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For Immediate Release 2009-07-06
Contact: Mike Fullerton (250)503-1009

Press Release: CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Version 7 Released

CyberMatrix has released version 7 of Pro Schedule, an easy to use Windows-based application for scheduling appointments. With this new release several important features have been added. The most significant change in version 7 is the complete rewrite of the Pro Schedule Web edition. Pro Schedule Web now includes its own web server. This eliminates the need to configure and maintain an unwieldy web server like Microsoft's IIS. Pro Schedule Web now also uses advanced AJAX technologies to provide a richer user interface. For example, Pro Schedule Web appointment items can now be moved by dragging them and can even be resized with the mouse. The database engine and reporting engine have also been upgraded. The Windows editions now have appointment alarms and a visual waiting list feature.

Any professionals who must keep track of scheduled appointments such as doctors, hairstylists and lawyers can use Pro Schedule. Appointments can be moved using drag and drop or by cutting and pasting from person to person or day to day. Using the search features, users can locate obscure appointments quickly as well as find openings at a certain time or of a certain duration. A single person's appointments can be seen in daily, weekly or monthly views. Users can also view the appointments of all people in a single day or the entire week. There are even client and room views. Pro Schedule can accommodate appointments that repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Security options can limit who can see and change what data. Appointment data can be synchronized with PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices as well as with Microsoft Outlook. To-do items keep track of any activities people need to complete. Appointment reports list and summarize appointment data. Managers can even change the reports or create their own. Administrators can format the information sent in reminder emails and change notices by using the email scripting feature.

There are four different editions of Pro Schedule: Standard, Client/Server, Enterprise and Web. The Standard, Client/Server and Enterprise editions have a simple intuitive graphical interface. While the Standard edition can be used with multiple users over a network, the Client/Server and Enterprise editions are better suited for large numbers of users. Only the Enterprise edition can be scaled up to handle massive user loads. Pro Schedule Enterprise integrates with most large database servers, including Microsoft SQL Server. The Client/Server, Enterprise and Web editions can be used with multiple users accessing schedule data over the company network, intranet or even the Internet. Pro Schedule Web allows appointment scheduling over any web browser on virtually any operating system, not just Windows.

Pro Schedule runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 server and Vista. System requirements: 64 MB RAM and 20 MB hard disk space. For Pro Schedule Client/Server a dedicated Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista server with 500 MB RAM and power backup is recommended to host the Pro Schedule database server application. For Pro Schedule Web a dedicated Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista server is recommended. The clients require only a web browser. Pro Schedule Enterprise requires a database server such as Microsoft SQL server, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Pro Schedule costs $100 (US) for the Standard version, $200 (US) for the Client/Server version, $200 (US) for the Enterprise edition and $100 (US) for the Web version. Affordable multi-license packages are also available. Screen shots and fully functional 30-day trial versions can be found at

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