Pro Schedule Web Version History

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v7.22 - 2018-12-26
- Fixed problems where the wrong person, client or room could be populated when adding a new appointment by clicking on the schedule grid.
-*Fixed problem where the last person was missing in the People At A Glance view.
-*Fixed problem where a session timeout setting greater than the maximum of 600 minutes would cause an error.

v7.21 - 2016-09-15
-*Changed Manage Clients form to default Active to true.
-*Fixed problem where Manage People form used the loginID from the Users table instead of security table.
-*Fixed problem where weekly events from upgraded data would show an error when edited.
- Fixed problem where an error occurred if more than one user logged on.
- Changed software to show login page after logging out.
-*Fixed bug that would prevent appointment editing with some configurations.
-*Added option to log out session after so many minutes of inactivity.
-*Fixed problem where client did not always populate when editing an appointment.
-*Fixed problem where reports did not always filter clients properly.
-*Fixed problem where calendar did not stretch to show all hours.

v7.20 - 2014-01-30
- Fixed problem where the "Limit booking edits to self" option could not be changed.
- Fixed problem where clicking on booking captions caused edit dialog to appear for recurring events.
- Fixed problem where weekly events could be added when no days were selected.
- Fixed problem where current day would not default to selected on adding a weekly event.
- Added option to force login or not.
- Added payment processing feature to allow clients to pay for appointments with credit cards.
- Added feature to create an appointment by clicking on schedule time.
- Changed schedule to automatically refresh when filters are changed.

v7.11 - 2010-10-04
- Upgraded the database engine.
-*Fixed problems with adding and editing data in certain manage data forms.

v7.10 - 2010-02-08
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance.
-*Fixed problem where the last grid view was not being defaulted to on start.
-*Fixed problem where multiple days could not be selected for the days of week option.
-*Fixed problem

v7.00 - 2009-07-06
-*Added "allow double booking" option.
-*Added schedule auto refresh option.
-*Added client search feature.
-*Rewrote software using new technology including self contained web server.
- Updated database and reporting engines.

v6.01 - 2008-07-30
-*Fixed problem where duplicate records could be seen on reports.
-*Fixed problem where could not log in.
-*Fixed problems with navigating People Unavailable and Waiting List tables in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where clicking Reports link caused error to appear.

v6.00 - 2006-07-13
- Added Data Manager screens.
- Added configuration screen.
- Added appointment request/confirm feature.
- Added customizable e-mail template feature.
- Added feature to restrict users to only make appointments for themselves.
- Added feature to allow person to edit/delete their appointments regardless of who booked them.
- Added feature to prevent appointments where client is already booked in another room at the same time.
- Added option to not reverse client name.
- Added colors for rooms, categories and clients.
- Added appointment booker field to schedule scripts.
- Added option for case-insensitive Logins.
- Added option to allow people to have own/separate client list.
-*Added option to prevent ordinary users from seeing appointment details on the schedule.
- Added location field to People and Rooms tables.
- Added TimeStamp field to bookings table.
- Changed color fields to integers allowing much more color variation.
- Fixed problem where appointments outside the schedule wouldn't show.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

v5.01 - 2006-06-13
-*Fixed problem where new clients would not be added when creating a new appointment.
-*Fixed problem where EndDate was not being saved properly for appointments at the end of the day.
-*Fixed problem where using multiple unavailable time records for a person caused an error.
-*Fixed problem where reports no longer printed.
-*Fixed problem where Main link on error page did not work.
-*Fixed problem where Month At A Glance for February would give an out of bounds error.
-*Fixed problem where Find feature did not always find existing repeating appointments.
- Fixed problem where Unavailable items had clickable links.
-*Fixed problem where error "tblBookingTmp: Field 'BookingID' not found" could be seen when printing a report.
- Fixed possible "Unhandled Exception" and "Division by zero" errors.
-*Fixed possible "Unhandled Exception: Failed to set data" error.

v5.00 - 2005-06-01
- Added feature to allow multiple times per day and date ranges when people are unavailable.
- Added feature to show on screen times and days people are unavailable.
- Added feature to import clients from Outlook.
- Added Room at a glance feature.
- Added feature to automatically show all of the national holidays in the schedule.
- Added feature to exclude holidays from recurring events.
- Added room, items and status field schedule scripts.
- Added BookingID field to BookingTmp table to allow linkage for reports.
- Changed group configuration to create unique new group names allowing rapid creation of several groups.

v4.03 - 2004-09-28
- Fixed problem where users could edit other user's bookings if "Allow user edit" was set.

v4.02 - 2004-08-27
-*Fixed problem where month frequency was not always saved properly for second monthly recurring event
- Fixed problem where EndDate field and Day was not showing for second monthly recurring event

v4.01 - 2004-07-19
- Replaced PDF reporting with HTML reporting due to start up problems on certain servers.

v4.00 - 2004-06-14
-*Added group ToDo list feature.
- Added HTML templates feature to allow HTML pages to be customized.
- Added room scheduling feature with conflict checking.
- Added schedule script to let users choose what is in each cell and in what order, replacing rank feature.
- Added ability to assign security levels to users.
- Added Person field to client table to assign people to clients.
- Added feature to assign available times to people and to prevent booking outside these times.
- Added option to allow people to view and schedule only those clients assigned to them.
- Added option to show Topic pull-down lists when adding or editing appointments.
- Added feature to change cell color to red for current day in schedule views.
-*Added option for users to book but not change.
- Added Date of Birth field to Client table.
- Added flag to Client table to indicate a regular client or not.
- Added more report export formats including PDF, Word and Excel exports.
- Added rate field to the Status table and a new report to bill by status.
- Added legal appointment report containing client addresses and phone numbers.
- Added productivity report that lists total time scheduled for each person.
- Changed report fields to reflect user system formatting variables.
- Changed reports to be even more customizable.
-*Improved performance by opening tables only when needed and by using optimized scheduling engine.

v3.01 - 2004-03-15
- Changed temp database path to data path to prevent permission issues.
-*Fixed problem where Index out of bounds error would be seen if any appointments existed outside the schedule limits.

v3.00 - 2003-01-20
- Added resource details feature.
- Added option to show time sidebar on the left, right or left and right of schedule.
- Added person category feature.
- Added feature to choose which days are displayed.
- Added groups feature.
- Added feature to notify client on appointment add or change.

v2.01 - 2002/0
-*Fixed problem where Client was not properly displayed when viewing or finding a booking.

v2.00 - 2001/10/31
- Released.