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Project Management links

PM Majik - project management articles

Project Management Articles

Project Management Definition and Solutions

Project Manager Today - project management magazine - articles

Project News Today - News about project management

Project Smart - articles on project management

Project Times - on-line project management magazine

Time Clock links

Employers Turn to Biometric Technology to Track Attendance - article on biometric time tracking

Killer Motivating Tactic: Break the Time Clock - article on focusing on goals instead of hours worked.

Time Clocks - Find the most cost-effective solution for your business in our extensive stock of reliable and reasonably priced time clocks.

Time Management links

10 Common Time Management Mistakes

10 Time Management Tips That Work

A personal approach to organizational time management

How do our brains keep track of time? - ‘Interval time’ function may be distributed widely

Steve Pavlina - way outside the box time management

The Productivity Institute - articles

The Problem With Time Management - Vince Thompson

Time Management Techniques and Systems -

Time management: Tips to reduce stress and improve productivity - Mayo Clinic

Business links

Business Plan Resources

Small Business Advice -

Small Business Resources - NFIB

Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs -

Small Business Resources - My Own Business

Small Office and Home Office Information Center 1000's of articles on SOHO opportunities, ideas and strategies. Also provides information on how to run your business efficiently.

Sustainable Business Tips -

The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans

Quickbooks Small Business Center - advice on taxes, payroll and other topics of interest for small business owners.

Software links

Download Software - Windows software, freeware and trialware downloads


FilesWeb - freeware and trialware directory organized by keywords

ResourceFill - Software Downloads

Soft5000 - software directory

Software Busters

SoftPicks - free directory of free and free to try software, scripts, desktop applications

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Link to The Industrial Resource Network