Viewing Reports

To view reports select Booking Reports from the View menu item. Alternatively, select the Reports icon from the toolbar at the top of the main schedule screen. The Reports screen will then appear:

reporting form

This screen allows printing reports of all bookings of one or all resources in a specified time period. The Report screen consists of three parts: filters, sort method and report list.

The filters allow only specific bookings to be seen on the reports. The Resource filter allows you see only the bookings for a specific resource or all resources. The Category filter causes only those booked resources that belong to the specified category to be seen on the reports. The category filter is only useful when the Resource filter is blank. The From and To dates specify that only bookings that occur between these two dates will show on the reports. The Contact filter causes only those bookings that have the specified contact to show on the reports.

The sort method allows the booking data to be sorted by different means. Reports can be sorted by resource, contact, topic or date.

The report list shows all the reports that exist in the Meeting Manager reports folder.

To show the selected report click the preview button at the far left of the tool bar. The report should appear inside your browser.