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Project Clock is an easy to use project time tracking software program. Project Clock is useful for engineers, consultants, lawyers, contractors, project managers or anyone else who must accurately record time billed to different projects or tasks.

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We were looking for an easy-to-use time tracking tool, and Project Clock definitely fits our needs. We thought of creating one in house, but with this great little tool, we saved a ton of development time. We use it in the
office from our desktops, or on the web when we travel. Great support. Thanks, Cybermatrix!

Darko Hrgovic
Technical Direction
Djwastrategies and Communications

I love the UI - both the small always-on-top part, and the data manager! Of the 6 or so others I downloaded and tried, none came close, and some where really laughable. I'm not sure what they are thinking when they design similar programs that don't have any way to go back and add the 6 hours you spent at a meeting yesterday. Some make you work though endless input screens, instead of giving direct access to the tables ([a competing product] got uninstalled after about 5 minutes on this account)...Thanks for producing such a cool little tool.

Linda Eskin
Granite Hills Design
User Interface Consulting, Technical Documentation, Web Site Design

Your program is by far the easiest and best I have ever used. Project Clock has become a critical tool for my business and I cannot imagine life without it at this point. I think the money I spent on this program was worth every cent...

I welcome any prospective customer to contact me personally if you want to know about Project Clock. How many happy customers are willing to do that? Project Clock did not really cost me a thing because I was able to track "lost" hours working on projects that I normally did not charge my clients. One or two clicks and it was working seamlessly in the background. The reports are the true kicker...simple...easy to read and they integrate with the invoice function. My clients appreciate a professional invoice this program delivers. I would call this the "killer app" of the future for any size business.

Fred D. Winchar
QuadW International

Project Clock Pro has been implemented in the Data Centre Services department of our company to provide accurate time tracking for all staff. For management the savings have been a major reduction in the time staff spend recording tasks vs working on tasks. This is based on that fact that it takes the effort out of time writing by providing the staff with a simple and interactive method of data input. Finally, the support of the product and the implementation of requested enhancements (i.e.: Synchronize feature) has been outstanding.

David Hindby
Operations Analyst/DBA
Hitachi Data Systems (Australia)

...the benefit of your software is that I don't have to take [very much] time to use it and thus it is doing exactly what I need it to do.

I had a time clock that came with Quicken's Quick Books Pro but it was too cumbersome to use. Other time schedulers were already on my computer, but if I have to take the time to write in a description of everything I do, it would take too long and thus be counter productive. Your software makes it easy to switch tasks quickly and get on with what I need to do. have implemented several suggestions I've sent you in the past and I appreciate the fact I can deal with someone who listens to their customers and is responsive. I can only imagine the bureaucracy a suggestion would have to go through at Quicken to implement a user's change.

...we paid a great deal of money for a nationally known consultant to come in to help us organize our business and one of the first things they made us do was keep track of our time. They had forms we had to fill out and that was such a waste of time in itself that it forced me to look and find your software. It enabled me to track my time easily without filling out all the forms and it does help business people to know how they spend their time even if they aren't in a time-billing situation.

...I appreciate your ongoing assistance in making the product even more useful as time goes on.

Tom Kendall

As a Law Enforcement consultant, I was looking for a ‘quick, down and dirty’ management and billing program. I downloaded over 15 different programs and all were either too cumbersome or time consuming to bother with. UNTIL I found Project Clock. As with any government bureaucracy, all projects are given names (usually silly acronyms), but the bean counters only want the project codes to properly charge the project. Viola!!, Project Clock does just want Big Brother asks for. Thanks for using the KISS principle.

William L. Stillman

...I really do like Project Clock. It makes my work much more efficient and I can see, exactly the billable hours I am working. I was losing money just guessing at how many hours I was working...I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to complete a project. This is dangerous in billing and estimating projects. For a $35 investment I will save thousands! Project Clock let me track project time to minute detail including client phone calls, email responses and internal administrative work. Project Clock keeps me on task.

James Ingram

I have been using the program for years now and it is definitely a great
help since punching in and out is really just a few clicks. Especially
helpful when I am on site at a customer's office, billing my time away, and
in between other customers phone me, so I have to interrupt billing to the
"main" customer and register time for those who call instead - that just
works fine with project clock.

Derk Jan Bellink (2012-05-08)
Consultant BMD ERP Software, Software development
OIT Hans Wondraczek GmbH, Business Consultants, Austria

I love your web site and I just bought Project Clock – after demo-ing the product, it’s so perfect for what we need!

I couldn’t repress a giggle when reading the “thank you for your order page”

You folks are real people and I just have to tell you that it is appreciated!

I work with online ordering systems for our customers, and some people can be so brutal and forget that the person helping them is another human! I’m not a machine, and neither are you, and others shouldn’t expect us to work like that, thank you!

I look forward to utilizing my purchase, and a long relationship with CyberMatrix.

Joyce Keller
E Business Manager
ImageMark Business Services, Inc.
Gastonia, NC

...I think the product is a wonderful little application that I find extremely useful (I'm a Vancouver, B.C - based consulting computer engineer) and it saves me an absolute pile of time for record-keeping. Good job.

Nick Bryant
Dundarave Technologies Inc.

Firstly love the product. I have just finished using the beta version of project clock and am ready to buy the package. It was easy to set up, modify and basically use, I keep track of hours billable to a number of clients from support requests, by the way I am an independent contractor work in the IT industry.

Bill Kennedy

I'd ... like to take this opportunity to let you know how nice it's
been dealing with you since I began using Project Clock. The service has never been less than wonderful, and that's a bit rare these days.

Diane L. Rainaud
System Consultants

Project Clock is a vital piece of software for anyone who spends most of their time at a PC, and needs to be able to account and bill for that time! It saves me hours of manual logging and billing time every week. I strongly recommend it!

Orrin Charm

Thank You!

Project Clock is, by far, the best time tracking solution I've found. No other product that I've tried has come close in ease of use and features. Installation as an NT service was also flawless...


Bill Nobes

First, thanks for Project Clock! It's an excellent tool -- the best and most efficient time-tracking software I've found. Brilliant move putting it in the system tray: it's great to have it always at hand but never in the way. My favourite thing, though, is that at the end of the day I have more billable time since I've started using Proj Clock -- I lose less time to those things that I wasn't bothering to track on paper, like dozens of short phone calls and quick e-mails every day. They add up.

Darcy Latremouille

I'm an auditor. I tried the trial version of [Project Clock] before buying. I use it for tracking my time, since I have several projects underway at any one time. I appreciate the ease, and simplicity of the program. Most other programs I tested wanted to deal with time cards and pay checks, etc. [Project Clock] did just what I needed, without additional information or input required. Thanks, I really like your program, and have spread the word to other auditors in my agency!

BJ Suggs

Project Clock is the quickest and easiest method I've ever used to record times for billing clients. I am a CPA and run a small part time accounting practice from home. Time is precious, so I'm always on the lookout for efficient, time saving programs. Project Clock certainly fits in this [category]. I rank it as one of my best "finds" on the Net...

Ray McCabbin

...thanks for an excellent piece of software!...I'm a Chartered landscape architect in the UK and use Project Clock on my PC and Palm to log my work. It saves me hours and hours every month!

Claire Thirlwall

Thirlwall Associates Ltd

Thank you very much. We are a computer consulting and training company and I was very excited to find this software...I can't ever seem to keep track of my time and I was looking for something that would let me punch in and out like a time clock. Your software [is] perfect.

Eleonora Morrell
Technology Consultant, MicroKnowledge, Inc

Thanks. It's a great piece of software - delighted I found it. Am passing on recommendations whenever the opportunity arises.

Peter Clifford

You guys are lookin' good! Good product; now good support.

I know I need to upgrade (still in ver. 6.0+) and really learn how to utilize your product more fully, but, so far, it has served my needs well. I'm a writer for hire and Project Clock Pro has helped me charge for my time more efficiently.


Ed Blackburn

By the way great product!! It's exactly what I needed. My dry-erase board was getting far too cluttered with dates and hours.

Lorne Whitlock
Pork Coffee

Nice little program, works well. As a consultant, it really helps me track my time easily. Good job.

Rob Squirrell
Principal Consultant, Stroma Service Consulting Inc.

Just ordered the upgrade, I love Project Clock- it's easy to use and it works. Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!

Liz Manicatide
Emphasis Creative

...Project Clock is marvelous for anyone charging by time, and with the virtual assistant market going from strength to strength, this programme should be a real bonus. My invoicing only takes me a fraction of the time it used to.

Delia Hirst

I work at home and do a lot of word processing and other work [that requires] me to keep track of how much time I spend on a specific project so I can charge per hour for that work.

Your program [Project Clock] is exactly what I need to do the job !! I've tried other similar [programs] but they don't come close to what [Project Clock] can do, it's perfect for the job. Easy to use, fast and accurate, and it doesn't [require] much system resources. About the registration time, half an hour is really fast, thanks! It's perfect and if you make any upgrade, I want to be the first to have it !!!

Thanks again for your good work !

Jacques Gagne

...Your support was above and beyond anything I've ever been accustomed to receiving. Believe me, it is appreciated.

Bill Gill

Discovering [Project Clock] has made an enormous difference to my life for the better. It is surprising how much more accurate allocation of time has become when compared with paper records or even 'estimates'.... It is incredible that such a comparatively small programme can bring [so] many large benefits in time and sanity. You are to be congratulated.

Roger Lawrence

This is a wonderful program and you are great to work with-so quick, efficient and friendly...We have dealt with you for several years and you have always treated us the same. Even when I have had difficulty explaining the issue or what I would like in the program you have worked with me in such a friendly manner and always succeeded in getting the job done. It is sincerely appreciated.

Mary Seiger
Landmark Engineering

Love the Project Clock. It is one of the best investments I have made for my business.

Mark A. Fly
Fly Consulting
College Station, TX

I used [Project Clock] for a month before I registered it, and it is just what I need. I'm a Tool & Die designer and this program was just the ticket for keeping my billing in order.

Richard Engstrom

...great little program. It does exactly what I need to do!

Carol Cureton

I have evaluated (and love) [Project Clock]...I want to thank you for creating a simple, easy to use, tool that doesn't attempt to do what it doesn't need to.

Ken Porter

It's a great product, and a terrific value.

Alexander Auerbach

Fantastic customer support response! You guys are great. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Dan Greenberg
Utilization Review Consultants

...thanks for a nice and well thought-out product!

Jürgen Falch
Punapau Studios

Thank you for your prompt response and creating such a useful product.

David Hanley

...I really, really like this program.

Janeson T. Keeley, Web Site Consultant

Used many, many years ago. Still the most straightforward and simple.

Lisa C Trumble

I just want to say that Project Clock Pro is working well for me and is making time tracking very easy.
I particularly like the SQL interface, with it I can very easily interface into my other systems.
Keep up the good work.

Frank Kolmann
Revlon Australia

...having Project Clock available to clock my time is just so much better than the (manual) alternative...

Derek Vair

love the software. I've been using it for several months and it greatly simplifies my project tracking.

Mike Peredo
BC, Canada

Thank you! Quick and reliable service: this I don't find in Italy.

Silvia Nava

I am really enjoying using Project Clock Pro 9.03 and recommend it to all my associate Virtual Finance Directors.

James Shand
vfdnet, UK

I do love this program simple and straight forward to use!

Frances Wheeler (2012-06-12)
Wheeler Design

Thanks for a great product! I have been using it since Version 3.0.

Jeff Erickson (2014-09-17)
Navigant Consulting

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Latest Testimonials

Frances Wheeler, Wheeler Design

I do love this program simple and straight forward to use!

Derk Jan Bellink, Consultant BMD ERP Software, Austria

I have been using the program for years now and it is definitely a great help since punching in and out is really just a few clicks. Especially helpful when I am on site at a customer's office, billing my time away, and in between other customers phone me, so I have to interrupt billing to the "main" customer and register time for those who call instead...

Claire Thirlwall, Thirlwall Associates Ltd.

I've used Project Clock Pro by CyberMatrix for years for time recording. Very inexpensive and lots of easy reports.

Mary Seiger, Landmark Engineering

Perfect! We really appreciate it. This is a wonderful program and you are great to work with-so quick, efficient and friendly.

James Shand, Director, vfdnet, UK

I am really enjoying using Project Clock Pro 9.03 and recommend it to all my associate Virtual Finance Directors.