Adding a New Appointment

To add a new appointment select Add Appointment from the Appointments menu item. Alternatively you can just click the Add Appointment icon on the toolbar. This icon has a picture of a calendar with a plus sign in the corner. The Add Appointment screen will then appear:

add appointment screen

Change the From time to whenever you wish your appointment to start and the To time to when you wish your appointment to end. The Person, Date, From and To fields must be filled in to add an appointment. All other fields are optional.


Changes the current person. Click the ellipsis button on the right to bring up an person selector window of available people. Select a person by clicking on that person. To select multiple people hold down the Ctrl key when clicking an person. To deselect all people right click anywhere on the white area and choose Unselect all from the pop-up menu.

Appointment start time

Time that the appointment will begin.

Appointment end time

Time the appointment will end.

Appointment topic

Describes what the appointment is about.

Appointment notes

Indicates any extra notes regarding the appointment.


Indicates which client the appointment pertains to. 

Appointment Status

Indicates the status of an appointment.

Appointment room

Room that the appointment will take place in.

Appointment color

The color the appointment will be in the schedule grid. To choose a color click the little box and a color selector will appear allowing you to choose a new color.


The Room field indicates in which room the appointment will take place. Note that no two appointments can take place in the same room at the same time.


The Invoice field is only used for billing purposes.


The CC field is for listing local or Internet e-mails addresses, separated by spaces, of those attending a meeting. If the Notify Person on Change option is set in the program, all people in this field will be e-mailed a message when the appointment is changed in any way. 


The Items field shows any items needed for the appointment. Click the ellipsis button on the right to bring up an Item selector window. Select an item by clicking on it. To select multiple items hold down the Ctrl key when clicking an item. To deselect all items right click anywhere on the white area and choose Unselect all from the pop-up menu.

Appointment Frequency

When adding a new appointment it is possible to book the person at a certain recurring frequency.

People can be booked with the following frequencies:

One Time

The person will be booked only on the supplied date.


Selecting the first option, the person will be booked every weekday.

Selecting the second option, the person will be booked every day of the week.


Selecting this option, people will be booked every x weeks on the chosen days. For example, to have your appointment recur every 2 weeks on the same day you would enter a 2 in the edit box.


Selecting the first option will cause your appointment to recur every x months. So, to book a person on the same day of the week every quarter, you would enter a 4 in the edit box.

Selecting the second option allows for complex monthly scheduling. People can be booked on every First, Second, Third, Fourth or Last weekday of every x months.

End Date

All recurring events may be halted by selecting an "Until" date. This date specifies the last date that appointments will take place for the recurring event.

When you have finished entering information for the appointment press the Save button to add the appointment.

If you are using the software to allow clients to book appointments and pay for them on-line the Sale Screen will appear.

Sale Screen

The client will enter their credit card details and a tax amount (if any) and press the Process button to pay for the appointment. If the sale is successful the screen will close. If the sale did not succeed and error message will be seen in the status window. The client can try again or press the Close button to cancel the appointment.