out hotkeys.
-*Fixed project drop down refresh bug. Now when new projects are added they immediately show up in the project pull-down list.
-*Fixed QT_Thunk bug when running on Windows NT. Unfortunately this involved removing the available system resources free feature in the About box.

V1.3 - 1997-11-15
- Added System Tray launching feature.
-*Added project totals report.