Timesheets Version History

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5.14 - 2020-03-17
-*Fixed problem where ID contianing a dash preceded and followed by a space cause a save error when the Show ID And Description option was set.
-*Added option to show both ID and Description in timesheet.
-*Fixed problem where IDs would disappear when clicked on in the timesheet if the IDs In First Column option was set.

5.13 - 2017-09-13
- Fixed problem where the ClientID field of the Projects table was not synced to app.
- Fixed possible progress dialog issues.
- Added progress dialogs for backups and reminder sending.
- Fixed potential problems with Project Clock App sync.
-*Fixed connection problems when IP address of the server changed. (Client/Server edition only)
-*Fixed startup error that could be seen on some systems.

5.12 - 2016-03-18
-*Changed timesheet reports to start on Monday instead of Saturday.
-*Added DeptNo field to Employees table.
- Fixed problem where hidden time sheet columns showed dark lines.
-*Fixed problem where setup configuration settings were not being saved.
-*Fixed Timesheet report errors.
-*Fixed error that could be seen when editing an employee ID. (Client/Server and Enterprise editions only)
-*Added Team Leader security level.
- Fixed error seen on CSV import. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where some report filters did not always work properly.
- Fixed report errors. (Enterprise edition only)

5.11 - 2014-04-14
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports showed wrong date ranges.
-*Fixed error that was seen when attempting to add a comment outside the timesheet grid.
-*Fixed problem where on XP, server did not always pick up shared folder. (Client/Server edition only)
-*Removed project from Summary by Employees and Task report and added new Summary by Employees, Project and Task report.
- Added create to data missing dialog. (Standard edition only)
- Fixed problems that occurred when database connection settings were invalid. (Enterprise edition only)

5.10 - 2013-05-07

- Added synchronization with Project Clock app for iOS, Android and web.
-*Changed main reports to use names instead of IDs.

5.00 - 2012-12-17
-*Added daily and biweekly timesheet entry options.
-*Added more advanced invoicing features.
- Added database Unicode support.
-*Added feature to add a comment on the main timesheet for each day instead of just each week.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
-*Added feature to sort timesheet by clicking column headings.
-*Added copy paste to timesheet functions in right click menu.
-*Added MS Project import feature.
-*Added TaskID field to Phases table to filter phases.
-*Added option to allow Managers to edit their users' submitted timesheets.
-*Added feature to drag unwanted projects back to project list in Manage Employee Projects screen.
-*Added Delete Timesheet function to menu.
-*Added option to hide ID column from pulldowns.
-*Added option to allow users to create clients, projects and tasks.
-*Added Manage Equipment form.
-*Added Manage Expense Types form.
-*Added feature to auto fill client, project and task when selecting project, task and phase.
-*Added Force Action/Phase options.
-*Added ability for manager and administrators to to add non-employee related expense items to invoices.
-*Added Data Manager to Enterprise edition. (Enterprise edition only)
- Added Compression Level option to help improve performance on slow remote connections.
-*Added command line backup features.
-*Added feature to reset to Regular Hours and to move to the top of the timesheet entry area after submitting.
-*Added time and margin report for client, project and task with hours compared to the estimated hours.
-*Added Project and task percent complete efficiency example reports.
-*Added Client List example report.
-*Added billability example report [Non-billable costs / (Non-billable costs + billable costs) x %100].
-*Added an archived timesheet by employee example report.
-*Added an archived summary by employee and project example report that shows archived time and non-archived time.
-*Added leave example report to show how much time people have taken off.
- Added sick day example report.
-*Added successful email sent message to log.
- Added message if user enters time on a holiday.
- Added cascading edits feature when changing IDs in manage screens.
-*Changed to allow managers to access data of employees managed by managers under them.
-*Changed reminder emails to be sent daily instead of weekly in daily submission mode.
-*Changed to not show all timesheet projects and task for admins, just what the selected person would see.
-*Changed report filters to filter like on main screen.
-*Changed timesheet to format entries as 0.00.
- Changed language option to be global instead of user-defined.
- Changed Server install to place data in Common Documents folder by default. (Client/Server edition only)
- Fixed problem when changing between week and month view column sizes did not adjust properly.
-*Fixed option to default to the previous period's time sheet hours.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet pull-down lists were not refreshed after changing the associated data.

V4.32 - 2012-10-22
-*Fixed problem where port could not be changed on client software. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed database missing error on new installs. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed spurious possible "Data files missing" error. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed database connection problem.

V4.31 - 2011-09-02
-*Fixed problem where IDs in the first column of pulldown lists could sometimes be truncated.
-*Fixed problem error that could be seen if the Administrator account was removed. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problems where Manage data screens could allow entry of whitespace IDs which cannot be deleted.
-*Fixed problem where unapproved leave request message would still appear for managers even when all requests have been approved.
-*Added "manual task entry" and "manual phase entry" options to allow direct entry of these into the timesheet grid.

V4.30 - 2011-01-10
-*Added Phase and Action filters to Reporting screen.
-*Added ADO connection support for MS SQL Server 2005 and higher. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where expense amounts were not always saved for regions using a "," for decimal setting.

V4.22 - 2010-11-01
-*Added feature to unachive selected time records. (Non Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where regions using , for decimal setting saw errors when saving option settings.
-*Fixed problem where report path setting would not save when using PostgreSQL. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where filters would not work on certain reports.
-*Fixed problem where Data manager grid sorting did not work with primary key columns.
-*Fixed problem where user could not save timesheet if Admin had saved it after rejecting it.
-*Fixed problem where Administrator account was not auto created if deleted. (Standard and C/S editions only)

V4.21 - 2010-04-29
-*Added a report variable that stores the number of weeks in a given date range. 
-*Fixed error that could be seen when saving a timesheet. (Standard and C/S editions only)
- Fixed problem where error was seen when exporting CSV files.

V4.20 - 2009-10-29
-*Fixed problem where only two sessions could be used. (Standard and C/S editions only)
- Upgraded the database engine to increase performance. (Standard and C/S editions only)
-*Fixed error that was seen when a manager tried to access the Manage Employee Projects screen.

V4.10 - 2008-05-13
-*Added Data Manager to Client/Server edition.
-*Added hint to show full date for non-monthly timesheet header columns.
-*Fixed problem where phase and action timesheet entries were not saved.
-*Fixed problem where ID fields in pull-down lists could be truncated.
-*Fixed problem where report filters did not work for Equipment Time reports.
-*Fixed bug where Comments column could be hidden even is the Hide Comments Column option was unset.
-*Fixed Windows Mobile synchronization errors.
-*Fixed problem where most pull-down lists did not auto-complete properly.
-*Fixed EmployeeID error seen on start.
-*Added feature to also enter timesheets for equipment.

V4.02 - 2008-12-23
-*Changed software to allow ordinary employees to add leave requests.
-*Fixed problem where sending multiple emails through MAPI prompted to change commas to semi-colons.
-*Fixed problem where Week Start option was not being saved properly.

V4.01 - 2008-10-28
-*Fixed problem where client could not connect to server on new installs. (C/S edition only)
-*Fixed problem where emails were missing the subject.
-*Fixed problems when MAPI used to send emails.
-*Fixed translation problems.

V4.00 - 2008-05-30
-*Added feature to handle vacation requests and approvals.
-*Added PocketPC support.
-*Added Phase and Action timesheet columns.
-*Added Unicode language support.
-*Added option to change font.
- Added feature to save Data Manager column locations and sizes. (Non Enterprise edition only)
-*Added holiday time field to Employees table to keep track of banked holiday hours.
-*Added customizable billing types (file list) including new vacation, paid time off and non-chargeable billing types.
-*Added auto backup feature.
-*Added division filter to reporting screen.
-*Added option to prevent users from viewing reports.
-*Added option to not allow entering more than the max hours per week.
-*Added multi-language support.
-*Added grand total to status bar to show the combination of regular overtime hours etc.
-*Added Type and Billable fields to the Projects table.
-*Added employee PayRate,StartDate,EndDate,Full/Part-time status fields to Employees table.
-*Added option to only add holiday hours on week days.
-*Added email notification option for approved timesheets.
-*Added a mask to the password field in the Manage Employees form.
-*Added FormatDecF report function to control decimal places.
-*Added report ExecSQL variable feature to execute SQL on report print.
-*Added example timesheet report by employee grouped by project.
-*Added example chart grouped by employee.
-*Added example report that gives hours not billed by project for a specified time frame.
-*Added example report to show how the project hourly billing is proceeding against the Deposit Hours.
-*Added example invoice report with task rate.
-*Added example invoice report by project/client showing employee/task detail.
-*Added Detail by Client example report.
-*Added holiday balance (holidays left) example report.
-*Added calculated overtime report showing hours worked over the normal hours per week/day.
-*Changed timesheet reports to group by weekstart.
-*Changed software so that all unassigned projects would also show when selecting a client and likewise for projects and tasks.
- Changed manage screens to widen fields on screen resize.
- Changed Date field to WorkDate in EmployeeTime and InvoiceDate in Invoices to better support EDB and Oracle.
- Changed the Security option to be global instead of divisional.
-*Fixed problem where client names could not contain commas.
-*Increased Project Description length to 40 characters.

v3.06 - 2008-02-15
-*Fixed problems where managers could see data from other divisions in the Data Manager. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where a "Failed to set data for 'Font4'" exception could be seen on certain machines on start.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet could lose account information if saved after changing configuration.
- Changed Account Column Width setting to not affect Comments column width.
-*Fixed problem where comments column would always revert to the default width when configuration updated.
-*Fixed problem where attempting to delete an estimate record in the Manage Estimates screen caused an error. (Enterprise and C/S editions only)

v3.05 - 2007-10-03
-*Fixed problem where "Out Of Bounds" error occurred if expense types have been entered and the Expense form was viewed.
-*Fixed problem where email reminders were sent out even if an employee had submitted time for previous week. (Standard edition only)
-*Fixed problem where email reminders were not sent out if an employee had entered no time for previous week.
-*Worked around MS SQL Server problem where entering a Report Path configuration setting would cause garbage to appear after the path. (MS SQL Server and Enterprise edition only)

v3.04 - 2007-05-02
-*Fixed problem where report manual could not be downloaded properly.
-*Added better Oracle support. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem that fractional hours were loaded back into the timesheet without the fractional part.
-*Fixed "out of bounds" error that could occur after deleting rows from a timesheet.

v3.03 - 2007-01-16
-*Changed to allow more than one entry with the same client project and task.
-*Added feature to hide password in Manage Employees form.
-*Fixed problem where separate divisional configurations were not being used. (C/S edition only)

v3.02 - 2006-08-23
-*Fixed problem where people think they lost their time entries because they ended up at the bottom of the timesheet so they entered them again causing the entries to double.
-*Fixed problem where tasks were not always being limited by employee.
-*Fixed error seen when using the Expense tab of the Data Manager. (Standard and C/S editions only)

v3.01 - 2006-05-11
- Added ExpenseType field to the Expenses table, Expenses screen and Expense report.
- Fixed problems with saving Expense records.
-*Fixed problem where Tasks and Projects were not limiting by project and client if the ID In PullDowns option was not set.
- Fixed problem where the CSV import would only import the first four records.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet reports would not show totals properly.
-*Fixed problem where printing invoice reports caused records outside the date range to be updated.
-*Fixed problem where error could be seen on deleting an employee. (Non-enterprise versions only)
-*Fixed problem where if Managers Approve Timesheets option was turned off, managers would still be sent reminder emails that their people's time had not been approved.
-*Fixed problem where invoice reports whose SQL contained a WHERE clause would give an error on printing.
-*Fixed error that could be seen when selecting 'Manage Clients' from the Tools menu immediately after starting the application. (Standard version only)
-*Fixed problem where report filters could be inaccurate for certain reports.
-*Fixed SQL error that could be seen on invoice reports having no SubSQL value.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet grid column widths were not being saved.

V3.00 - 2006-02-14
-*Added totals for the day on the timesheet along with a weekly to date total.
-*Added option to allow time entries for 1 month at a time instead of 1 week at time.
-*Added export to MS Project feature.
-*Added feature to email reports.
-*Added force client, project and task options.
-*Added employee time archive feature.
-*Added CSV import wizard.
-*Added referential integrity features for clients, projects and tasks such that when you change a project that project is changed in all linked tables.
- Added form to enter project estimates.
-*Added feature to change timesheet color to gray when it cannot be edited.
-*Added payroll report that shows the employees pay, based on hours of work times their pay rate and overtime.
-*Added Timesheet by Billing Type report.
-*Added Time and Margin reports by Employee, Project and Client.
-*Added filter details and page number to reports.
-*Added prompt to save timesheet if submitting without saving.
-*Added warning check on changing config to see if using divisions and admin not in a division since in this case the config will be saved to a general config file that no one will use.
-*Added Port connection parameter (Enterprise version only).
- Fixed terms feature in Manage screens.
-*Fixed odd employee pull-down behavior.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet scrolled to bottom on start.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

v2.12 - 2005-12-20
-*Added feature to treat projects assign to no division to be available to employees of all divisions.
-*Added feature to prompt if switch to other employee or date without saving, to prevent data loss.
-*Added feature to prompt if switch to other billing type without saving, to prevent data loss.
-*Fixed problem in Summary by Project & Task report where the dates printed on the same line rather than beside the numbers.
-*Fixed problem where comments over a certain length were truncated on the reports.

v2.11 - 2005-08-15
-*Added feature to clear the timesheet.
- Added feature to automatically backup data before deleting all data or search and replace.
-*Changed Data Manager to use terms.
-*Fixed problem where date would reset after viewing the configuration screen.
-*Fixed problem where Comments field containing numbers or - sign could cause errors.
-*Fixed problem where exception would occur if the default number to timesheet rows were less than the number of saved timesheet records.
-*Fixed problem where row delete feature did not work correctly.
-*Fixed reports to print properly on all printers.
-*Fixed "CMTS has no active transaction" error on importing a CSV file.
-*Fixed problem where config settings were not being loaded properly on client start (C/S version only).
-*Fixed problem where reports could contain time from the last day of the previous week.
-*Fixed problem where horizontal scrollbar was missing from the timesheet grid.
-*Fixed problem where some reports could show the incorrect system date.
-*Fixed problem where holiday time records could automatically be added even if the Hours Per Day option had not been set.
-*Fixed problem where employees could not be viewed in the Manage Employees form (Standard version only).

v2.10 - 2005-05-09
-*Added project estimates table.
-*Fixed "Cannot focus on a disabled or invisible window" errors that could be seen when saving a timesheet.
-*Fixed problem after rejecting a timesheet where the reject timesheet button was greyed out until manager logged in again.
-*Fixed problem where an error message "You have entered less hours than are normal. Are you sure you want to submit this timesheet?" could appear even if you entered normal hours.
-*Fixed problem where security setting was not being saved properly (C/S version only).
-*Added feature to designate projects as belonging to all divisions.
-*Fixed problem where an exception could be seen when previewing the timesheet by employee report (C/S version only).

v2.00 - 2005-02-09

-*Added support for separate divisions each having separate configurations, separate administrators, separate project lists and separate employees lists.
-*Added support for interdivisional employee re-assignments.
-*Added Division field to Holidays table to allow for Statutory holiday anomalies.
-*Added feature to submit timesheets as well as save and approve. Employee can recall a submitted timesheet to correct an error if no other approvals have been made to it yet.
-*Added feature to send email reminder to employees that have not entered timesheet for previous week.
-*Added email notifications for late Approvals.
-*Added feature to reject timesheets and notify employee by email if timesheet approval is rejected.
-*Added banked time feature.
-*Added approval by project feature where project and regular approval are entirely separate.
-*Added support for holiday hours, overtime hours and sick day hours.
-*Added feature to view approved timesheets on the timesheet form.
-*Added support for Executing SQL in the Data Manager.
- Added QuickBooks export features.
- Added web version.
-*Added invoice and billing features.
-*Added bank time and overtime reports.
- Added time sheet status filter to reporting screen.
- Added report charting features.
-*Added features to limit certain projects and tasks to certain employees.
-*Added feature to assign users to a Manager/Administrator.
-*Added features to configure projects, tasks, employees and clients from main screen.
-*Added feature to enter expenses.
-*Added check on closing the program to asks if changed time sheet should be saved.
-*Added features to hide timesheet columns.
-*Added warnings for timesheets that do not add up to the minimum base week hours or exceed maximum hours rules.
-*Added option to control the number of past eligible weeks for time entry by employees
-*Added option to allow users who have completed a valid workstation logon process to not be required to log on to the Time Capture System separately.
-*Added audit trail records for Timesheet Adjustments for past periods.
-*Added audit trail report.
-*Added Missing, Late and Unapproved Time Sheet Reports.
-*Added exception reports: Salary employees with less than 40 hours, Sick time Exceeding limits, Statutory holiday anomalies and Overtime charged to ineligible projects
-*Added rule to verify hours charged to statutory holidays.
-*Added feature to allow/disallow overtime charges to clients.
-*Added feature to restrict hourly people from charging to statutory holidays, overtime or sick time.
-*Added support for sorting by primary fields in the Data Manager Detailed view.
-*Added option for the timesheet in a new week to be initialized with project entries from the previous week.
- Added options for work week hours and maximum sick days.
-*Added option to show descriptions first instead of IDs.
-*Added option to set global default timesheet account column widths.
- Added option to enable security.
- Added feature to automatically add statutory holiday hours.
-*Added option to not require managers to approve data.
-*Added DepositHours field to the Projects table.
-*Added Archived field to EmployeeTime table to prevent duplicate exports to accounting systems for example.
-*Added example reports of unapproved timesheets.
-*Changed software to show descriptions on the timesheet grid if Show ID In Pulldowns option set.
-*Changed timesheet to show approved hours but not allow employees to edit them. This prevents the possibility of duplicate timesheet entries.
-*Fixed problem where projects and tasks lists were not always limited properly.

v1.05 - 2004-12-07
-*Fixed problem where projects list was not always limited properly.
-*Fixed problem where first hour of timesheet could be deleted if a previous week was edited.
-*Fixed problem where first hour cell of timesheet could be hidden when starting software.
-*Fixed problem where projects and tasks lists were not always limited properly.

v2.10 Beta - 2004-11-30
-*Added feature to send email reminder to employees that have not entered time sheet for previous week.
-*Added features to configure projects, tasks, employees and clients from main screen.
-*Added feature to enter expenses.
-*Added feature to assign users to a Manager/Administrator.
- Added feature to automatically add statutory holiday hours.
-*Added option to not require managers to approve data.
-*Fixed problem where projects and tasks lists were not always limited properly.

v2.00 Beta - 2004-10-26
-*Added support for holiday hours, overtime hours and sick day hours.
-*Added feature to allow administrators to view approved Timesheets on the time sheet form.
-*Added support for Executing SQL in the Data Manager.
- Added QuickBooks export features.
-*Added invoice and billing features.
- Added report charting features.
-*Added features to limit certain projects and tasks to certain employees.
-*Added option to show descriptions first instead of IDs.
-*Added option to set global default time sheet account column widths.
- Added option to enable security.
-*Added DepositHours field to the Projects table.
-*Added example reports of unapproved Timesheets.
- Added web version.

v1.04 - 2004-10-18
- Fixed Unable to open dataset frDBDataSet1 that could be seen on adding fields to a new report.
- Fixed error seen when closing the Data Manager after adding a record without populating required fields.
- Fixed problem where Data Manager replace all feature only replaced the first found field.
- Fixed problem where rows were skipped when tabbing through the grid in the Data Manager.

v1.03 - 2004-08-30
-*Fixed problem where adding new time sheet data after previous time for that week had been approved caused the approved data to be deleted.
- Added blank item to Task pull-down lists.
-*Fixed problem where the task detail screen did not allow ProjectID to be entered.
-*Fixed problem where an "Invalid Task" error could be seen when attempting to save a time sheet.
- Fixed problem where Task pull-down list did not always update properly if projects had been assigned to tasks.
-*Changed time sheet to clear after Approving a time sheet.
- Fixed problem where saving a time sheet where the selected date was not the first of the week caused the data to be saved to the wrong days.
-*Fixed SQL error that could be seen when printing the Detail by Project report.

v1.02 - 2004-05-18
-*Added check to prevent duplicate time sheet entries.
-*Fixed problem where changing the date not always caused the time sheet to update or approve properly.
-*Fixed possible sorting problems in pull-down lists (C/S version only).
-*Added feature to resize columns and save column widths on main time sheet.
-*Fixed filter errors that could be seen when printed reports under specific conditions.
-*Fixed problem where an error was seen on loading in a saved time sheet containing more than 10 rows.
-*Fixed problem where could not enter data in the Data manager (C/S version only).

v1.01 - 2004-02-27
-*Fixed problem where terms were not set correctly on start up.
-*Fixed problem where certain reports did not show the correct date in the report header.
-*Fixed out of bounds errors seen when attempting to print a report.
-*Fixed transaction error when attempting to save time after getting an invalid project error on a previous save attempt.
- Added help button to login dialog.

v1.00 - 2004-01-16
- Released