Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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New users to computers and the Internet F.A.Q.

Q. What is Try Before You Buy or Trialware software?
A. Trialware is software which you can try out or demo first. If you decide you like the software, you can then purchase it. When you purchase the program you will either be sent a separate fully functional program and/or you will be sent a registration key file or code with instructions on how to apply the key to your program to unlock it.
Q. I already have program X installed but I downloaded a new version. Should I install to the same location as the older version?
A. The proper way to upgrade to a new version is to backup any important Program X data files first, uninstall Program X and then install the new version of Program X in the same folder. However, many people simply reinstall right over the old version to save time. Make sure Program X is not running when you do this though.
Q. After I downloaded your software and attempted to run it I saw a scary warning message saying "This type of file could harm your computer.". Will your software harm my computer?
A. None of our software has ever contained any type of virus, adware or any other type of malware. This annoying warning is due to Internet Explorer's SmartScreen Filter determining that this download has a low reputation. This reputation is due to entirely superfluous means. SmartScreen does not in any way scan files for malware. To disable SmartScreen in Internet Explorer, click the Tools button and then click Turn on SmartScreen Filter. In the dialog box that appears, select Turn off SmartScreen Filter and click OK. You could also consider using a superior browser like Chrome or Firefox that does not have this annoying and useless feature.
Q. How do I uninstall program X?
A. Click the Start button to bring up the Start Menu. Then choose Settings and then Control Panel. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the program you wish to remove and then click the Add/Remove button. This will uninstall the software. According to Windows development guidelines, no data files created by the user are to be automatically deleted during the uninstall. Therefore there may be a few data files left in the program directory. So if you uninstalled Program X, the folder C:\Program Files\Program X may contain a few data files. You will have to delete these manually.
Q. I downloaded one of your programs called how can I run it?
A. Files ending in .zip are compressed files. To open these files in Windows usually you just have to double-click it and it will open as a folder. If you use an older version of Windows you will need an unzip program such as 7-Zip or WinZip. Once you have installed an unzip program like 7-Zip, when you double-click on a .zip file you will see the contents of the zipped file. Then you can unzip the contents of the zipped file to a temporary file location such as C:\Temp.
Q. OK I figured out how to unzip the file but how do I install the program.
A. To install the program double-click on the installer file, usually called SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE. This will start the installation process.
Q. What is the "system tray"?
A. The Windows system tray is the area to the right or the Windows task bar. Certain programs, including Project Clock and Clipboard Magic, will have small icons here.