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CyberMatrix Event Manager is an easy to use event scheduling software program for scheduling appointments, reserving meeting rooms and scheduling resources

NOTE to customers - the software downloads on this page are beta editions only. Beta software is pre-release software that is in an unfinished state. Beta software is released early in order to show customers the new features, to elicit feedback and to uncover any obscure bugs. Only experienced users should use Beta software. This release is very stable but we can't guarantee that bugs have not slipped through our internal testing process. Do not use this software with important data unless you have made thorough backups. This beta software will expire on 2021-01-01.

Version: 0.91 Size: 7.74 MB

System requirements: Windows 8, 2012 Server, 10, 2016 Server or 2019 Server. Minimum 2 GB RAM, 30 MB HD.

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