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CyberMatrix Class Scheduler is an easy to use Windows application for scheduling students classes. The software is ideal for schools and other educational institutions that need to quickly schedule classes.

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F.A.Q. for Class Scheduler - Student Class Scheduling Software

Q. Why does the main schedule screen only have 12:00 AM for it's time intervals?

A. This is because no schedule times have been setup. You do this in the Schedule tab of the Configuration screen. It is very important to setup schedule times. With no schedule times you will not be able to do any scheduling.

Q. Why do I only see a fraction of the day the main schedule screen?

A. The Schedule Times table is not setup correctly. Time records where the Day field is blank are used to setup the schedule's visual time periods. These are the time intervals you see on the schedule. You only have such records for part of the day so these are the only times showing on the schedule.

Q. I need to setup many one-on-one instructor/student pairings. Can Class Scheduler be used for this?

A. Yes Class Scheduler can be used for this purpose. You could setup up a class for each session. Each class should have a capacity of 1. You could use the Auto Schedule by Requirements feature to do this for you. Then setup the student/instructor availability records. Then use the auto schedule students feature to create the pairings.

Q. When I use the Show All Classes view why do all my classes turn grey instead of the colors I assigned?

A. By design, in the Show All Classes view the filtered classes are shown white and the other classes silver (grey). Instead, you can use a blank filter so you can see your colors.

Q. Can people access their schedules remotely from a web browser?

A. There is no web edition of Class Scheduler. You could access it through a web browser using something like Citrix though.

Q. Can Class Scheduler automatically create classes with their own start and end times or do I have to enter that manually?

A. Class Scheduler has a feature called Auto Schedule by Requirements that will automatically create classes with optimal start and end times.

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