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v10.01 - 2013-04-16
- Added feature to run web server software as a service.
-*Added translation feature.
- Fixed possible transaction error on saving a billing invoice.

v10.00 - 2012-05-04
- Added billing module.
- Added Unicode support.
- Added features to charge late clients interest.
- Added feature to edit last time entry.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
- Added Add Hours screen.
- Added ToDo list features to the Manage Task screen.
- Added default timesheet feature.
- Added feature to auto-fill project and client when task selected.
- Added account management features to Timesheet screen.
- Added user-defined invoice prefix feature.
- Added option to allow entering Projects after punching in.
- Added option of showing no tasks if no tasks have been assigned to a project.
- Added feature to allow Managers to filter reports on the users within their Workgroup.
- Added option to not add lunch break when using "Day Punch".
- Added Users can view Reports option.
- Added feature to guess whether next field should be AM/PM after manually entering Working Day time fields.
- Added VacationTime, SickTime, BankedTime fields to Users table.
- Changed timesheet reports to start with the First Day of Week specified in the options.
- Changed timesheet reporting method to allow any number of groupings.
- Changed Pause button icon when paused to make feature clearer.
- Changed Allow Manual Time Entry option to also prevent Add Hours and Timesheets use if unset.
- Changed comments field to unlimited length.
- Fixed browser timeout problems.
- Fixed Manage User screens to allow adding an account to more than one parent.

v9.01 - 2011-03-29
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance.
-*Fixed problem where SQL errors could appear when viewing reports.
-*Fixed problem where software would not function correctly on certain systems.

v9.00 - 2007-11-01
-*Added User filter to reporting screen.
- Rewrote software using new technology including self contained web server.
- Updated database and reporting engines.

8.01 - 2007-09-07
-*Fixed timesheet issues.
-*Fixed Data Manager issues.
-*Fixed error seen when saving a timesheet.
- Fixed problem where Data Manager post button did not work in Internet Explorer.

v8.00 - 2006-01-10
- Added configuration screen.
- Added Data Manager screens.
- Added feature to load in timesheets from other weeks.
- Added support for Allow Manual Time Edits option.
- Added support for Simultaneous Billing option.
- Added support for Archive After Invoice option.
- Added support for Force Project option.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

v7.00 - 2005-01-19
- Added HTML reporting features.

6.00 - 2003-12-22
-*Added HTML templates feature to allow HTML pages to be customized.
- Added ability to edit previous timesheet entries.
- Added total of all projects for day on main page.
- Added option to prevent changing date.
- Added PDF export feature for admin reports.
- Added Rate and ChargeAccount fields to JobCodes table.
- Added Rate field to Security table to allow billing by person.
- Added auto-archive feature for invoiced items.
- Added item totals and expenses to invoice report.
- Added option to change the back-up file path.
- Added option to set Report folder location.
- Added feature to bring up print dialog before printing.
- Added improved option to log time history additions, deletes and edits.
- Added feature to remember last report chosen.
- Changed report form to default to first report and thus allowing tabbing into reports box.
- Changed "Time History" tabs in the data manager to show the ID's and the descriptions in the pull down lists.
- Change all references of Account code to Job Code to eliminate confusion.
- Enabled Force JobCode and Force Client options.
- Fixed problem where Timesheet and Invoice reports rounded differently.
- Made backup file deletion faster.
- Removed 24 hour format option.
- Changed temp database path to data path to prevent permission issues (5.101).

v5.10 - 2003-02-03
- Fixed problem where tables were not being properly re-indexed by the re-index table function in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed Default Timesheet message that could be seen on canceling out of options screen.
- Fixed problem where using a comma as a decimal separator caused errors when printing reports.
- Upgraded database engine reducing resource footprint.

v5.01 - 2002/09/30
-*Moved backup file deletion check routine to program start to prevent delay when opening options screen.
-*Fixed issue where UserID pull-down list in Time History tab of Data Manager did not work (Pro).
-*Fixed exception seen sometimes after viewing the Detail by user report.
- Fixed problem where option CheckBoxes did not enable/disable related controls properly.
-*Fixed problem where anyone could login by using a blank loginid.

v5.00 - 2002/08/28
-*Web-based version released.