Text2HTML Version History

What's New in Text2Html

v2.00 - 2013-07-17
-*Added Text2Html to the context menu when right-clicking a .txt file.
-*Added template feature where a defined macro string is replaced by the converted text file.
-*Added feature to recurse sub-directories.
-*Added multiple folder support.
-*Added Unicode support.
-*Added feature to encode special characters to their HTML equivalents.
-*Added option to open links in new browser windows.
-*Added option to change subtitle sizes.
-*Added file:// and https:// tag support.
-*Fixed problem where files containing null characters would be truncated at the first null after conversion.
-*Fixed problem where if first line was a URL it was not converted.
-*Fixed problem where preformat feature added unnecessary HTML tags.

v1.30 - 2000/10/26

-*Added *.htm, *.html, *.txt filter.
-*Added option for upper/lowercase tags.
-*Added ability to handle extra spaces.
-*Fixed default font problem.
-*Fixed problem where HTML files would be repeated in file list box.
-*Fixed problem where config not read when using command line.
-*Fixed problem where Paragraph tags did not work correctly.

v1.20 - 2000/01/30

-*Added wild card command line converting, i.e text2html c:\text\*.txt c:\html\
-*Added preformat option.
-*Added support for changing the font.

v1.11 - 1999/08/27

-*Added option to include Meta tags.
-*Added option to disable colors.
-*Added option to use paragraphs or line breaks for formatting.
-*Fixed exception that occurred when using from command line.

v1.10 - 1999/08/26

-*Added command line capabilities.
- Added option to determine is the first line in the text file is the title.
- Added options to change the colour of HTML attributes.
-*Fixed "out of bounds error" when converting an empty file.

v1.01 - 1999/01/12

-*Added option to remove Text2HTML hyperlink from converted file.
-*Added confirmation after conversion finished.
- Added option to turn off file save as confirmation.
- Added limited file drag/drop feature.
- Added feature to save last directory used.
- Added option to place shortcut on desktop.
- Added double-click file launch feature.