Event Manager Feature Matrix

CyberMatrix CyberMatrix Event Manager is a simple to use multi-user calendar application for scheduling events.

Feature Windows Web
Simple meeting room and resource booking check check
Intuitive graphical user interface
check check
Share booking calendars over the network check check
Share booking schedule data over the Internet check check
Software can be accessed by any computer with any web browser check
Good performance with more than 10 simultaneous users check* check
Ability to create and edit reports check
Exchange data with other software by CSV import/export check
Syncronize calendar with other devices using WebDAV check
Choice of back end database check
Scalable to any number of users check check
Requires client software installation check
Runs in web browser check
Data backup and restore check**

*Only when using a client/server database like MS SQL Server or MySQL.

**Only when using the MS Access database.

Event Manager Video Demo

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