Purchase Information

You may freely evaluate the trial version Pro Schedule without any costs for the period of 30 days. If you wish to continue using the program after 30 days, you must purchase it from CyberMatrix. If you do not wish to purchase the program after 30 days you must uninstall it from your computer.

After 30 non-consecutive days from the time of installation the software will cease functioning.


The following license rates apply to the CyberMatrix Pro Schedule program (in US dollars):

Pro Schedule Standard / Web

single license $100
additional seat $50
10 seats $500
25 seats $1000
50 seats $1500
100 seats $2000

Company Site License $3500. (For up to ten different sites.)

Pro Schedule Client/Server / Enterprise

single license $200
additional seat $75
10 seats $800
25 seats $1750
50 seats $3000
100 seats $5000

Company Site License $6500. (For up to ten different sites.)

Shipping options

Internet download: FREE
Ship CD by mail: $5 ($10 registered)
Ship CD via courier: $30 ($60 outside North America)
Direct funds transfer: $10 (for orders under $300)

Non-profit Discount

Not for profit agencies are entitled to a 10% discount when software is purchased directly from CyberMatrix.


There are several ways to purchase Pro Schedule:

All CyberMatrix software can be purchased directly from CyberMatrix by secure web form, fax, phone, purchase order, funds transfer or by regular postal (snail) mail. Note that all prices are in U.S. dollars.


For fax orders click here to fill out the order form and fax to 1-866-425-2670.

Internet Secure Server

Licenses can also be purchased by credit card on the Internet using a secure server. See the CyberMatrix store web page at http://www.cyber-matrix.com for details.


For phone orders using a credit card you may phone CyberMatrix directly at 1-866-425-2670.

Toll Free

For phone orders by credit card, call toll free in Canada and the U.S.: 1-888-664-0383.

Purchase Order

Companies and government agencies may purchase this software by way of purchase orders. Standard credit references are required before PO's may be processed. This information may be faxed to 1-866-425-2670.

Funds Transfer

Funds may be transferred directly from your bank account to ours. Contact us for account information. There is an additional $10 charge on orders under ($300) for using this option.

Snail Mail

To purchase a license, print out the registration form and send a company check or money order (in US funds) to:

CyberMatrix Corporation
P.O. Box 76081
240 70 Shawville Blvd SW
Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z0

After Purchasing

After you have purchased Pro Schedule, if you did not order the software on disk, you will receive instructions on obtaining the commercial version of Pro Schedule and a registration key that will register the program to you or your organization. You may use the registration key with as many copies of Pro Schedule as you have purchased licenses for, installed on as many computers. More than one person is allowed to use one licensed copy of the software on the same computer, as long as no two people use it at the same time. Just like a book can be read by many people, but only by one person at a time.

If more than one person needs to use the software at the same time, you must purchase a license for each person. Discounts apply for bulk purchases.

When your order and payment has been received and you did not order the software on disk, you will promptly be emailed a registration key. It is therefore important to include a valid email address when you place your order. Instructions will be provided on how to use the registration key.

Upgrade Information

All registered users of Pro Schedule are guaranteed all future product revisions, both major and minor will be provided free of charge for a minimum of six months after the date of purchase.

Any major revisions after six months may accompany an upgrade fee that will be not more than 50% of the suggested retail price for said revision.

All upgrades will be made available for electronic download.

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