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Project Clock is an easy to use project time tracking software program. Project Clock is useful for engineers, consultants, lawyers, contractors, project managers or anyone else who must accurately record time billed to different projects or tasks.

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Latest Testimonials

Jeff Erickson, Director, Navigant Consulting

Thanks for a great product! I have been using it since Version 3.0.

Frances Wheeler, Wheeler Design

I do love this program simple and straight forward to use!

Derk Jan Bellink, Consultant BMD ERP Software, Austria

I have been using the program for years now and it is definitely a great help since punching in and out is really just a few clicks. Especially helpful when I am on site at a customer's office, billing my time away, and in between other customers phone me, so I have to interrupt billing to the "main" customer and register time for those who call instead...

Claire Thirlwall, Thirlwall Associates Ltd.

I've used Project Clock Pro by CyberMatrix for years for time recording. Very inexpensive and lots of easy reports.

Mary Seiger, Landmark Engineering

Perfect! We really appreciate it. This is a wonderful program and you are great to work with-so quick, efficient and friendly.