Frequently Asked Questions About Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard enhancement utility. It can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting simple text or for filling in web forms.

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F.A.Q. for Clipboard Magic - Clipboard Archiver Software

Q. Why is text being duplicated several times in Clipboard Magic when I copy?

A. When some applications are running, copied clips will appear duplicated in Clipboard Magic. This is a bug in those applications not Clipboard Magic. They are sending multiple updates to the clipboard. You should contact those companies to fix their bugs. To minimize this behavior you can set the Ignore Duplicates option.

Q. Why am I always getting this error when attempting to save options in Windows 7: Failed to set data for "?

A. In the Options uncheck the "Associate CLP Files" option. You need to be running as an Administrator to set this option. This problem is fixed in V5.

Q. Why am I frequently being prompted with this message box "Unable to Open Clipboard"?

A. Another application has locked the clipboard. If the problem does not resolve itself after a few minutes the program probably crashed. You will have to restart Windows to resolve the problem.

Q. When I copy from a Rich Text document or HTML document into Clipboard Magic all the formatting gets lost.

A. Clipboard Magic currently works only with plain text. Any special formatting will be lost when copying.

Q. I copied something to the clipboard but it didn't show up in Clipboard Magic.

A. Clipboard Magic currently only handles plain text format, what you are copying possibly is not really text. For example, if you have a text document open and you press the [Print Scrn] button, what is actually copied is a bitmap image, which Clipboard Magic currently can't handle.

Q. I have set the beep on copy option but it never beeps when I copy text. Why?

A. Assuming the volume in your speakers is turned up, try checking to make sure that the beep sound is defined. In Start | Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Sound | Change System Sounds, make sure the Default Beep is defined. e.g. "Windows Ding.wav"

Q. If I Clear the Clip List, add new items and then exit Clipboard Magic, it didn't really clear the clip list. It appears that it just closed that particular clip list but didn't open a new one. When I closed Clipboard Magic it didn't auto save the new list because there wasn't one listed in the panel at the bottom of the form.

A. Make sure that the Prompt To Clear option is set.

Q. How can I append a new clip to a 'zoomed-in' clip?

A. To add to a clip first turn off clipboard archiving, then zoom in and then copy the text then use Ctrl + V to paste into the zoomed clip.

Q. When Clipboard Magic starts I get an error like: "Unable to assign hot key". How do I fix this?

A. Another program you have running probably is already using the offending hot-key. In the Options screen change the hot key to a different key.

Q. How can I move all my clip lists to another computer?

A. In the Options screen locate the Clip Folder Location setting. This is where all your clip files are. Simply copy this whole folder to the clip folder location on the other computer.

Q. Why do clips sometimes disappear when I click on them?

A. You have the Allow Grid Edits option set and the clip you are clicking on has one or more carriage returns at the end. When you enter edit mode on the clip grid, the cursor moves to the end of the clip which in your case is a carriage return.

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Latest Testimonials

Jimi Bowers

Love this software. This should be purchased by Microsoft.


I'm very grateful that you have updated your Clipboard Magic after so many years. Hopefully, the development will continue as it is a piece of wonderful software. Keep maintaining the good thing!

John Tribone, Abacus Bookshop

thanks for a fine program; in daily use here for years.

Paul Pendleton

...I have found that Clipboard Magic can handle up to 10,000 clips in one clip file with size greater than 7 MB without any problems in any installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Every person I've installed Clipboard Magic for has loved it....


...thanks for such a great little program! I have tried a number of the "clipboard extenders" and yours is definitely the best!