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CyberMatrix Meeting Manager is an simple to use Windows calendar application for planning meeting room reservations.

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F.A.Q. for Meeting Manager - Meeting Room Scheduler

Q. I upgraded from a previous version of Meeting Manager. Why is it not showing my old data?

A. Version 8 of Meeting Manager requires massive changes to the database. Probably you did not upgrade your data as detailed in the installation instructions. These instructions will be seen during installation. You can also read them by opening the file called readme.rtf.

Q. Why do we now get the message: " Your schedule end date is earlier than today" whenever we try to add a new booking?

A. Check the Schedule end date setting in the Date/Time tab of your configuration screen. It is probably earlier than today. Unset the Default end Date option and then set the Schedule end date setting to a date in the future like five years from now.

Q. Can the schedule screens be printed?

A. Yes, just choose View | Schedule Report from the main menu.

Q. Is there a way we can have certain users only able to view not edit or add meeting?

A. Yes, just enable security and set the "Login To Book" option. This effectively gives view only rights to most users.

Q. Why doesn't auto-fill work? Whenever I try to type in a client name when adding an appointment it won't let me as it tries to fill it in with an old client.

A. The auto-fill is working just as it was intended to. You can press the Delete key to remove the auto-filled text you don't need.

Q. I entered all of our meeting rooms in the Resources table using the Data Manager. Then in the Equipment Bookings table I entered all of our individual equipment (i.e. sound systems, projectors, TVs, etc.). But when I click on box next to the equipment field, I get no list. Is there something that I need to do for that to show up?

A. All Equipment should be entered in the Resources table not the Equipment Bookings table and must be assigned to the Equipment category.

Q. Can we use the data from the Standard edition with the Web or Client/Server edition?

A. Yes you can either export to CSV and import on the other system or just copy the files over. To use the data from Meeting Manager Standard perform these steps:
1. Make a backup of your existing old data
2. Copy all the files from your old data folder over to the new data folder on your server.

Q. How do I input Attendees so I can use the pull-down list to select them when I go to add a booking?

A. You must populate the Contacts table in the Data Manager.

Q. When we change the name of a resource why are all the current bookings deleted? For example, if Room 42 is renamed to Room 40 all the bookings we made before hand will deleted.

A. The bookings aren't deleted, they are still booked to the old room name. See the Data Manager. If you want to change resource names you'll also have to change the resource name for all the bookings in the Bookings table.

Q. Why is it that when we want to see if there is anything at all booked for a range of time, the Any Resource feature doesn't work, i.e., nothing shows up?

A. The Any Resource feature is a way to search for available resources, it has nothing to do with the schedule display.

Q. I enabled security and now we are always asked for a password. Is there some kind of default password?

A. The default password for all security levels is "magic". To ensure you have a secure system change the passwords immediately. Write down the new passwords and store them in a secure location such as the company safe.

Q. How do we setup Meeting Manager to use the e-mail capabilities? We use Outlook for email. I notice that on the General tab of the Meeting Manager configuration screen, the SMTP Mail Host is named "mail".

A. Here's how to find the SMTP server using Outlook Express 5. From the Outlook Express menu choose Tools | Accounts. Select the mail tab. Click the Properties button. Click the Servers button. Use in Meeting Manager whatever is in the SMTP box.

Q. How can I change the name in the bookings Booked By field?

A1. You can change this field using the Data Manager screen. In Data Manager choose the Bookings radio button on the left. In the grid on the right navigate down to the record you want to change, tap the Tab key until you get to the LoginID field. Click once to get into edit mode. Make your changes and click on another record to save the changes to that record.

A2. If you have v4 and are logged in as Administrator you can change the Booked By field from the Edit Booking screen.

A3. Your machine login is used for the Booked By field. To change the default value you would
need to change your machine login.

Q. How can I make Meeting Manager run faster?

A. You can try the following:

1. Install the program on every user's machine and point to only the data on a shared network location instead of merely using a shortcut to a network install.
2. If using the Standard edition with multiple installs make sure the Data Location setting is identical on all installs by using mapped drives or UNC paths. See the following video tutorial for an example: Sharing file server application data with multiple users (
3. Frequently archive old bookings using the Data Manager.
4. Set a default end date to a closer date, for example one year from today.
5. If you use the Auto Refresh feature, set it higher, e.g. 300 (5 minutes).
6. For non-enterprise editions, turn off anti-virus software, or configure it to NOT scan *.EDB* files (.DAT, .IDX, .BLB files on older versions) (or simply your database folder).
7. Use a wired network instead of wireless which is much slower.
8. For non-enterprise editions, upgrade to v8 which uses a more efficient database engine.
9. If you have the Standard edition consider upgrading to the Client/Server edition.
10. If you use the Enterprise edition ask your DBA to optimize indexes for best performance.

See also: Database/Multi-user Software F.A.Q.

Q. I notice that the Notes field maintains all previous entries. Is there a way to clear this on a desktop or in general (i.e. all clients)?

A. Notes entries in the Notes pull-down list are stored in a file called Notes.txt in the user Application Data\CyberMatrix\MeetingManager folder. E.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\CyberMatrix\MeetingManager.

Meeting Manager Client/Server F.A.Q.

Q. I install the Client/Server edition of Meeting Manager. But when I run the client I get an 10061 error. What is wrong?

A. What this means is the client cannot connect to the server application. Ensure that the Meeting Manager Server application is running on a machine on your network and that the IP Address for that machine has been entered and saved in the server configuration screen. Finally make sure that the CMMan.Ini containing this IP Address has been copied down to each of the client installs.

Q. When I attempt to install the workstation software, it comes back with a message that it cannot find the server and comes back with a local host address. What am I doing wrong?

A. You need to copy over the server's CMMan.ini file as well. This is how the client know what the server's IP address is.

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Martin Wynn, Cosy Hall Administrator

Just to say that we find the Meeting Manager excellent and it is invaluable to the running of our Community Hall.

Dana, Doylestown Rock Gym

Thanks for all the support. I have just started training my staff on how to use the system and they love it. It is quick and very user friendly. The security features work out great since we have a number of staff that need to look at the screen but aren't trained to book.

Julia D. Ashmun, Jotun Business Corporation

After reviewing several dozen room scheduling and even managing software applications, we narrowed this list to six vendors that drastically ranged in price. After the first demo to our constituents, the selection was down to two with one having the unanimous vote - CyberMatrix´s Meeting Manager...