Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

If you have a technical question that we have not answered here, please email us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

CyberMatrix Software F.A.Q.

Q. I have downloaded and installed your trial edition. Now I want to purchase. Will the purchased edition overwrite my data?
A. No. Our business software was designed to leave existing data intact when upgrading the software. However, as a precaution you should always backup your data prior to upgrading. Any report files you have modified will be overwritten though. When you change a report you should save it with a new file name to prevent it being overwritten.
Q. I have downloaded and installed your trial edition. Now I want to purchase. After purchase do I just enter a key to unlock the trial edition?
A. No. After purchase you will have to install the full software. But you can install right over the trial edition and it will still use your old data. As a precaution always backup your data before upgrading.
Q. I purchased Program X version 2.00. I notice now that version 2.10 is out. If I upgrade will I lose the data I have been working with?
A. No, the setup software leaves your existing data alone. Just install the new version in the same manner as you installed the old version and your old data will remain intact.
Q. We really like your software but desperately need a feature added. Can you add it right now?
A. All customer feature requests are put on a ToDo list but we can't guarantee with certainty when or if the feature will ever be added. If you need a new feature immediately you can pay to have it added. We charge out at $75 US per hour. You can contact us for a quote, including as much detail as possible about how you want the software changed.
Q. We really like your software but would like to talk to some of your customers. Can you refer us to some of your customers in our area?
A. Due to privacy concerns we never give out customer information. You can look on the software's testimonial page for actual customer testimonials. We also have fully functional time-limited trial editions of our software you can try out to see how you like it before ordering.
Q. Do you provide a reseller discount?
A. We do have a reseller program but only for promotional resellers not resellers contacted by customers to handle the sale. For downloadable software resales we offer a 10% discount for registered resellers. For resellers that sell more than $100 per month every month the discount becomes 50%. Such resellers will get back the remaining 40% commission for the first month after they establish themselves for another two months.
Q. I tried to create a new report but when I select the frxDBDataset1, no fields appear. How can I access the fields?
A. You need to add the report's SQL, save, close and then re-open to see the fields. You can choose Help | Getting Started With Custom Reports from the report screen to learn more about creating your own reports.
Q. I tried to modify a report because I need extra fields. When I select the frxDBDataset1, no fields appear. How can I access the fields?
A. You need to modify the report's SQL variable to include the new fields, save, close and then re-open to see the fields. You can choose Help | Getting Started With Custom Reports from the report screen to learn more about changing report datasets.
Q. I tried to customize one of your reports. Now the report no longer works. How can I restore the original report?
A. You can just delete the bad report and reinstall the software to restore the original.
Q. Why do I see the error "There is no default printer selected" when I try to print?
A. You probably have not set a default printer in the 'Control panel - Printers' window.
Q. I purchased Program X version 1.00 several years ago. I got a new machine and tried to reinstall using the download directions I got when I purchased the software. However the link no longer works. What am I doing wrong?
A. We don't maintain downloads for outdated versions on the web site. Existing customers can upgrade to the latest version at a 50% discount though.
Q. What are your support fees?
A. Support for current software by email is free. Phone support for current software during business hours is free. 24 hour paid emergency support is available for a $25 fee per incident. For outdated software, a yearly $100 contract option is available.
Q. What is the time frame for a return email to help get an issue resolved if one arises?
A. It depends on the severity. Urgent issues get a response almost immediately during business hours. Non-urgent issues should get a response within two business days.
Q. I downloaded the trial edition of program X using Internet Explorer but when I tried to run the software I received a message that the setup files were corrupt and to obtain another copy of the software. What am I doing wrong?
A. This is most likely a bug in Internet Explorer. Try downloading the file instead of trying to run it. Save the file to a folder like My Documents not your desktop. We can always email you the file if need be.
Q. I tried to download the trial edition of program X but it said it was not a valid archive. What am I doing wrong?
A. Nothing. Large Zip or Exe archives sometimes become corrupted during the download process. Try emptying your browser cache and try downloading again. If you still can't download, send an e-mail and a trial edition setup file can be e-mailed to you as an attachment.
Q. I tried your X program and like it. Do you have a version that does Z or runs on Y?
A. All CyberMatrix software is listed at the main web site. If you don't see it we don't carry it. If you have a feature request for a particular program feel free to send an e-mail.
Q. My program shows the wrong date format. How can I make the software use the system date format we use?
A. This is probably due to a bug in Windows. Try these steps:
  1. choose Start/Configuration/Regional settings
  2. on the first tab select a different country, e.g. Germany, and press [APPLY]
  3. set the country back to what it should be and press [OK]
  4. Now the software will behave again as expected.
Q. Is it possible to do a silent install of your software?
A. Yes like this:

Setup.exe /SP- /silent /noicons "/dir=c:\Program Files\My Program"

Just change "Setup.exe" to the name of the setup file you want to install and "My Program" to the folder you want the software installed to. Note that in software with multiple install options, the first option will always be chosen with this technique. In this case you can use the /Type parameter like so:

Setup.exe /SP- /silent /noicons "/dir=c:\Program Files\My Program" "/Type=Client Only"
Q. I downloaded Program X and now my anti-virus software says the file is infected with a virus. When are you going to address this?
A. No CyberMatrix software has ever been verified to contain a virus. Most likely you are seeing a false detection. If this ever happens, send us an e-mail detailing the anti-virus software you use, the program claimed to contain a virus, its version and where you downloaded it.