Clipboard Magic Software Testimonials

Clipboard Magic is a Windows clipboard extender utility. It can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting text or for filling in web forms.

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Love this software. This should be purchased by Microsoft.

Jimi Bowers

I have been extolling the virtues of Clipboard Magic v4.01 to everyone who will listen...I have found that Clipboard Magic can handle up to 10,000 clips in one clip file with size greater than 7 MB without any problems in any installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Every person I've installed Clipboard Magic for has loved it. Of course, I always warn about the total lack of security of all the information copied into Clipboard Magic. But for the average user who uses a password minder like LastPass or Roboform, no passwords or user names need be copied to or pasted from the clipboard.

Paul Pendleton

I just had my computer upgraded and the technician reinstalled most of my programs. One he missed was Clipboard magic and I then discovered that I just cannot compute without this incredible program. I had to work for a couple of days without it and life was miserable. Now I have it back and use it all the time I am on the computer. I watch others work, shake my head and say "There is an easier way you know".

many thanks for the A1 fantastic program.

Michael O'Byrne
Lightspeed Presentation Products Ltd.
Ontario, Canada

Thank you for making making "Clipboard Magic" not only freeware but also so easy to use. I have tried other similar programs, but clipboard magic is the tops. I will not be deleting this one. I am a writer and move large amounts of text around for use perhaps a week later. This does what I have been looking for for some months. Being so simple to use allows one's train of thought not to be interrupted, which is something that often gives you a block or lose the line of thought that was so clear and flowing a moment before. I just had to come back to the web site to see if I could thank you
for the program.


Paul Rose
Oldham UK.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy having Clipboard Magic on my computer. Each time I use it on my home computer I find new uses for it, so much so, that I decided to install it on my system at work. I generally use the Opera 9.02 web browser and Thunderbird email client and I've found that I can configure any number of text files with varying amounts and types of information and save the files for later use as "Form fill". Generally I appreciate the tremendous versatility I get with this program. Congratulations on a job well done.

Allan Michael
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Canada

First of all, thanks for such a great little program! I have tried a number of the "clipboard extenders" and yours is definitely the best! :)

It is simple to use and not overloaded with a bunch of features that have nothing to do with actually using a clipboard and that is really great! :)

I don't need this and that feature. All I want is a clipboard that stores more stuff and makes it simple to call it up and use and yours does that really well!

In fact, it is so good and so simple to use, that I have already begun telling people about it on other web sites that review such utilities. :)


I have just installed Clipboard Magic and have found it to be the ideal clipboard manager for my purposes. Among other uses, I have to copy numerous records and paste them to a text editor. I now can do this in bulk rather than one record at a time....Thanks again for a very powerful, useful application.

Jack T.

Yesterday I have downloaded Clipboard Magic 3.0 beta. This is very useful and user-friendly software, well designed and professionally written. Many thanks and respect for your great effort!
It was very interesting how Clipboard Magic works with texts written in my language. The polish letters are different from English letters included ASCII codes under 128. In Poland, Windows9x are running with CodePage 1250 (Central Europe CP).

My experiments were finished with success. I was writing short texts with well-known and free EditPad Lite and I was copying words. Clipboard Magic works well with texts written in Polish language.

Jacek Zebrowski
Technical University of Lodz
Institute of Automatic Control
Lodz, Poland.

Thank you for your excellent program, Clipboard Magic 3.0. It is a wonderful application: simple to use and seemingly crash proof. It is one of the programs that seem to grow in usefulness all the time. I realise, for example, that I can save names and addresses to it for printing out on letters - as well as all sorts of web addresses that I pick up while surfing but don't particularly want to bookmark. It is also ideal for holding templates of letters, memos etc.

Thanks again: a really valuable and useful program.

With best wishes,

Professor Philip Burnard Cardiff

I just wanted to add that I love Clipboard Magic. I do a high volume of copy / pastes to record issues and test results. Being able to do multiple copies and then easily finding the content to then paste in our issue logging application is critical. Clipboard Magic makes my work life a lot easier.


Al Hook
QA Project Test Lead, R&D, MKS Software Inc.

We use Clipboard Magic in our operations department. By the way THANKS! It's a great little tool. It allows us to keep track of each customer's loads and saves a ton of paper.

Peggy Brehm
IS Department
deBoer Transportation Inc.

I just discovered your clipboard [app], Clipboard Magic, and absolutely love it and can't do without it. It's so intuitive and user-friendly.

Paul Belli

I'd like to thank you for an exceptionally smart program. It is a really voguish idea to structure the clipboard viewer in the way it is...Very intelligent, elegant, user oriented approach! I like it very much, and use it always when surfing web, to collect memos all around...thanks for this ingenious assistant!

Taisto Kesseli
Helsinki, Finland

I have been using Clipboard Magic for two years now and have found it too be a superior product. Its ease of use, editorial feature and expandability (I have 2000 clips now) are what makes this program stand out from the rest.

Mark Latimer
Computer Consultants of New England

I have used clipboard magic for a few years and can't work without it, makes programming and website building a lot easier...Thanks for making my life a lot easier.

Ted Fanning

Of tons and tons of similar utils, this one is the best I found. Perfection is in simplicity. Nice, effective, powerful, simple. What more?

Uros Vermezovic

I've been using your wonderful little program for a while now, and I would just like to thank you for building such a neat and useful utility, and making it available for free! There's not a day goes by when I don't find it invaluable..


When I downloaded Clipboard Magic version 2.01 I did not know if it would be useful to me, as I found most clipboard utilities cumbersome, but what a surprise when after 5 minutes of using it I was amazed that I could create ".CLP" files to address my text copy/paste needs.

Nyk Jeffery

Clipboard Magic is a great utility which I use fairly often and love its functionality and simple user interface. It is one of my favorite applications and I thank you for it.

Mike Dalakis

Thanks for great software, I love it...It is the easiest
and more logical than others more expensive.

Maged A. Mohamed
Cairo Egypt

...i have translated "Clipboard Magic" in Italian, [it's a] very very good utility for my study, in fact to copy and to paste in a txt my legal notes it's never be so easy and ready to be [recorded] in my database!!! I'll recommend "Clipboard Magic" in Italian to my friends.

Nicola Di Dio
Naples, Italy

I have just downloaded Clipboard Magic again for my new computer. I simply love this program. Thank you for making such an useful and important tool available for free!

Lars Gregersen

I want to say thank you very much for both Text2HTML and Clipboard Magic. I have tried other products that are advertised to do the same thing, and I always end up coming back to these tools. Free is just the frosting on the cake. Thank you again

Kyle Seidlitz

Your company has made considerable effort with Clipboard Magic Version: 2.01, and I thought that I should take a break from my daily routine to write you a personal "Thank you" note. The software works remarkably well and is very useful. Let me assure you that your continued software development is valued, and I hope I can be of beneficial use to you, should you need someone to Beta test for any future projects. Please contact me.

Ian. B. Fowler

I Just wanted to tell you folks how great and easy Clipboard Magic is. It saves me a world of work and organization. Just about the best thing since bottled beer!

Michelle Etherton

Just to let you know -- I really have not used Proj Clock that much. The primary reason that I registered it was the free download of Clipboard Magic. That product has saved me hours of time in both reproduction and debugging of Crystal Reports formulas. Thank you!

Ross C. Gwinner

Only two words: GREAT WORK! Very simple, clear and powerful program: it's a little gem. Bravo! And last but not least it's freeware.

Marco D

Thanks for making such a great product free for us to use! I have always wanted to try a clipboard program out but never thought it would be worth it. Well, I tried yours first and it fits my needs perfectly.

Matt Simonsen

...this program is saving me a lot of time and work. I do tech support on the CompuServe forums and am constantly making notes or copying text to save. Before, I had to copy it and then copy it again and paste it into a text file. With your program, I simply copy it and it is saved in a clip file. Good product.

Ron Vernon

Just want to thank you for Clipboard magic: a beautiful little program which I've found very useful. Can't beat the price!

Rob Wolfe, MD

I have searched a long time for a good windows-clipboard. Now I have found it. It's simple and easy to use & it's free.
Thank you for the good software.

Torsten Vogler

Up until recently, I've used another simple, but powerful clipboard utility... I love Clipboard Magic. It's improving with each successive version. The more I use programs developed with Delphi, I become impressed with that language. Great Job...thanks.

Stefan Abuan

This is just to let you know that I downloaded you clipboard magic program and think it is one of the most useful programs I have used. Thanks for creating it and for making it freeware.

Carl Putt

It's a great and very useful program that I have searched for a long time. Thanks!

Thomas Boerkel works great. Thanks. This is a real time-saver program.

Kevin Campbell

[I'd] like to [thank you] for the magical software Clipboard Magic. Processing texts [has] been so useful for me. Thanks,

César Giusti

Compliments for your program Clipboard Magic. very [simple], fast, efficient. [Thanks] also for the free availability.

Eug. Ant.

Hello, I have just downloaded Clipboard Magic and I am really enjoying using it. Thanks very much for releasing it as freeware.

Dick Gillman
Nottingham, UK

Thanks for this little but useful and straightforward tool. I have been looking just for a tool like this, as I often need to paste one of several alternative text sections into a document. Previously I had to buffer the information in notepad, what wasn't very satisfactory. I will be using your tool regularly from now on.

Guido Kohl

Thanks for providing Clipboard Magic for free. It is a great utility for someone like me who needs to insert foreign language phrases in e-mails. I found out that it even handles Russian fonts, which makes it much more useful to me!

Michael Frazier

Thank you so much for ClipboardMagic. This program is just wonderful. It saves me a lot of time and makes programming (copy+paste...:) so easy!

Thomas Gsteiger
Berne, Switzerland

Your freeware "clipboard magic" are very simple [to] use and it's wonderful! Every time I search on the net , about a good clipboard i find nothing, but yours !! fantastik !

Quebec , Canada

Congratulations!! The most useful item of software I have ever found.

Many thanks and very best wishes.

Richard Davies

Thank you for making this tool available for free. It is fantastic - it saves me a lot of work and time!

Lars L.

Wow! Clipboard Magic is a REAL WINNER.... thanks for sharing it!!

T Wilson
Lexington, KY

Thanks for creating that program. I've tried several and I like yours the best by far.

Michael Lamas

...thanks for a great program. I've been using it for years.

Rob Kearney

Hi I very love clipboard magic, I have tried a lot of copy/past tool and I find is the best of all.

Francois Lefebvre
International trucks, Sherbrooke Quebec

...just discovered clipboard magic,what a great and so useful little program. Well done.

Glenn Faulkner, UK

I love your Clipboard Magic. It really comes in handy daily. Thank you so much for making it available.

Tom Snyder

...thanks for a fine program; in daily use here for years.

John Tribone
Abacus Bookshop

I'm very grateful that you have updated your Clipboard Magic after so many years. Hopefully, the development will continue as it is a piece of wonderful software. Keep maintaining the good thing!


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Jimi Bowers

Love this software. This should be purchased by Microsoft.


I'm very grateful that you have updated your Clipboard Magic after so many years. Hopefully, the development will continue as it is a piece of wonderful software. Keep maintaining the good thing!

John Tribone, Abacus Bookshop

thanks for a fine program; in daily use here for years.

Paul Pendleton

...I have found that Clipboard Magic can handle up to 10,000 clips in one clip file with size greater than 7 MB without any problems in any installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Every person I've installed Clipboard Magic for has loved it....


...thanks for such a great little program! I have tried a number of the "clipboard extenders" and yours is definitely the best!