Press Release: CyberMatrix Meeting Manager
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mike Fullerton (403) 258-0585

Manage Your Meetings with CyberMatrix Meeting Manager!

CyberMatrix Corporation has released version 4.00 of CyberMatrix Meeting Manager, an easy to use office meeting scheduler program. Meeting Manager can dramatically improve the productivity of companies and other organizations still using traditional paper-based or cumbersome in-house solutions for meeting scheduling. The main concern in developing Meeting Manager was to make meeting scheduling easy. You won't find every confusing feature under the sun, just what you need to schedule meeting rooms and other resources quickly and efficiently.

With this new release the scheduling interface has been spruced up to sport an attractive scheduling grid. The reporting engine has been replaced and the software now includes a custom reporting feature to allow users to modify existing reports or build their own. The database engine has been upgraded to provide more advanced SQL querying and a lower resource footprint. Support for sending reminder e-mails via MAPI compliant email systems like Outlook has also been added.

There are three different versions of Meeting Manager: Standard, Client/Server, and Web. The Standard and Client/Server versions have a simple intuitive graphical interface, but the Client/Server version is better suited for large numbers of users. Both the Client/Server and Web versions can be used with multiple users accessing schedule data over the company intranet or even the Internet. Meeting Manager Web allows resource scheduling over any web browser on virtually any operating system, not just Windows.

Meeting Manager runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. System requirements: Pentium, 32 MB RAM and 20 MB hard disk space.

Meeting Manager costs $100 (US) for the Standard version, $200 (US) for the Client/Server version, and $100 (US) for the Web version. Discounted multi-license packages are available. Screen shots and a fully functional 60 day trial version can be obtained from

For more information, contact:

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