Press Release
For Immediate Release 2006-12-19
Contact: Mike Fullerton (250)-503-1009

CyberMatrix Office Version 1 Released

CyberMatrix Corporation has released version 1.00 of CyberMatrix Office. CyberMatrix Office is a virtual office collaboration program. It is designed for those companies that would like to allow their employees to work from home yet still be accessible to others that need to interact with them.

Employers that use CyberMatrix Office can save money and have happier more productive employees. Employees that work at home do not have to endure a stressful pollution-causing drive to the office. By working at home employees will be less exposed to illness resulting in less sick days. Just as they can in a traditional office setting, managers can keep tabs on work-at-home employees to ensure they are being productive.

CyberMatrix Office has been designed to mimic an office scenario as much as possible. The software allows employees to view each other by a web camera, view the other employee's computer screen or both. Any number of connections with other employees can be made limited only by the computer system's resources and Internet bandwidth. Employees can be assigned a status that determines how they can be interacted with. For example, for "open area" employees, anyone can see the person and their screen and the employee does not know if anyone is watching. For "cubicle" employees, you can see the person and their screen but the employee knows you are watching. Only "office" employees can contact "private" employees. No one can contact an "exclusive" employee. All "office" employees must be asked permission to see their screen. All "closed office" and "private" employees must be asked permission to see them.

CyberMatrix Office runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP and 2003 server. System requirements: DirectX 7/8/9, Pentium, 256 MB RAM and 10 MB hard disk space. DirectX8 or higher, a Pentium IV and 500 MB RAM is recommended.

CyberMatrix Office costs $35 (US) for a single license. Multi-seat and site licenses are available. Time-limited trial versions can be obtained free of charge from

For more information, contact:

CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
3104-30th Ave
Suite #224
Vernon, B.C.   V1T 9M9
Phone: (250)503-1009
Toll free: 1-888-664-0383 (U.S. and Canada)
Evaluation Copy Available on Request