Press Release: CyberMatrix Meeting Manager
For Immediate Release 2000/03/03
Contact: Mike Fullerton (403) 258-0585

Take Charge of Your Meetings with Meeting Manager

CyberMatrix Corporation has released version 2.00 of CyberMatrix Meeting Manager, an office meeting scheduler. Meeting Manager can dramatically improve the productivity of companies still using traditional paper-based or cumbersome in-house solutions for meeting scheduling.

Meeting Manager is an easy to use multi-user application that coordinates the booking of meeting room resources in office buildings. Bookable resources can be the meeting rooms themselves or special equipment needed for meetings such as overhead projectors. Individual resources can be grouped into blocks which can themselves be booked.

Each booking contains information about what the meeting is about, the contact name and extension and the network username of the person who booked the resource. Optionally, bookings can also contain notes about the booking and a list of meeting attendees. Meeting Manager can be configured to automatically e-mail meeting attendees when a booking is changed.

Meeting resources can be booked using sophisticated recurring events having daily, weekly and monthly options. As an example, a meeting room can be booked on the last Friday of every three months. An end date for the recurring event may also be entered. Recurring events by default stop on 2100/01/01 but this date can be changed. A single booking in a recurring event may be deleted or the entire event itself can be canceled.

The Week-At-A-Glance feature allows a quick view of all bookings for a resource in the current week. The Resources-At-A-Glance feature shows the bookings of all resources for the selected day. An option exists to limit the resources seen in the Resources-At-A-Glance view.

Three security levels exist. These levels are used to limit the booking of certain resources and for overriding booking changes. When security is enabled, logging in as Administrator allows Meeting Manager options to be changed. Administrators can also delete or edit any booking regardless of who booked it. In the default User level security, only the booker of a resource may edit or delete that booking. In addition, only Administrators can view the raw data files using the handy data manager. Logging in as Superuser allows the booking of resources that have been designated as having exclusive access.

An option exists, which if set, requires a user to login either as Administrator, Superuser or User in order to book resources or change bookings. This effectively gives view-only access to most users.

Booking reports show the bookings for a single resource or all resources, within a user defined time period. Reports can be sorted by date or by resource. Reports can be exported to HTML format. This allows meeting schedules to be made available on the company intranet or even the Internet.

A search feature locates all the available rooms in a given time period. This feature is ideal for those who must meet at a specific time but do not care which room they meet in.

Meeting Manager can be easily be configured to maintain a list of sites and their network locations. Users can open different sites so that bookings at those sites can be viewed or added. This feature applies to those companies that have several different sites accessible within the same network.

Old meeting data can be archived to improve performance. Meeting Manager data can also be easily backed up. The database can be queried from within the program using ordinary SQL calls. Data can be imported and exported in CSV format. This allows Meeting Manager data to be used with other CSV supported applications.

The user names of the people currently using the system are stored in a special table allowing administrators to see who is currently using the program.

The visible booking time period can be changed to start and end when desired. Bookings can be configured to be split by the hour, half hour or any other fraction of the hour.

Details about a given meeting resource may be brought up with the touch of a button. The details include a description of the resource, the number of people a meeting room normally holds, the cost of booking the resource and the equipment usually found in that room.

Meeting Manager can be easily configured to maintain a list of booking topics and contact names. When creating a new booking these fields are available through convenient pull-down lists.

John Konc, IT Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, gives this testimonial of Meeting Manager 1.00:
..."this is the best resource booking system I've seen or used. It's so easy to use from an admin and end user point of view and it's functional. Basically it's perfect. We also have GroupWise and it's just far too complicated to setup and use for this purpose."

Meeting Manager 1.00 has received the four star award from ZDNet.

Meeting Manager runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. System requirements: 486, 8 Meg RAM, 4 Meg hard disk space and version 4.70 or higher of the ComCtl32.dll.

Meeting Manager costs $200 (US) for a single license, $300 (US) for a 10 seat license. Other license packages are available. Screen shots and a fully functional 30 day trial version can be obtained from

For more information, contact:

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