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CyberMatrix Project Clock is copyright (C) 1997-2012, by CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. All rights reserved.

Anything not explicitly allowed below is prohibited.

Please note that Project Clock is not free software. You may freely evaluate the trial version for the period of 30 non-consecutive days. After that period, a license for the program must be purchased from CyberMatrix or the software must be completely removed from your network and all your computers.

This software is provided "as is". In no event shall CyberMatrix be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of this software. This software has been written with great care but CyberMatrix does not warrant that the software is entirely error free.

You may not attempt to reverse compile, modify or disassemble the software in whole or in part.

You may freely distribute the trial version of Project Clock, provided that all the files are included and are unmodified and that no files have been added to the package. Please distribute it by copying the original distribution file.