CyberMatrix feels a strong sense of commitment to meeting the requirements of its customers and potential customers. Please feel free to contact CyberMatrix at any time regarding what you did or didn't like about the product.* Is anything missing, broken or can something be improved? The greatest effort possible will be made to timely incorporate customer suggestions into future versions of this product.

Customizations unique to your company's requirements can be performed for a negotiated fee. Contact CyberMatrix for details.

Technical Support

Technical support by e-mail is free of charge for all existing and potential CyberMatrix customers*. Emergency phone support is available for a $25 (US) per incident fee.

Please be sure you have searched the help and the CyberMatrix web site first before requesting support.

Please send any comments or suggested improvements to CyberMatrix

* Please assign a single representative of your company to contact CyberMatrix regarding support issues. Feedback is welcomed from anyone but only the designated support representative will be guaranteed a response.