Entering Time sheets

To enter a weeks worth of time in one setting use the Time sheet feature. From the top of the main billing screen chose the Time Sheet hyperlink. A form like this should appear:

Time sheet entry form

To add time for the week first enter the week start date in the top left corner. This is the first day of the week for the period you wish to enter time for. The date will default to last week's start date. Next click in the first white cell of the time sheet grid. A pull-down list will appear. If desired select the Client you wish to enter hours for. Tab over and similarly enter a Project or Task if you wish. Then tab over to enter the number of hours worked on that project for the week. Include an optional comment note for the work. Repeat for any additional projects you have billed time to for the week. When you are finished press the Save button (the icon of the purple floppy disk in the upper left corner). This will save the time data to the database.

Time sheet data can also be edited using the time sheet entry form. If you enter a week for which you already have time saved this time will show up on the time sheet form when you tab out of the Week Start Date field or press the Load Timesheet icon. You may change this time or add new time. When you save the changed time sheet the original records will be replaced by the new records.

To return to the main billing screen press the Record Time hyperlink at the top of the screen.