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For Immediate Release 2011-05-31
Contact: Mike Fullerton (250)503-1009

Employee Project Clock Version 7 Released

CyberMatrix has released version 7 of Employee Project Clock, a Windows employee time recording application. Employee Project Clock is used by companies to record the work times of several employees from one or more workstations. Version 7 of Employee Project Clock contains several important improvements. The most significant change in version 7 is the addition of biometric fingerprint scanning technology to allow the fast and secure log in of employees. Full Unicode support was added to allow translations of all multi-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Employee Project Clock now has the option of running in client/server mode for better data integrity, performance and remote access. Windows Mobile support has also been added. Employee Project Clock can now sync with the Windows Mobile edition of Project Clock CE.

Mike Fullerton, general manager at CyberMatrix was very pleased with this new release. "This is the biggest release of Employee Project Clock ever. Its been almost four years since version 6 was released but I'm very happy with the hard work that went into version 7. For some time customers have been requesting a way to have employees log in quickly and yet prevent employees from punching in for other employees. The fingerprint scannning technology we've added does just that. Instead of entering a login ID and password, employees just press their finger on a fingerprint reader. The Unicode support will help the software make inroads into hot new markets such as Asia that use different character sets." Fullerton also touts the benefits of the new client/server mode. "Previous versions of Employee Project Clock allowed multi-user access using network file sharing. The problem with such file server implementations is that your data can be more easily compromised. If any one machine loses the database connection through network instability or an improper shutdown, database tables can be corrupted which requires re-indexing maintenance. Client-server mode dramatically minimizes this situation by having the client software send data requests to a server instead of accessing the data directly. Plus, client/server reduces network traffic by only sending the small data packets needed instead of complete datasets. Another benefit of client/server mode is that the software can access the data remotely through the Internet. So employees can be entering time on the shop floor while a manager away on a business trip in another city can still run reports in real time."

Employee Project Clock runs on Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 Server and Windows 7. System requirements: 512 MB RAM and 30 MB hard disk space.

Employee Project Clock costs $75 (US) for a single-user license. Multi-user and site licenses are available. A time-limited trial edition can be obtained free of charge from

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