Common Questions About CyberMatrix Point of Sale

CyberMatrix Point of Sale is a Windows POS software application for retail sales management.

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Q. Which printers will work with CyberMatrix Point Of Sale?

A. Any printer should work with CyberMatrix POS.

Q. Which barcode scanners will work with CyberMatrix POS?

A. Any scanner that generates output as keyboard keystrokes will work with CyberMatrix POS.

Q. I noticed on the POS download page that there is a server and client download. For a setup to run does it need both server and client? For a standalone install, can we just use the client?

A. You only need to use the server if you want to run in client/server mode.

Q. How do I get this program to save the sale so that it is accessible later?

A. When the receipt is printed the sale is saved.

Q. How can I change the receipt to fit a different size of paper?

A. Just edit the report and change the paper size to A5 in Page Options.

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