Recording Time

After successfully logging in the following screen will appear:
billing screen

Punching In

To start billing time for a project select a Project from the Project pull-down list. You may also select an optional Client, Task and Item as well. Manually enter the start time into the In field and press the Tab key or click the In button to enter the current time. Note that for time entry you must use the exact same time format as used on the server machine that hosts Project Clock Web.

Punching out

Re-enter the project information you were previously working on if they are not already on the screen. Enter an Item, Amount and a Comment if you wish and then press the Out hyperlink to enter the current time in the Out field and press the Tab key.

If the Allow Manual Time Edits option is unset, the billing screen will instead look like this:

time billing screen

In this mode you cannot type in any times. To punch in press the In button. To punch out, enter an optional comment and then press the Out button.