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Employee Project Clock is a Windows employee time entry application. This time clock software is useful for companies that must keep track of their employee's time. Employee Project Clock is ideal for companies involved in control engineering, manufacturing, automation, tool and die shops and other job shops.

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F.A.Q. for Employee Project Clock - Employee Time Clock Software

Q. We are having a problem with employees not punching out for lunch. How can we easily fix these time records?
A. If the employee has not yet punched out for the day, the time record can be easily fixed by using the Break for Lunch function. From the main menu choose Clock | Break for Lunch. If the employee has already punched out for the day, you must manually edit the time record in the Data Manager. Find the problem record, copy it and paste. Change the start time of the new record to the lunch end time and change the end time of the original record to the lunch start time.
Q. What are the advantages of using the client/server option of Employee Project Clock over using a shared data folder?
A. With the client/server implementation there will be better performance, less chance of data corruption and the software can be operated from a remote location using an Internet connection.
Q. You have a report that is almost exactly what I need except I want to use the Employee rate not the project rate. How do I build a report that uses the Employee rate instead of the Project rate?
A. If you look in the Examples folder there are several reports that use the Employee rate. e.g. Summary by Task and Project with Employee Rate.fr3 If you can't find the one you need you can create it yourself by using the report editor or ask us to make it for you. Usually we don't charge to build new reports.
Q. I upgraded from a previous version of Employee Project Clock. Why is it not showing my old data?
A. Version 6 of Employee Project Clock requires massive changes to the database. Probably you did not upgrade your data as detailed in the installation instructions. These instructions will be seen during installation. You can also read them by opening the file called readme.rtf.
Q. Is employee Project Clock capable of sharing data with Quickbooks? If so, how is that done?
A. You could import data into QB if you converted an exported CSV file to IIF format.
Q. How can I export a report to Word or Excel?
A. Reports can be saved in RTF format which can be read in Word, or CSV format which can be read by Excel.

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