To manage items choose Tools | Manage Items from the main screen menu. The following screen will appear:

Manage Items

This screen will allow you to view information on each item. You can also use this form to add or edit item information. To view information on an item, select the item from the Item pull-down list. To edit information on the currently listed item press the Edit button. The fields will now allow changes to them and the Save button will become enabled. After making your changes press the Save button. To add a new item, press the New button. All the fields will become blank allowing you to enter new information. When you are finished entering information press the Save button to add the new item. To delete the current item click the Delete button.

The items listed here will show up in the Item selector list in the main billing screen. 

Fields Explained

The Item field is a unique identifier for the item. Every different item must have it's own unique ID. The duration field indicates how long using this item in an appointment will take.