For Immediate Release 2003-12-22
Contact: Mike Fullerton (403) 258-0585

Project Clock Palm, Project Time Tracking for On-The-Go Professionals!

CyberMatrix Corporation has released version 2 of Project Clock Palm, an easy to use project time tracking application for PalmOS-based PDAs.

Project Clock Palm was designed for people that must keep track of time billed to different clients or projects. This software is ideal for consultants, engineers, lawyers and other busy on-the-go professionals. Time can be accurately billed by project, job code and by client. Those currently using manual time recording or crude estimation will find their productivity and accuracy greatly improved when using Project Clock Palm.

Project Clock Palm was designed to interface with the popular Project Clock software for Windows. When away from their PC people can easily track their time on their Palm. When back at their PC they can import the Palm collected data into Project Clock for Windows.

Version 2 includes several important changes and new features. The software is now much smaller and faster. There is also now an add hours feature and a day total field as in the PC version.

Project Clock Palm runs on PalmOS v3.5 and higher.

Project Clock Palm costs $20 (US). Existing Project Clock for Windows customers can get Project Clock Palm and the Project Clock conduit for only $10. A trial version of Project Clock Palm can be obtained free of charge from

For more information, contact:

CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
P.O. Box 76081
240 70 Shawville Blvd SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Y 2Z0
Phone: (403) 258-0585
Toll free: 1-888-664-0383 (U.S. and Canada)
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Evaluation Copy Available on Request