Time Billing

The Billing Screen allows you to create, print and administer invoices.

To access the Billing screen choose Tools | Billing from the main screen menu. The following screen will appear:
Billing screen

The billing screen consists of the toobar at the top, the Invoice Details section, the Filter section and the grid tab at the bottom. The first tab on the grid tab shows all invoices that match the current client filter. The Time tab lists all billable time that matches the client filter. The Expenses tab lists all the expenses that matches the client filter.

If a client was selected on the main screen, the billing screen will show only invoices from that client. Otherwise all client invoices will be shown. To show invoice data for another client simply choose that client from the Client pull-down list. Setting a blank client will show data for all clients.

To load an invoice simply click on that invoice link in the bottom grid. To edit that invoice click the edit button on the toolbar. To save the edited invoice click the Save button on the toolbar. To delete the invoice click the delete button on the toobar. To add a new invoice click the Add Invoice button on the toolbar. In the Invoice Details section enter the invoice details and press the Save button when you are done.

To generate an invoice, first set the date and project filters to select only those records for which you want to invoice. Select the Invoice radio button on the report selector box and press OK. A dialog box will pop up with a new invoice number. If you want to use a different number, enter it here. Press OK. The invoice should now show on the screen.

Note: if you make a mistake and need to redo the invoice, you must enter the invoice number you used before.