Schedule View

On a successful log in the following screen will appear.

main calendar

The schedule screen is where you view bookings for the selected resource on the selected day. To choose a different resource select your choice from the Resource pull-down menu. To change the date enter the new date in the Date edit box. Make sure to always use the same date format your server uses when entering dates. The Category filter changes the current resource category. When a category is selected only bookings of resources belonging to the selected category will be shown. To view the new schedule press the Refresh button on the toolbar (the calendar with two green arrows) to update the screen.

Editing and Deleting Bookings

The selected booking item can be edited by selecting Edit Booking from the Bookings menu item. Alternatively you can click the Edit Booking toolbar button. A booking is selected by clicking on the text part, not the title. At this point the booking will turn color, usually light yellow.

To delete a booking item just click on the delete button (red button with a minus sign) in the right corner of the item. Alternatively you can deleted the selected item by choosing Delete Booking from the Booking menu item.

See also: Viewing a Booking

Different views

There are seven different schedule views available to you. Single View, as shown above, shows all bookings for a single resource on a single day. Week At A Glance shows all bookings for the selected resource in the selected week. Weekdays at a Glance shows all the week's weekday bookings for the selected resource. Resources At A Glance shows all bookings for all resources on the selected date. Resources this Week shows the bookings of all resources for the current week. Month At A Glance shows all bookings for the selected resource in the selected month. Resources this Month shows all bookings of all resources in the selected month.

To select a different view choose the desired view from the View menu item.