Multi-Language Support

This program can be configured to support almost any language. Currently only English is supported. However, users of this software may easily create support for their own language.

This software uses language files to store all its internal text strings. These files end with the .lng extension. All language files are stored in a folder called Languages which can be found inside the Data folder. The Data folder is found inside the folder this software was installed into.

To create a language file for your language do the following:

Simply open the existing English.lng file with any text editor such as Notepad.

You will see that the language file is split into two sections [Translations] and [Messages]. To convert to your language replace all the strings to the right of the equal sign (=) with your language's equivalent. Do not translate the text to the left of the equal sign. You do not have to convert lines starting with ; as these are comment lines and are ignored by the translator. You should not convert any text between square brackets [] as these are very important to the translator.

Note that menu captions use the ampersand (&) to enable a hot key on the character following it.

Finally, save the modified text file to the name of your language, e.g. Francais.lng.

To try out your language file click the Language pull-down list from the General tab of the Options screen, select your language and press OK.

Please be sure to send us your translations so we can allow everyone else to use your language with this software as well. Contributors will be noted on this page.