Pro Schedule Conduit Tutorial

The Pro Schedule Palm Conduit allows the sharing of appointment data between Cybermatrix Pro Schedule and the Palm's DateBook application. When using the conduit data from the Palm will be synchronised with data on Pro Schedule and data on Pro Schedule will be synchronized with data on the Palm.

NOTE 1: This conduit will not work correctly if you are not also synching the Palm DateBook database to the Palm PC Datebook application. When using the Pro Schedule conduit you must also synch to the Palm PC Datebook application. Also when deleting appointments from the Palm you should never check the "Save archive copy on PC" option.

NOTE 2: This conduit can only be used with Pro Schedule v3 and above. Before using this software ensure you have backed up your Pro Schedule data and your Palm data. Palm data can be backed by using BackupBuddy

Installing the conduit

From the Pro Schedule download page click on the Pro Schedule Palm OS conduit download link.

A save dialog something like this will pop up.

Press the save button to save it somewhere on your disk. Make a note of where you saved it as you may need to launch the self-extracting archive later.

After the file is saved you might have the option of running the self-extracting download file.

If so press the Open button. If not you will need to find where you downloaded the file and launch it manually.

Again make a note of where you are extracting the files to. Press the Unzip button to extract the conduit files. Using Windows Explorer go to the folder you unzipped the conduit files to.

Now just run the pInstaller.exe program by double-clicking it. (Look for the file with the gray icon of two small devices connected by wires.) Follow through the prompts. At this point the conduit should be installed and ready for hotsynching.

Setting up the conduit

Before using the Pro Schedule conduit you must ensure you have created a Palm user name that is identical to the name used to schedule your appointments in Pro Schedule. Only this person's appointments will be synched between the Palm and Pro Schedule. That is, if your appointments are stored in the Appointment database under the name "Dr. Payne" you must have a Palm user name called "Dr. Payne" as well. If you fail to do this records that have been imported from the Palm will not be associated with you and you will not be able to see or use these records.

Adding or Changing Palm Users

If you need to add or change a Palm user name you must use the Palm Desktop application. Choose Users from the Tools menu. The Users dialog box will pop up. To rename a Palm user to a Pro Schedule name click the Rename button. Enter the Pro Schedule user name and press OK. To add a new Palm user press the New button.

Using the Conduit

To use the conduit just perform a hotsync as you usually would.


If your appointment data is not synching with the Palm check the HotSync.log file. Inside the Palm Program folder you'll find a folder with the same name as your Palm user name. Inside this folder is the HotSync.log file.