Timesheets Web Version History

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5.01 - 2018-12-28
-*Fixed problem where updating time sheet cell lost the tab focus.
- Fixed problem where software could not run as a service.
-*Fixed problem where the server port could not be changed.
-*Fixed problem where Send Email Reminders option could not be changed.
-*Fixed problem where pull-down lists were not filtered properly when loading a timesheet.
-*Fixed problem where software was limited to 5 user logins.
-*Changed login to default to blank username.
-*Fixed report filters.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet would not refresh when changing date.
-*Fixed problem where printed report filters were incorrect.
 -*Added an underline to selected report to provide visual feedback.
-*Changed to change timesheet status to Saved on saving timesheet.
-*Fixed problem where employee filter on Reports screen had no way to show data for all employees.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet grid was not updating totals after entering times.
-*Fixed error that could be seen on refreshing main page.
-*Fixed problem where some field labels were wrapped and difficult to read.
-*Improved performance when loading timesheet.
-*Fixed problem where error was seen when opening the Manage Employees screen. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where errors were not saving to log file properly.
-*Fixed problem where invalid database connection settings could not be changed. (Enterprise edition only)
-*Added option to use SSL server for secure use.
- Fixed possible default timesheets errors.

5.00 - 2012-12-17
- Added daily and biweekly timesheet entry options.
- Added more advanced invoicing features.
- Added database Unicode support.
- Added feature to open report subfolders by clicking on folder name in report screen.
-*Added multi-language support.
- Added TaskID field to Phases table to filter phases.
- Added option to allow Managers to edit their users' submitted timesheets.
- Added Clear and Delete Timesheet functions to menu.
- Added option to allow users to create clients, projects and tasks.
- Added feature to auto fill client, project and task when selecting project, task and phase.
- Added Force Action/Phase options.
- Added successful email sent message to log.
- Added cascading edits feature when changing IDs in manage screens.
- Changed to allow managers to access data of employees managed by managers under them.
- Changed reminder emails to be sent daily instead of weekly in daily submission mode.
- Changed to not show all timesheet projects and task for admins, just what the selected person would see.
- Changed report filters to filter like on main screen.
- Changed timesheet to format entries as 0.00.
- Fixed option to default to the previous period's time sheet hours.
- Fixed timeout problems.

4.01 - 2009-03-30
-*Fixed problem where closing the web browser instead of logging off would give an existing session error.
- Fixed error that could be seen when viewing a client in the Manage Clients screen.
-*Fixed error seen on opening Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where #600 error was seen on start.

4.00 - 2008-05-30
-*Added email reminders as in the desktop editions.
- Added force client, project and task options.
-*Added feature to limit projects by client as it does in the desktop editions.
-*Added feature to hide the buttons across the top of the page if they can't be used.
- Rewrote software using new technology including self contained web server.
- Updated database and reporting engines.

3.02 - 2007-04-19
-*Fixed problem where database password would appear on start. (Non-Enterprise edition only)
-*Fixed problem where users could not see their entered expense records.
-*Fixed problem where users could not enter expense records properly.
-*Changed help links to launch in new window.
-*Fixed problem where Manager field was not saved when editing Employees record in the Data Manager.
-*Fixed problem where Managers could not access their employees timesheets.
-*Fixed problem where Main link of an error message did not work.
-*Fixed "Cannot access field 'Active' as type Boolean" problem. (Enterprise edition only)
- Fixed problem where projects that were not associated with a client never showed up on pull-down lists.
-*Fixed problem where projects associated with a client where AllowOverTime was not set did never showed up on pull-down lists.
-*Fixed SQL problems. (Enterprise edition only)

3.01 - 2006-08-23
-*Fixed problem where expenses added by users did not save their login ID.
-*Added ExpenseTypes table.
-*Changed ExpenseType field to pull-down list.
-*Added form for users to enter expenses.
-*Added feature to allow non-admins access to the Data Manager seeing only their own data.
-*Added ExpenseType field to the Expenses table, Expenses screen and Expense report.
-*Fixed problem where Data Manager post button did not work in Internet Explorer.
-*Fixed problem where help link only brought up timesheet help.
-*Fixed problem where timesheet toolbar did not work in Internet Explorer.
-*Fixed problem where invalid password could still allow access.

3.00 - 2006-02-14
-*Added web/enterprise version.
- Added timesheet totals feature.
- Added configuration screen.
- Added Data Manager screens.
- Added support for limiting projects and tasks by employee.
- Added support for Managers Can Approve Timesheets option.
- Added support for hide column options.
- Upgraded reporting engine.

v2.00 - 2005-02-09
- Released