Managing Data

The Data Manager screen allows viewing and editing of all Timesheets data. To bring up this screen click the Data Manager link on the top of the screen. The following screen should pop up:

data manager screen

The default Data Manager screen is used to access all the database table used in Timesheets and to run SQL queries.

Editing Table Data

All the database tables used in Timesheets show up at the top. You can click a table to see the data entry form for that table. For example, here we clicked on the Employee Time table link:
Employee time data entry

The Data navigator Bar

The bar of icons above the table list is the data navigator. The data navigator is for navigating the records of the current table. The first button |< will move to the first record of the current table. The second button < will move to the previous record. The third button > will move to the next record. The fifth button >| will move to the last record. The ^ button will allow the current record to be edited. The + button will add a new record. The - button will delete the current record. The button with the floppy disc will save changes made to the current record. The last button refreshes the current table to show the latest changes made to it.

To add a new record press the + button on the data navigator bar. A blank record field will appear. Enter data in the fields and press the check mark on the data navigator bar. This saves the record changes. With Internet Explorer you will see a button called post instead of a check mark.