For Immediate Release 2020-03-25
Contact: Mike Fullerton (253)235-2886

Press Release: CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler Version 4 Released

CyberMatrix Corporation has released version 4 of CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler, a multi-user attendance tracking application. With this new release several important features have been added. The software now has a more modern interface. There is also a separate view to track the availability of resources like room and equipment instead of just employees. The new custom reporting features allows users to modify existing reports and even create their own new reports. The database has been changed to default to Microsoft Access format. Customers wishing to store their attendance data on Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL can contact CyberMatrix to have this setup for them.

In Out Scheduler is an ideal solution for those companies wishing to replace their traditional in/out attendance peg board. The In Out Scheduler software provides office workers with a simple convenient way of visually showing which employees are in the office and which are not. In Out Scheduler was designed to provide an effortless transition for those accustomed to the physical in/out attendance scheduling boards. To this end, the software looks a lot like an actual attendance tracking peg board. Virtual pins are used to designate which employees are in, which are out, when they left and when they will return. Unlike the traditional attendance tracking boards, In Out Scheduler can be accessed by all employees from the comfort of their own workstations. Using the Web edition, employees can even update their attendance status from another city from the comfort of any browser on virtually any device.

The software features in app messaging to allow employees to send private messages to one another. The security features prevent ordinary users from punching others in and out. The web edition allows the software to run remotely on virtually any browser on any device. In Out Scheduler Web conveniently includes its own web server eliminating the need to configure and maintain an unwieldy web server like Microsoft's IIS.

In Out Scheduler comes in standard and web editions. The standard edition has a simple intuitive graphical interface. While the standard edition can be used with multiple users over a network, the web edition is better suited for large numbers of users. The web edition can be used with multiple users accessing employee attendance data over the company intranet or even the Internet. In Out Scheduler Web allows employee attendance data to be accessed remotely from any web browser on virtually any operating system, not just Windows.

In Out Scheduler runs on Windows Windows 8 and 10. System requirements: 2 GB RAM and 20 MB hard disk space. For In Out Scheduler Web a dedicated Windows 8 or 10 machine is recommended. The clients require only a web browser.

In Out Scheduler costs $35 (US) for a single-user license. Affordable multi-license packages are also available. Screen shots and fully functional 30-day trial versions can be found at

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